End Prison Slavery

Reporting in from the solitary confinement

Peace and Blessings Sisters and Brothers! I am reporting in from the solitary confinement – control unit located in New Boston, Texas. The Telford Unit!
Don’t be fooled – this is total isolation! I don’t use nor do I sell drugs. I have never put my hands on a T.D.C.J. employee – so why is Texas so insistent on Isolating me from prisoners in General Population?
I want to let all of you know that T.D.C.J. and the state of Texas is very angry about the recent media attention they have attracted in regards to the abuse and exploitation of prisoners in their care.
New York City Journalist and Activist Raven Rakia traveled to Texas in September 2016. She was able to interview a few female prisoners in Texas. It is my hope that Raven and other Journalists will expose the rampant misogynistic attitudes of the corrupt Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Donald Trump is not the only one with ugly skeletons in the closet!
Sisters and Brothers, there are some deceptive and corrupt business practices at work here! I need your help in uncovering who and what individuals/corporations are benefiting from Texas Correctional Industries (T.C.I.)???? Who owns the stock that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange??? Are any Shell Companies used?? Who in Texas is connected??? This!! will help us draw the connection between Capitalist exploitation and Mass Incarceration in Texas!! This is what we must expose along with the inhumane conditions.
Did you ever wonder why Journalists in Texas won’t work to uncover these issues?? There are plenty of Good Journalists in Texas but they are intimidated by the State of Texas!! – They will only dig so deep. It is actually career suicide to dig too deep in Texas – so it is mandatory that outsiders come down here and get involved. Not much has changed since the 1960’s. We must import Freedom Fighters!
Sisters and Brothers – please know and understand that this Riot that this corrupt Agency used to justify placing me in Administrative Segregation is Fabricated!
Not only did they lie about a riot, they lied about the so called Participants! The two prisoners the Lieutenant cited as being participants both have agreed to prepare affidavits refuting his False Allegations!
I’m telling you we got them – Red Handed!! I have a ton of proof and documentation which clearly shows a campaign of harassment. I just need a Civil Rights Attorney to come see for themselves! I need help! Please keep the Media Pressure on!  Don’t Stop!!! Scream Louder and Louder!!!!! They can’t do no more to me than they’ve already done!! I want you all to remember that the Touchstone of Due Process is Protection of the Individual against arbitrary action of Government!!!

Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win!! All Power to the People!

-Keith “Comrade Malik” Washington


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