Amend 13!

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Deputy chairman – N.A.B.P.P-(P.C) Texas Region

Cerdell ‘Yasin’ Bennett
Co-founder of ondaverg.com

prison-laborThis is a public notice to all freedom fighters, activists, and community leaders:  SLAVERY IS NOT DEAD!!

Did the 13th Amendment abolish slavery? Ask anyone this question and they will answer most emphatically Yes! Of course, it did.

If ‘You’ the person reading this article and  communique believe this as well, please allow me to inform you: you are wrong!


Upon careful examination, you will find the opposite is true. Rather than abolish slavery, the 13th Amendment legalized it!

The 13th Amendment reads:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

This actually is a clever play on words. The ‘exception clause’ in the 13th amendment was a ‘compromise clause’ in order to encourage the Confederate states to cease the Civil War and rejoin the Union. The only thing the Confederate States had to do in order to maintain their slaves was to criminalize them. This was done by legislators who purposely enacted ridiculous laws for the judicial branch of their governments. Thus was the origin of Jim Crow laws and Black Codes. Within six months to a year, newly freed slaves were returned to their former position of servitude. Slavery was not dead, on the contrary, it was alive and well in states such as: Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas! And some of us believe that Texas has perfected the modern day slave plantation model via its prison agency and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

From the late 1800’s until the present date, the above method of enslavement has been the pattern, practice, and collective mindset of the southern states and various other states all across Amerika. The Conspiracy to incarcerate Black, Latino/a, and poor white women and men is no longer a theory it is a stark reality.

The overwhelming numbers and statistics show that slavery is not dead in Amerika. Professor Michelle Alexander expounded on the topic very concisely and eloquently in her trailblazing work the New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. But this article and plea for action is not about the incarceration of our men and women. This article challenges the  morality of our forefathers, and modern-day leaders, who have allowed the ‘Exception Clause’ to remain in the 13th Amendment.

The question we must ask ourselves is; should the United States Constitution allow slavery as punishment for committing a crime? If so how heinous a crime should one commit to rightfully sentence him/her to slavery?

national-occupy-day-in-support-of-prisoners-022012-by-kevin-rashid-johnson-webCan slavery be administered as a form of behavioral “salve” or “solvent” by applying a little slavery to the infected persons until the unwanted behavior clears up?

Ask yourself; “throughout history has dehumanization, degradation, and abuse ever brought about restoration?

After pondering these questions we must ask: why is slavery not dead in Amerika?

The fact that in 2016 the US Constitution still possesses these words is a great disgrace to our African ancestors who lost their lives in wars to avoid capture. Just close your eyes for one moment and contemplate on the countless millions who died during the middle passage in the halls of slave ships.

Think about the enslaved human beings who endured untold demonic treatment, those who fled, the Abolitionist who fought with intellect, musket, and sword, the women who refused to stand or go to the back of the bus, the man who shared his Dream and made it ours, the students escorted to schools which they were not welcome, and the millions of men, women, and families who marched on Washington for these injustices and many more! Can’t you see SLAVERY MUST DIE!!!

Sisters and brothers a race began approximately 400 years ago. The baton has been passed from hand to hand for centuries: Now it is being passed to “YOU”! WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT?

We are asking that you dip it in ink and sign the petition found at: http://chn.ge/1NA3Xrc

We ask that you tweet, text, and share with your friends and followers on social media

Let all of us get involved: Black, Latino/a, Asian, Arab, and Indian! I am humbly requesting we unite together in order to deliver the final blow which puts to death the genocidal practice known as slavery!


-Comrade Malik


Please be advised that Malik has recently been retaliated against for leading a movement to end prison slavery in Texas. He wants his friends and allies in the black lives matter movement to ask Hillary Clinton will she consider crafting a piece of legislation that will totally abolish slavery in the United States if she is elected president of the United States? He has been hearing Hillary attempting to distance herself from policies and laws her husband Bill enacted and promoted during his presidency. Laws and policies they’re still hurting Black people and many other disadvantaged minorities. The best way to destroy prison profiteer it to amend the 13th Amendment. Think about that!


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