In solidarity

Extreme Vetting

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, End Prison Slavery in Texas chief spokespersyn
Peace and blessings, sisters and brother,
   I’ve been following the US presidential debates very closely very closely. As a Black man who also happens to be a Muslim with a mother who was originally from the Middle East, I am intrigued by this term Extreme Vetting which is frequently used by presidential candidate Donald Trump. I’ve been studying the recent journalistic work of Activist and DJ Davey D as well as author Activist Mr. Steve Martinot.
   Every other week, we see an act of terrorism perpetrated against Black people by police throughout Amerika. These terrorists with badges have a carte blanche license to kill and it is time we demand a response equal to the terroristic threat.
    There is an issue especially inside Texas prisons, with civilian members of white supremacist groups donning the uniform of a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison employee. Texas is even accommodated their racist brethren by maintaining Confederate Army gray prison employee uniforms. We protect our own — they say! White nationalists as well as white supremacists are intentionally infiltrating the ranks of police departments and state prison agencies. I’m sick and tired of seeing young black males being executed by the police. Aren’t you?!
   How come Black and Brown people are being executed instead of being issued traffic citations? And why are we allowing rogue police to quit one Police Department where they were guilty of using deadly force, and relocate to another jurisdiction where they continue to violate the public’s trust?
   What provoked Micah Xavier Johnson? Did he just wake up one morning with it on his mind?
   So maybe Extreme Vetting needs to be applied to the internal threat posed from rogue police. Police who have become intoxicated the power and authority that comes with the uniform. When will these rogue elements be barred from employment for life in the field of law enforcement?
   Democrats and Republicans don’t give a damn about poor people who are slain in Amerika’s streets. #Black Lives Matter is a movement which is absolutely necessary. We need to properly focus when we consider Extreme Vetting! Who poses the real threat?
Dare to struggle, Dare to win!
All power to the people!
Keith Washington TDC #001487958
Telford Unit
3899 State Hwy. 98
New Boston, TX 75570

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