In solidarity

Teaching Love Not Hate

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

As-salamu-alaykum and peace and blessings to ALL!

A couple weeks ago I released a message criticizing the United States and Israeli governments ‘calculated genocide’ which they have begun to force upon Palestinian People in Gaza and beyond.

There were statements that I made which could be construed as hate speech. These points were brought to my attention by a Marxist Scholar who happens to be my mentor and friend.

In keeping with the practice of self-criticism/criticism I will address my wrong statements. I take ownership of my mistake and ask that all of you forgive me for sowing seeds of hate and allow me to rectify this. Although I am angry and frustrated over the situation I must hold myself strictly accountable for my words and my actions. I am a humyn rights activist and not a ‘War Monger’ or promoter of violence. There is a huge difference between advocating ‘Self-defense’ and engaging in acts of indiscriminate violence.

One specific point which needs addressing is my suggestion that the post World War II issue of Jewish refugees might have been solved by actually annexing “a portion of German” rather than occupying Palestine. On multiple levels this statement that I made is flawed and I officially retract it!!!

First, condemning colonization in one place does not justify it in another place.

Secondly, I placed a ‘collective guilt’ on ALL German people. This is historically incorrect and perpetuates hate. I WAS WRONG!!

From my studies I learned of numerous German people who risked their lives to save Jewish humyn beings from Nazis! In my own work as a humyn rights activist and abolitionist some of my most ardent and dedicated supporters are German and Austrian comrades.

These are Objective Facts! I allowed my Subjective Feelings to cloud my judgement. Now that we have that taken care of, allow me to tell all of you a little about myself because more and more people have been asking: “Who is this guy Comrade Malik?”

I am the product of a union between a beautiful and intelligent Jordanian womyn with Palestinian roots (my ummi) and a wonderful and hard working New Afrikan/Latino man (my baba.) Both my parents are deceased. Like many Islamic households throughout the world “LOVE” for our fellow humyn beings was taught in our home.

As a teenager, I worked for Palestinian Immigrants who owned a pizza shop and a “Greek” restaurant located in a predominantly Jewish part of town in Pittsburgh, PA< USA, My employer, Imad, was well respected and like by all. Even though we were Muslims serving mostly Jewish people in a Jewish part of town, we never had feelings of hatred. We often laughed how people ran to eat our “Greek” cuisine which consisted of: baba ghanoush, humas with pita break, tabuli salad, falafel balls with tahini sauce, baklava, and lamb meat gyros!!! Of course I had a dream job for those who enjoy Middle Eastern delicacies which our many patrons perceived to be “Greek.”

So like many of you reading this message my heart breaks to see my Palestinian Sisters and brother being executed by the IDF. I am also troubled by the violence perpetrated by my own Palestinian sisters and brothers. Our Holy Prophet(SAW) did not teach us to act like this. However, Palestinian blood runs through my veins. My mother’s parents were from Ramallah!! So of course I have an issue with Zionists!! The Amerikan Media and Press Corps plays down the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli Army (IDF) against innocent unarmed Palestinian People. I LOVE PLESTINIAN PEOPLE Let’s make that perfectly clear. I must instruct and advise my sisters and brothers in a manner that preserves their lives and promotes our struggle in a positive manner. The world is watching! Senseless acts of violence against Israeli citizens is not going to help garner world support for our cause and whoever is promoting this mode of thinking is not thinking or acting rationally. If we are serious about developing a state of our own which provides economic stability and freedom as well as justice and equality for all, we must get serious about teaching the Palestinian Youth the precepts of Socialism and Marxist Theory!

However, the conditions on the ground are such that many young Palestinians are being slaughtered like sheep by the Israeli army and ‘Secret’ Israeli Intelligence Units from the MOSSAD. The wholesale murder of humyn beings must be stopped on both sides now if we are to make any progress. Then and only then can we try to develop the financial resources to fund the education of our leaders of tomorrow and encourage our youth to return to our Palestinian homeland and help build a state we can all be proud of.

I envision a sovereign Palestinian enclave which has businesses of export and import, quality schools, Mosques, Churches, and Synagogues, and a Palestinian Police Force and Palestinian Army that is fully equipped to protect the sovereignty of our citizens.

But the key to our future success in Palestine is the YOUTH!! Nevertheless, we face some harsh realities. I recently was studying information posted on the website here is what I found:
“Some 1,300 Palestinian prisoners participated in a hunger strike starting in April 2017, they demanded basic improvements to their prison conditions, including access to public phones, air conditioning and heating. They also protested systematic medical negligence, solitary confinement, reduction in family visits, and the common use of administrative detention which is the draconian policy by which Palestinians are routinely held without charge or trial by indefinitely renewable military orders.”

Sisters and brothers it is 2018 and not much has changed. As I sit crafting this message in an Amerikan Prison in Texas, so many of these demands I can personally relate to!! I am half a world away and yet these conditions I face in the so called “Land of the Free” resonates with me!

I want so much for my Palestinian Sisters and Brothers. I want them to have access to a quality education, clean and safe drinking water, I want them to be able to interact with their Loved Ones outside of an Israeli Prison, I’ve come to the realization that in all of our interactions whether in the World or even in cyberspace we must proceed with hikmat (wisdom), sabr (patience), and LOVE. I’d like to remind all of you what our Holy Prophet (SAW) taught us in terms of preserving humyn life!! And remember Allah’s promise to the believers in Quran Surah 23 Ayats 1 and 2!! IQROH!!!

I would really enjoy hearing from many of you, please write me at the address posted. I leave you all in peace!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to win, All Power to the People!

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is a humyn rights activist currently incarcerated in Texas. He is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement. Malik is a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) and he is the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter). Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. You can view his work at or write him directly at:

Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington

TDC #1487958

Eastham Unit

2665 Prison Rd. #1

Lovelady, Texas 75851


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