In solidarity

Comrade Malik Comments on the Struggle at Standing Rock

By: Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Revolutionary greetings sisters and brothers!

waterToday – Friday – October 28th, 2016 I heard some news that provoked thought. The men and womyn who occupied a wildlife refuge a few months ago in Oregon were acquitted of all charges in Federal Court! These were white folks standing up for their rights, they even had guns and one member of their group was killed by the FBI.

I automatically began to think about my comrades – OUR comrades – in Standing Rock, North Dakota. Now these folks are not white, they are Indigenous and 1st Nations people who refuse to bow down to the corporate oil executives who are intent on ruining land that historically belonged to the Sioux Nation.

You see comrades, I am a socialist and when I use the word Nation, it means something. For a people to be considered a Nation they must have a common language, a common culture, and land they identify as being theirs. So many of us see the climate change – battle here – and it’s true this is the frontline of that battle, but there is more going on here than meets the eye. This year, in particular, we have seen poor people and people of color getting the short end of the climate justice stick!

I watched as everyone else did, how the city of Flint, Michigan showed gross negligence in terms of the disaster that contaminated the water supply with lead. And truthfully I don’t think the EPA would have done anything if Governor Scott Walker and his cronies could have kept it quiet. Right wingers seem to be good at covering up abuses of the poor and then falsely claiming moral and ethical authority. I know better! And so do you!

So, here we are back at Standing Rock and Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and his men are arresting protesters left and right. These people are struggling to save their land from being poisoned. I wonder if Ammon Bundy and his band of sovereign citizens will travel to Standing Rock and help defend the Sioux defend their land?

Whether we want to admit it or not, white privilege is real! The criminal justice system to include the prosecutor, judge and jury has one set of rules for white folks and one rule book for others. The scales of justice in Amerika are uneven. We must support the protestors of Standing Rock because every day it’s looking like the next great war in Amerika will be over water and land.

-Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!

In the spirit of Crazy Horse!

Water is Life, Protect it!!


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