End Prison Slavery, In solidarity

Cognitive Dissonance and the Exposure of Lying and Conniving Prison Officials in Texas

By: Keith ‘Malik’ Washington and justin adkins

Peace and blessings,

no-workFor those of you who are not aware, there has been an increase of work stoppages inside Texas Prisons. There is a movement that is growing, not just inside Texas prisons but throughout Amerika. Prisoners across the United States are finally tired of the involuntary servitude and slavery being forced upon them by various Department of Corrections State Employees, and the privately owned corporations who exploit imprisoned human beings. Keith ‘Malik’ Washington and I have been corresponding for approximately two years. Malik is a prisoner in the state of Texas and the chief spokesperson for the “End Prison Slavery in Texas” movement. Recently,  Malik and a fellow prisoner David ‘Chino’ Martinez released a stunning expose which shed light on toxic work environments at the metal fabrication plant located at the largest state prison in Texas, the HH Coffield Unit located in Tennessee Colony, Texas. Malik has also recently joined the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. Malik is teaming up with the IWOC in order to shed light on the slave-like conditions prison workers work under, as well as calling for a national work stoppage to begin on September 9th 2016 which happens to be the 45th  anniversary of the Attica Uprising in which prisoners took over and shut down Attica – New York State’s most notorious prison.  Malik has recently been the victim of retaliation and dirty harassment tactics by Texas prison officials. I recently was contacted by the Malik.

Here is what he said:


Hello free world friends,

A lot of people like to think that the people who operate these prisons and jails throughout Amerika are good people and that they are representing the best interests of “the people” but I’m here to report that in Texas the opposite is true there’s a major here on this unit I am how that name Guliermo Delarosa who has been indicted for driving under the influence of alcohol 5 times! The most recent time he hit a young man with his vehicle, while he was intoxicated, and paralyzed the young man for life! But the remarkable thing is that the indictments against this renegade state employee have been dropped 5 times in a row!! TDCJ employee – Major Guliermo Delarosa has made a laughing-stock out of the Anderson County District Attorney’s office.

I mention Major Delarosa because it is he along with Deanna Frances and Delious Furr who have conspired to retaliate against me for exercising my Free Speech rights.

Deanna Frances and Delious Furr are TDCJ employees who work in the classification department at the Coffield Unit located in Tennessee Colony, Texas. TDCJ classification employees are supposed to ensure prisoners are properly housed and given jobs which comply with the prisoners individual medical restrictions or needs. However, recently Major Guliermo Delarosa convinced these corrupt employees to ignore my medical history and place me In harm’s way. These types of tactics are nothing new in Texas.

We must look closer in order to understand what is really going on. You see, I have teamed up with extremely intelligent and politically aware prisoners and organizations who see the connection between capitalism – mass incarceration – profit – and prison profiteering corporations.

A national prisoner work stoppage is the only intelligent response to slavery but it will hurt the bottom line of many corporations. So prisoners like me, Sean Swain, Melvin Ray, Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Alvaro Luna Hernandez, and Robert E. Council became targets for retaliation and retribution by prison employees who did not want to see an end to mass incarceration. I mean these people have made a living on hurting folks! I mean who cares?! We are just a bunch of convicts – we deserve what we get – right?? Please know that prisoners in Amerika will be ceasing to work for the slave masters on September 9th – something is wrong in America!

Sisters and brothers, sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It creates a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable called: cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief that people will rationalize, ignore, and even deny anything doesn’t fit within the core belief.

So, there are a lot of people who think it is necessary for the United States to lock up more human beings than any other country in the world. There are people who think it is ok for prisoners to be treated inhumanely and forced into a life of slavery and involuntary servitude. I’ll leave you with a message for my comrades and the free Alabama movement:

Why a work stoppage?

It is  our understanding based on various in-depth studies that mass incarceration, unconstitutional overcrowded prisons, and inhumane treatment are more about economics than the humanity of people. The numbers support our contention that money is the motive, and most important factor, in explaining the policies and conditions within the Department of Corrections throughout America. Therefore, an economical response is our most effective strategy.

A peaceful and nonviolent economic response! A work stoppage.

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!

-Keith ‘Malik’ Washington



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