In solidarity

Comrade Malik Comments on Trump’s Ban on Muslims

By Keith Malik Washington and concerned allies

Revolutionary greetings sisters and brothers!

trump1-4-2016-2016010404190696Here we are February 2017 – Black History Month and the hot topic is the recent ban on Muslim immigrants.

We are not surprised many of my mentors and friends have been closely observing the rise of Trump. We have analyzed the trajectory of his political agenda.

Let’s look at a quote from Heather Digby Parton which appeared in the Progressive Populist newspaper in April 2016

“He built a coalition of bullies, xenophobes, and bigots. Some people are aghast of the suggestion of racism fueling Trump support. Now it’s as clear as day and cannot be denied.

It is heartening to see federal judges, lawyers, and even some attorneys generals from various States criticizing Trump’s executive order. However, at the end of the day when all the smoke clears and the initial shock subsides- Trump, Steve Bannon, and Jeff Sessions will enforce this overtly bigoted and islamophobic policy.

There are some who say President Trump’s policies are not a true reflection of the thoughts and feelings of Amerikans. I beg to differ! On the contrary, this is Amerika in all its Imperialist Glory! Japanese internment camps! -Amerika!! The Red Scare of the McCarthy era -Amerika! The genocide of First Nations people -Amerika!! J. Edgar Hoover’s murderous cointelpro campaign against the Black Panther Party -Amerika!!

Stop saying Trump’s Islamophobia is not Amerikan when we all know it is. What we are seeing is a natural progression of an ideology which is secretly embraced by every Trump appointee! All of them. And now in 2017, the hatred has reached its Coming of Age!

And this is just the beginning.


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