Serving the People and the Retaliation by the Oppressors!-Part II

(The Protracted Struggle is Real!) (Part One of this piece is here)

By Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington, Deputy Chairman, New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter)

United Panther Movement – Texas Region

“The Vanguard party must provide leadership for the people. It must teach the correct strategic methods of prolonged resistance through literature and activities. If the activities of the party are respected by the people, the people will follow the example. This is the primary job of the party…” – Dr. Huey P. Newton, Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party, an excerpt from: The Correct Handling of a Revolution.

Revolutionary greetings!

We have finally reached the point at which the oppressors who operate the Texas Department of Criminal Justice can no longer lie and misinform the public when we, the lumpen underclass prisoners, shed light on the ongoing acts of abuse and inhumanity perpetrated against us.

Read the rest of Serving the People and the Retaliation by the Oppressors!-Part II at De-Colonize L.A.


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