End Prison Slavery

Update: End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

Comrade Malik reports from Behind Enemy Lines!

Revolutionary greetings comrades and Free World allies. Well, it’s 2017 it has been almost one year since Norris Hicks and I wrote the Bamboozled piece.

We never gave him his props but it was Comrade Anthony Robinson Jr. who inspired us to write this piece. As many of you may remember there was a parole forum held on Coffield Unit last year around this time. It was sponsored by the Texas Inmate Families Association or TIFA.  Executive Director of TIFA, Ms Jennifer Erschabek,  worked extremely hard to Lobby Texas legislators to do something about this fraudulent and corrupt good time/work time credit system utilized for the Texas prison system. Jennifer and some legislators came up with something called due diligence credits.

Aggravated and non-aggravated prisoners will be eligible for these credits which can be earned by working, taking a vocational trade, attending college, or attending some type of rehabilitation class or program. Sounds good! Only one major problem, and I’ve tried to contact Jennifer about this one sticking point – there is still no policy, regulation, or law in Texas which compels the parole board to recognize these credits!!

So in reality, nothing has changed but the name! Welcome to Texas folks!

This is not to take away from or belittle Jennifer’s efforts – she works her butt off for us!

For those who are familiar with politics and legislators, nothing happens in one session it takes years sometimes a decade to affect change. So this is a start.

For the incarcerated workers organizing committee, we have work to do this shit ain’t over!

Texas has resorted to a very volatile and impressive program of repression and censorship to Comrades such as myself, Comrade Rashid, and Comrade Jason Renard Walker.  We have been tagged as security threats, our outgoing and incoming mail is heavily scrutinized, I have even had mail thrown away by TDCJ employees.

The strategy has been to isolate us and place as much pressure on us so we will do one of two things: 1. throw our hands up and quit (NEVER!)  or 2. Act out violently so that will justify all of TDCJ is over-the-top repression tactics.

You see comrades, in Texas we don’t have papers such as the San Francisco Bay View,  California Prison Focus, or Turning the Tide for the most part politically advanced prisoners are on their own!

Twitch, from Central Texas ABC, has single-handedly support of the entire state of Texas for years!

Just recently we are seeing quality high-level support coming from IWOC comrades in Austin,  Houston, and Kansas City, Missouri.

I believe the most disheartening thing that has happened is the FBI’s attack on #BlackLivesMatter, the San Francisco Bay View, and comrades like me, Rashid, Kinetic Justice from the free Alabama movement, and Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan from the Free Ohio Movement.

It is hurtful, yet insightful at the same time.

We are heading into a new era in Amerika. An era where we will see heightened instances of totalitarianism, fascism, and surveillance state tactics. It is a time when our friends will become informants for fear of the imperialist regime may target them!

I’ve already witnessed this first-hand on Coffield Unit although I played the “stupid role.”

So let’s take a look at the work we are doing: 1: attempting to amend the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution 2: abolish prison slavery and in my case 3: exposing the pervasive problem of toxic Water Supplies in Texas and Pennsylvania! Yes I did say Pennsylvania!

Comrades, as I close this report I am requesting some of you to take the time to write, or type, brief letters to the legislature in Texas and explain to them the desperate need for an independent oversight committee. Those 13 or so suicides I witnessed last year on Coffield Unit left me emotionally scarred!! That, coupled with the toxic water we are forced to drink at Eastham unit is enough to motivate me! What about you? What about our free world friends?

Remember what rapper Lupe Fiasco said in his song “Words I Never Said,” “In order to become a doctor you have to become an actor! don’t be silent!”

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!

-Keith ‘Malik’ Washington


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