Dear Family Member or Friend of an Incarcerated person in the State of Texas or any Concerned Citizen:

As you have just read your loved one or a human being you might not even know is being held in facilities operated by the Texas Depart­ment of Criminal Justice and being forced to perform Slave Labor with no monetary compensation or Good Time & Work Time applied to his or her sentence in order to reduce that sentence. Both of these actions are violations of the 5th, 13th & 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and they also violate sections contained within the Texas Constitution.

If you would like to help break the bonds which enslave your loved one, or if you are just e concerned human being who would like to help, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. File a Formal Public Complaint with the T.D.C.J. Ombudsman Office asking them to initiate an investigation into why your loved one or a Texas Prisoner of your choice does not receive monetary compensation for their Labor and why the Good Time and Work Time credits don’t apply to their sentences in such a way that would reduce their sentences. It is important–to keep all replies that you may receive from the Ombudsman Office for these responses can be vital pieces of evidence in out upcoming case and current litigation effort.
  2. Sign your name to the upcoming END PRISON SLAVERY IN TEXAS PETITION; again this petition will be used to create a Bill to change Legislation concerning Good Time and Work Time Credits.
  3. Contact a U.S. or Texas State Representative or Senator con­cerning this matter. All that is necessary is a simple e-mail, phone call, letter, or fax We will provide a template to which you can place your name and mail or e-mail to your chosen Public Official. Remember! Senators and Representatives work for the People and are paid with your Tax Dollars!! You are informing them of what you would like done on behalf of your loved one, a friend, or a fellow human being. ***Again*** Please Keep All Responses to your e-mails, letters, faxes etc…. It will be used as evidence.
  4. Share this information with at least 10 people whom you know have a family member incarcerated in Texas or share it with a concerned citizen who may inspire others to help.

Please Note: The T.D.C.J. Ombudsman Office has an e-mail addrea.s! e-mail: ombudaman@tdci.texas.gov The Chief Ombudsperson is Ms. Debra Booker.

The fight to End Prison Slavery in Texas has begun! Let us unite to break the bonds which bind over 180,000 men, women, and children of all Ages, Races, Creeds, and Natural Origins. Let’s try to Free some of these Human beings so that they can return to the loving arms of their Families.



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