From: Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
To: My Facebook Friends, Roots Action supporters and ALL Humyn Beings committed to CHANGE!

Peace and blessings Sisters and Brothers!!
Today is Monday- March 7th-2016 I’m reporting to you from inside the largest Prison in the State of Texas the H.H. Coffield Unit which is located in Tennessee Colony, Texas. Yesterday afternoon, a Latino prisoner stabbed another Latino prisoner,on_their way to the Chapel! This was actually a rare occurrence but it is a sign of the Times. We are on Lock-Down status here until the authorities can figure out what prompted this incident.

You know sisters and brothers I spend a lot of my time writing articles and expos4s to inform you about the TRUE AND ACTUAL conditions which exist inside Texas Prisons. However, right now I just need to talk to all of you as a ‘friend’ can I do that?

I do that?

You see, I don’t know many of you but I often feel the Love and concern many of you have for me and others who have found themselves trapped inside these slave camps and gulags operated by the State of Texas. Alot of people who read my work view me as a

‘RACE Man’. I mean I am a Multi-Racial Black Man. I have a vested interest in issues that affect Black People, Latino People, and Arab People. The Prison Industrial Complex in Amerika does lock up a disproportionately high number of people of color that is a fact. But what I have seen in Texas is a growing number of white wimmin and men who have become Prison Slaves down here in Texas!! That’s Right!! I look into the eyes of White Men every day and they tell me ‘Don’t forget about us Malik, We are suffering too under this Slave Program they got down here in Texas!!’

Sisters and brother8, Methamphetamine and crystal methamphetamine has devastated the lives of so many beautiful humyn beings who happen to be White!! The destructive drug has led to a dramatic increase in White Folks coming to prison. So what I am trying to convey to you, is that the END PRISON SLAVERY IN TEXAS CAMPAIGN is not just a ‘Black Thing’ it is an US thing. Sure, it was mostly Black men who initiated this campaign as Black men who know our history, we recognized the similarities of the way that Texas does business in its prisons and how it mirrored some of the things we have studied in reference to the Black Holocaust here in Amerika. We see Ted Cruz and other Republicans attacking Donald Trump for his obvious friendly relations with white supremacist hate groups; however, not one time have I heard anyone challenge Senator Cruz about Texas leading the nation in INCARCERATION, EXECUTIONS, OR EXONERATION OF HUMYN BEINGS WHO HAVE BEEN WRONGFULLY CONVICTED!!! These are serious issues as are Texas’ stance on immigration, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and A WOMAN”S RIGHT TO CHOOSE!! But y’aJL don’t hear me??? Or do you??!! See my momma didn’t raise no dummies in her household. Her dream was that I grow up one day to be like Julian Bond. Now I may have failed her when she was living but I believe with your help and support, I can fulfill or possibly surpass my mother’s Dreams. I refuse to let my past dictate who I am or who I may become,I HAVE A DREAM ALSO!!

Sisters and brothers, the state of Texas has systemic problems inside its Criminal Justice System which must be addressed: The Parole System is Broken! Judges and Prosecutors routinely ignore or HIDE evidence which often points toward innocence rather than guilt, AND PRISONERS IN TEXAS ARE REGULARLY SUBJECTED TO MISTREATMENT AND ABUSE WITH LITTLE TO NO OVERSIGHT FROM OUTSIDE AGENCIES OR HUMYN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS!

Our cries for justice can’t be ignored any longer– it’s not just me anymore; there is a resounding cry for Justice, Equality, and Freedom coming from a growing multitude of FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!

A lot of you visit my Facebook page (Facebook.com/comrademalikwashington or my website comrademalik.com) you may ‘Friend’ me or ‘Like’ something I have had my friends post and I truly appreciate your support. However, I rarely ever hear from any of you and this hurts me deeply. I am a persyn who loves People, I get lonely up in here and the people who operate these prisons do a lot to make me feel as if the WORK I do is meaningless and worthless. I have been degraded, dehumanized, mistreated, and abused by employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice!! I will never forget my experience here. Now I don’t have access to the internet and I don’t even have friends to call on the phone!!! No-one has stepped up to the plate to help me do these

No-one has stepped up to the plate to help me do these necessary things. My only contact with the ‘Free-World’ is by U.S. Mail and like I said the State of Texas has done and is DOING ALOT to isolate me, silence my voice,
and disrupt my Civil and Humyn Rights Activism.

The End Prison Slavery in Texas- Campaign is growing. We have a lot of Latino and White prisoners who are reaching out to their families and they want •o see a change from the current status quo. Now there are some things you can do to help me and US.
1. Contact Some Texas State and U.S. Congress persyns. Phone them or e-mail them and request that they craft legislation which addresses this Fraudulent Good time Credit system and create an Independent Ombudsman Agency outside of the corrupt T.D.C.J. prison agency

2. Share my articles & essays on-line in the realm of Social Media and encourage people to support our Campaign. Media exposure in the Mainstream realm is needed desperately!!

3. WRITE ME!! Arrange a Visit with ME! Set up the Phone so I can talk to you and members of the MEDIA!! I lack outside help and resources. This must Change!! I can’t do this work by myself. I NEED HELP! We NEED YOUR HELP!!
Who sings that song; “HE saw the Best in Me, when everyone else around, only saw the Worst in Me!” That’s how I feel sometimes!! Somebody Post that song on my Facebook page and the VIDEO please!

Contact me! Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
TDC# 1487958
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, Texas 75884



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