Black Solidarity with the Palestinian struggle is mandatory! (The silence must be broken).

By Keith “Malik” Washington 

Revolutionary Greetings!

Recently, when I received the statement/request to join the movement of politically active New Afrikan/Black women and men who support liberation of Palestine, I thought two things:

  1. I can’t remain silent anymore on this issue, I must support my Palestinian Sisters and Brothers!
  2. How is the F.B.I, C.I.A., D.H.S, the Anti-Defamation League and the super powerful Israeli Lobby in Washington D.C. going to react to this movement?

I mean we are thinking human beings and many of us subscribe to Historical Dialectical Materialism. Right??? These Imperialist Oppressors have established a pattern of conduct in which they attack us overtly and covertly when we stand up for a righteous cause. Comrade George Jackson left us with so much Revolutionary Political thought that I can’t help paraphrasing a warning he gave us: “We are not dealing with fools who will just allow us to awaken the masses and teach them how to overthrow this corrupt and brutal Imperialist system – all challenges will be met with extreme reactionary violence and prejudice.”

Being the victims of reactionary violence is nothing new to Black People or Palestinian People – we have become accustomed to it. We all remember the response to our protests in Ferguson, Missouri. We were subjected to tear gas, tanks, and armored vehicles. All of this put on us by racist police officers and national guard troops whose actions said: “We will murder your young Black men and women in the streets like dogs and you better not challenge our authority”. This is Amerikkka in all of its crowning glory!!

Look at the situation involving our beautiful, hardworking and passionate community activist and servant of the people Rasmea in Chicago. Illinois. She gets targeted by the F.B.I. For what? A Witch Hunt?? A smear campaign against Palestinian people in Amerika?? When Rasmea was raped by Israeli Soldiers in the 1960s – where was the F.B.I. then??? Where was the “honourable” J.Edgar Hoover???? Somewhere wire tapping our shining prince – MalcolmX? Or was ole J. Edgar perfections his COINTELPRO TACTICS AGAINST MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.??? Rasmea not only survived the rape perpetrated by Israeli soldiers, but she came to the United States and aided her brothers and sisters who were fleeing the Zionist hatred emanating from Israel.

You see brothers and sisters, I’ve been waiting for this moment, the moment when I was no longer afraid to speak the truth about being Black-Arab and Muslim in a post-9/11 world which has labelled me “an enemy of the state”.
Look at how quickly our Saudi Arabian “brethren” run to bomb and murder Muslims in Yemen – Look at them! But the Saudis quake in their boots while the Zionist slaughter our Palestinian Sisters and Brothers like sheep!! Munafiqueen!!!

Munafiqueen!! I say boldly to ALL of you in Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and UAE who continue to allow the United States and Israel to manipulate your military might in such a way that divides and conquer the entire Muslim Ummah!!! These imperialist powers only feign friendship with your nation because of your possession of fossil fuels!!! You know this!! However, your addiction to petro-dollars and the materialistic and carnal pleasures that faloose allows you to purchase — has all of you blind to the suffering of the human beings in Palestine.

Mohammad Morsi the former President of Egypt, stood up to the U.S. and Israel!!! Morsi destroyed the blockade, opened up the borders, and allowed our Palestinen sisters and brothers to have access to food, water, fuel, building materials and more! This was Morsi’s “crime” this was Morsi’s FATAL MISTAKE.

This is what unleashed the wrath of the C.I.A. – The C.I.A. recruited General El-SiSi they shaped and moulded him and the C.I.A. orchestrated the coup that overthrew Morsi – We are not stupid! The C.I.A. and Israel missed their puppet Mubarak.

You see this is what many of us in the Black Liberation Movement in Amerika do – we speak truth to power! We awaken the sleeping masses and we disrobe the so called “Emperor” so all can view the oozing and puss covered body that is Amerika. But many of you don’t hear me or do you?

THIS IS AMERIKKKA!!! Where racist white men join the Police force so they can drag our beautiful black sisters to the ground, put their knees in their backs and dominate them. The racial hatred they mask and hide manifests itself in their actions — Can you see it??? Am I Lying??? Many of you saw Sandra Bland in Texas!! Yanked out of her car by a bigot and closet white supremacists. Sandra was upset and depressed! When she got to the Waller County Jail in Hempstead, Texas – she felt as if her loved ones had abandoned her she was hopeless and afraid. When she was placed in solitary confinement setting the “demons” came out to torment her. How many times do we have say it: Solitary confinement exacerbates pre-existing mental health conditions!!! But still the State of Texas and California utilize it regularly and often against those who suffer from mental illness!!

But let’s not digress. Many of our Palestinian sisters and brothers may feel we don’t hear their cries for freedom. I’m here to tell you – we hear you and we will respond!!

The New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter) stands in strong solidarity with the people of Palestine. I encourage any Palestinian or European sisters and brothers who are interested in learning more about Pantherism to contact me. Perhaps, under the auspices of the United Panther Movement we may be able to raise and educate a new generation of Revolutionary minded Palestinian Panthers in the West Bank!!!

It is time to expose the ethnocentrism, totalitarianism, and racial colonial imperialist hatred of the zionist regime.

Before I leave you, let me make myself perfectly clear. Zionism is not necessarily synonymous with Judaism. There are Jewish human beings who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and who reject Western hegemony and the genocide being perpetrated in Gaza!!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!!!

To respond to this peace please contact Comrade Malik

(typed by H. L, Vienna, Austria. some small edits by justin adkins)


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