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Why do ‘They’ Keep Hurting Us? Part 2 – Solutions

Peace and blessings to all human beings!

In 2015 I wrote a piece entitled, “Why do ‘They’ Keep Hurting Us?” ‘They’ being police and law enforcement officers in Amerika. 2016 was a bloody year. In Chicago alone, there were 760 murders! And these were mostly black on black or brown on black or vice-versa! Police killed many innocents last year, but then again so did people all over America.

I spend my days and nights searching for solutions to the violence. In regards to police in Amerika murdering citizens, I believe Norm Stamper has some excellent starting point. Stamper was a police officer for 34 years and served as the Chief of the Seattle Police Department. Please listen to his suggestions and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments:

Stamper says,  “in order to ensure that a local law enforcement abide by laws governing search and seizure, stop and frisk, use of force, and assembly protections, the Department of Justice must be given the authority and resources to do three things.

First, it needs to set reasonable, defensible standards of police performance and conduct. Second, it needs to certify every law enforcement officer and agency in the country. And third, it must be given the power to decertify, for just cause, any individual or department that refuses to play by the rules.

Excerpt from Norm Stamper’s essay – Fix the Police – page 67 Playboy magazine July / August 2016

krystalmuhammad_0618Now my suggestion comes from New Black Panther Party Chairpersyn Comrade Krystal Muhammad. Comrade Krystal lives in Houston, Texas and she has called for independent civilian review board that has subpoena and prosecutorial power over the Houston Police Department. The police in Amerika have so much power and control over Us – if their mandate is to protect and serve shouldn’t we have some power and control over them? Think about that!

Dare to struggle, Dare to win, All Power to the People!

Comrade Keith ‘Malik’ Washington


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