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Comrade Malik Speaks: Come Out to Support California Prison Focus at their Community Block Party in Oakland, CA on MARCH 23rd, 2018!!!

Comrade Malik Speaks:  Come Out to Support California Prison Focus at their Community Block Party in Oakland, CA on MARCH 23rd, 2018!!!

Peace and Blessings Sisters and Brothers!!! I have some wonderful news to share with you and I hope you are listening.  The Movement which seeks to End Prison Slavery and Amend the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is growing exponentially.  One of the reasons for that growth is the work and dedication of a “New Generation” of Activists calling themselves the New Abolition Movement.  Nube Brown is one of those “New Abolitionists” and for the past year she has been volunteering with California Prison Focus.  California Prison Focus is a grass-roots organizations working to END SOLITARY CONFINEMENT AND OTHER FORMS OF TORTURE AND ABUSE IN CALIFORNIA PRISONS.

On MARCH 23, 2018 California Prison Focus will hold a BLOCK PARTY in front of their office in Oakland, CA.  This event is co-organized and sponsored AMEND THE 13th which is a dynamic and innovative organization led by a California Prisoner named Heshima Denham. As a Prison Abolitionist I can’t tell you how very important it is to come out and support CPF and to learn more about the work of Amend the 13th.  Without a doubt, it is: communities of color which only sense that we begging to actively support the individuals and groups who continue to fight on behalf of our Loved Ones trapped inside these modern day Slave Kamps and Gulags operated by the Californial Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).  There is definitely a sharp increase in the participation of women of color in this Abolitionist Movement.  Nube Brown is one of the “rising starts’ Of this Movement as well as Krystal Roundtree of IAMWE and Kilaika Shakur of George Jackson University.

I recently heard from our sister in struggle Nube Brown and here is what she had to say about the up-coming Block Party in Oakland: “We are organizing a Community Summit/Street Fair in Oakland on the 23 of March.  We are trying to form a United Front of organizations and community members who are committed to ALL aspects of self determination, self rule, and advocacy and most importantly community cooperation.”  Sisters and Brothers I strongly encourage you to come on imperative the WE as a People support those who support us and tell them Comrade Malik sent you!! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


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