End Prison Slavery, In solidarity

Comrade Malik Breaks his Silence on the Abuse, Murder, Executions, and Discrimination of his Muslim Sisters and Brothers!


By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington and concerned friends and allies

screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-2-24-58-pmIn the name of Allah most gracious most merciful peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

I’d like to greet all of you with the universal greeting of the Muslims the salutations of peace Assalamu alaikum السّلامُ عليكُمْ

It is reported that one of the companions of our Holy Prophet (saw) asked him: “How do we know if an action or inaction is wrong?” Our Holy Prophet (saw) said some more some less that: “if something you do, or don’t do, pricks your conscience then it is wrong.”

For the past year I’ve become overwhelmed with the burden of remaining silent when I became aware of the abuse, murder, execution of Muslims.

Darren Rainey was a black, mentally ill Muslim convert who was scalded to death in a Florida prison in 2012 while the Obama Administration looked the other way!

However, America is not the only place where Muslim lives don’t matter. In Israel human rights Defenders Farid al-Atrash and Issa Amro fight for their freedom.

Issa Amro is a Palestinian and founder of the Hebron-based group Youth Against Settlements and Hebron area lawyer Farid al-Atrash were both arrested for participating in a peaceful protest in February 2016. The March commemorated 22 years since extremist American-born Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire on Muslim Palestinian worshippers killing 29 and injuring more than 120 in Hebron’s Ibrahimi mosque in 1994.

Earlier in September 2016, I wrote a piece entitled: “What Method of Protest is Acceptable for Black People in Amerika?” And now I must ask the world what method of protest is acceptable for Palestinian people in Israel?! Suicide bombings and stabbings of innocent people is Haram, or forbidden, in Islam so please explain the crime of participating in a march? Please answer this Mr. Netanyahu!

And now we travel to Mauritania where we find Mauritanian blogger Mohamed Cheikh Ould M’khaitir who faces possible execution for an article he wrote entitled “Religion, Religiosity and Blacksmiths” which described the ongoing racial discrimination and slavery visited upon black people living in Mauritania. Slavery was abolished in 1981. However, it was not illegal to own slaves until  2007.

That’s ironic here it is 2017 and slavery in Texas is Alive and Well!

Mohamed Cheikh Ould M’khaitir has repented several times prior to his conviction for apostasy.  Legal code in Mauritania says that should a convicted apostate repent at any point before the death sentence is carried out the Supreme Court in Mauritania may commute the punishment to a prison sentence of up to two years.

For those who are True Believers in Allah (swt) and His Holy Prophet (saw) we know that Allah’s mercy always supersedes his wrath! If the Supreme Court in Mauritania follows Quran and Sunnah Mohamed Cheikh Ould M’khaitir’s life will be saved Insha-Allah.

And finally Saudi Arabia, in 2015 the US State Department report noted that 35 gay men, and people assigned male at birth who were wearing women’s clothing, were arrested at a party in Jeddah in 2014. A judge in Medina in the same year sentenced a man to three years in prison and 450 lashes for “soliciting sex with other men” on Twitter. LGBTQ people are our brothers and sisters, we need to treat everyone as such. Everett K. Rowson, a professor at New York University who researches homosexuality in medieval Islamic society says “The only passages that deal with the subject unambiguously appear in the passages dealing with Lot.” The Atlantic reports that “To be gay in Saudi Arabia is to live a contradiction—to have license without rights, and to enjoy broad tolerance without the most minimal acceptance. The closet is not a choice; it is a rule of survival.” But why live in the shadows, it is time that we supported our gay and trans brothers and sisters.

At this time I request Dua’s (supplications) be offered requesting freedom and protection for Jamil-Al-Amin, Rasmea Odeh, Jalil Muntaqim, Mutulu Shakur, Patrice Lumumba Ford, Mumia Abu Jamal, and a special dua for the Duka brothers: Dritan Duka, Shain Duka, and Eljvir Duka! The entrapment of the Duka brothers destroyed their families.The US attorney who prosecuted the Duka brothers was Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey.

I end this piece by alerting all of you that the State of Texas prison system has waged a silent war on Muslim prisoners making it a hardship for many of us to grow our beards, wear our kufis, or even learn Arabic or attend Quranic studies!

The past five years we have patiently awaited a legal decision. Right now I am in federal court fighting for my rights with no legal representation or attorney. Allah (swt) has been my key legal adviser! Remember! Oppression is worse than slaughter! Ameen.


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