In solidarity

These are our freedom fighters!

By Keith Malik Washington

"Black Panther Party" by Rashid

“Black Panther Party” by Rashid

Revolutionary greetings comrades! It’s August 7th 2016 – black August – many of you who have been following my work may think my only focus is prison issues. That is not the case. However, the United States has utilized prisons as a means to silence the voices of those who dissent. Those who cry out in the streets for justice.

It is only fitting that on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the original Black Panther Party that a panther leads the charge to abolish prison slavery in America.

But more importantly, I request you aid me in freeing the numerous Freedom Fighters who still are languishing in the slave camps and gulags because they dared to speak truth to power and confront oppressive forces that hurt the people!

In 2016 our words need to become actions! We must start congregating in the slave camps bringing media and activist and demand the system free our people!

The reason why I am so passionate about this issue is that recently I became the target of a modern-day COINTELPRO campaign.

The state of Texas has labeled me a radical Islamic extremist. This is an outright lie and total fabrication intended to weaken and destroy our movement!

I ask you all to contact TDCJ public information office and denounce these false labels being placed on me because I speak truth to power!

This movement won’t be derailed! We will abolish prison slavery we will free our freedom fighters!

Dare to struggle, Dare to win all power to the people!
Comrade Malik

TDCJ public information office

Contact: Jason Clark and Robert Hurst
Phone 936 – 437 – 6041
Fax 936-437-6055


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