All Syrian Refugees are NOT Terrorists!!!

by: Keith “Comrade Malik” Washington


Peace and blessings!

I don’t always see eye to eye with President Obama however I support President Obama 100% in reference to his policy which would create a safe haven for refugees fleeing war in Syria. As a Muslim and veteran of the US Army I never thought I would see the day when US politicians would be attempting to influence the Amerikan people to ask those fleeing the ravages of war, “Are you a Christian or are you a Muslim? If you are a Muslim refugee you are not welcome in Amerika!” Can any of you imagine how hurtful this can be? I think about the Statue of Liberty and the inscription – I don’t remember all of it but it says something like, “bring me your starving down trodden masses yearning to be free!!”

As a prisoner in Texas it pains me to be in a state that has ratcheted up xenophobia and Islamophobia to the point where prison officials are calling me into their offices and asking me, “Are you a terrorist? Do you support ISIS?”

This is true! No lie! I am no terrorist! Nor are my beautiful and intelligent Syrian brothers and sisters. I humbly request Americans to “lower their wing” to all refugees and confront those who attempt to sew seeds of hatred and prejudice in the hearts of American citizens. That’s not who we are!


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