Teaching love not hate!

by: Keith “Malik” Washington

As-salamu alaykum and peace and blessings to all!

A couple of months ago I released a message promoting support for the Palestinian struggle. I am the product of a union between a beautiful Jordanian woman (my Ummi) and a wonderful hard working New Afrikan/Latino man (my Baba). Both of my parents are deceased. However, like many Islamic households throughout the world “love” for our fellow humyn beings was taught in our home!

I worked as a teenager for Palestinian Immigrants who owned a pizza shop and a “Greek” restaurant located in a predominantly Jewish part of town in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. My employer, Imad, was well respected and liked by all. Even though we were Muslims serving Jewish people in a Jewish part of town we never had feelings of hatred. We often laughed how people ran to eat our “Greek” cuisine which consisted of: baba ghanoush, humas with pita bread, tebuli salad, baklava, and lamb meat gyros!! Of course I had a dream job for those who enjoy middle eastern delicasies which our patrons thought to be “Greek”.

So like many of you reading this message my heart breaks to see young Palestinians attacking Israelis with knives in the streets. Our Holy Prophet did not teach us to act like this. However,  Palestinian blood runs through my veins – so when that beautiful Muslim baby boy was burnt to death by zionists a few months back do you think I enjoyed that!?! Astagh-Allatt!!

Brothers and Sisters the Amerikan media plays down the atrocities perpetrated by Zionists and the Israeli Army (IDF) against innocent Palestinian people!

I love Palestinian People! So I must instruct my brothers and sisters in a manner that preserves their lives and promotes their struggle in a positive manner 0 the world is watching us!! These senseless acts of violence against Israelis are not helping us garner world support and whoever is promoting this online is not thinking rationally.

If we are serious about developing a state of our own which provides economic stability as well as freedom, justice, and equality for all; we must get serious about teaching our Palestinian youth the precepts of socialism and marxist theory.

However, the conditions on the ground are such that many young Palestinians are being slaughtered like sheep by the Israeli army and “secret” Israeli Intelligence Units. The whole sale murder of humyn beings must be stopped on both sides now! Then, as far as the youth are concerned, we must collectively develop the financial resources to educated our leaders of tomorrow and encourage them to return to our Palestinian homeland and build a state we can all be proud of.

A sovereign Palestinian enclave which has businesses of export and import, schools, Mosques, Churches, and Synagogues!!

A Palestinian police force and army that is fully equipped to protect our sovereignty! But the key to our future success in Palestine is the YOUTH!!

Brothers and sisters, I actually have met a Christian man here in Amerika who specializes in finding scholarship money for Palestinian youth so that they can come to Amerika in order to attend college then return to Palestine in order to help build a place for us to live in peace and harmony.

His name is Jamie Winship. He is not interested in converting us! I AM MUSLIM! He considers himself a servant of God!!

As for me, I just want my Palestinian brothers and sisters to have access to the same quality education I had access to. I also want to remind all of you that hate destroys and love builds.

In all our interactions whether in the world or cyberspace, we must proceed with hikmat (wisdom), saber (patience) and love.

In order to contact Jamie Winship and support his work, or ask for help, you may contact him by writing:
Woodsedge Church
Attn: Jamie Winship
25333 Gosling Rd
Spring, TX 77389

Tell him Malik Washington referred you!

I would really enjoy hearing from many of you, please write me at the address on the right.

Remember what our Holy Prophet (saw) taught us in terms of preserving humyn life! And remember Allah’s promise in Quran Surah 23 Ayat 1-2!! (IQRAH!)

I leave you all in Peace!

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people,
Comrade Malik


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