In solidarity

Comrade King D.C. Shares Revolutionary Needs in TDCJ

Revolutionary Salutations,

As Comrade George Jackson once said “To promote revolution we must solidify all Black Colonies.” We Brothers that are on the Ellis Plantation, here in Huntsville, Tx. have united as we solidify the Black Colonies. This United Front consists of the Black oppressed nations (Mandingo Warriors, Folk Nation, Crip Nation, Black Panther Party, Muslim, and non-affiliated but oppressed New Afrikans).

As we begin to evolve into moja, the only way to do this is through Political Education. Here in Texas Slave Plantations, Gov. Rick Perry eliminated all “rehabilitative programs” out of the penal system, but this didn’t just occur in these concentration camps, it also occurred in the school systems through the “Lone Star State.”

So the first step that we have begun to take is having educational classes. In these classes, we teach political education, cultural education, and how to utilize the grievance system.

The Capitalist structure that we have here in this so-called “land of equal opportunity” has been built on exploitation, imperialism, racism, and fascism; all the while they continue to oppress their proletarians, whether they be New Afrikans, Brown, or White Brothers.

It is past time for the lumpenproletarians in the confines of the Texas Dept. of Criminal (In)justice System to stand up and form a body of Revolutionaries that will fight for total equality of the oppressed Nations that are in bondage.

This formation will not be easy, but nothing that deals with fighting the oppressor will be easy. Frantz Fanon once stated “Oppressed people kill each other all the time. A glance through any Black Newspaper will prove that Black people in Capitalist amerikkka kill each other with regularity. Angered by the misery of their lives, but cowed by the overt superior might of the oppressor, and the oppressed people shrink from striking out, at the true hostilities, and strike instead of their more defenseless brothers near at hand.”

I have been a political prisoner for 15 years, and this statement by Comrade Fanon is not only true for society, but it can be seen daily throughout Texas’s 100 (plus) concentration kamps.

This is just the genesis of something. We are hoping that this not only starts here, but will spread throughout all of these concentration kamps, and all of us proletarians will kick off a Statewide Rebellion, and fight against the “system”.

We will keep all of you updated on the progress, as well as the struggles of this. All outside support is welcomed.

What We Want:

1) Effective Reading (Political) Material

2) An end to the Mass New Afrikan Male/Female Incarceration

3) An End to Black on Black Violence

4) Access to Rehabilitative Programs

What We Believe:

1) That Knowledge of Self is Effective Education

2) That Each One, Reach One, should Teach One

3) All Lives Matter


Bulletproof luv,

Comrade King D.C.


Raymond Cunningham #1041953
Ellis Unit
1697 FM 980
Huntsville, TX 77342



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