Prison conditions

Imprisoned human rights activist and journalist Keith Malik Washington teams up with Texas CURE for Prisoner Fan Fund Drive

“There are two kinds of pain in this world pain that hurts and pain that alters.”

Denzel Washington (actor) an excerpt from The Equalizer 2

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

It is August in Texas and climate change is real and not a hoax!

Some of you may read this quote from Denzel and be like, “hmmm, that’s different.” The point I want to make perfectly clear is that the extreme heat inside Texas prisons is hurting human beings! And what is remarkable is that I am witnessing harm being done to prisoners and prison guards who happen to work for the State of Texas! I’m currently housed at the McConnell unit which is located in Beeville Texas. Now I have been friends with Joan Covici he and Michael Jewell of Texas CURE for approximately seven or eight years. In 2012 during a deadly heat wave, an immature TDCJ Lieutenant unplugged my whirlwind fan which was plugged up to the pipe chase. The pipe chase is a small utility closet outside of a prison cell here in Ad-Seg (solitary confinement).

At the time I was on level III disciplinary housing wing and Estelle high security located in Huntsville Texas. Electrical outlets had been removed from all cells on 1-row for “security reasons” the HVAC system at Estelle had just gone out during a deadly heat wave which had just claimed the lives of two prisoners on July 1, 2012. On July 2, 2012, the very next day, this Lieutenant unplugged my fan and the fan of all 1-row prisoners house on C wing high-security unit. That young lieutenant is now a major on the Eastham Unit!

After this incident, I immediately wrote a letter to Joan and Michael in they intervened and advocated on my behalf and many other prisoners housed at Estelle.

The executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice at the time was Brad Livingston. Texas CURE encouraged Mr. Livingston to craft a new policy which is still in place today! All level III prisoners in Texas may have their fans plugged up in the pipe chase!

I am saying all that to say – is that sometimes humyn beings must come together in order to make smart decisions that will save lives!

Hello? Brian Collier… Lorie Davis, can you hear me now?

A life is precious, whether it be the life of an old convict like me or green as the grass TDCJ correctional officer who is trying to make an honest days pay for an honest days work – although I definitely don’t agree to their career choice -Prison guards are people too!

Right now many of these prison units in Texas are super hot! There are thousands of prisoners who have loved ones who can help purchase one of these life-saving whirlwind fans. There are also officers who sit at their duty posts drenched with sweat who also could benefit from a cool breeze every once and awhile. You see these prison guards can’t speak to Y’all, but I can!

I am pleading with you today to look deep inside your heart and consider making a donation to the cast Texas CURE fan fund!

Think about the lives you may alter and change in a positive way. Some prisoners languish in these super-heated environments thinking that no one really cares – so why should they change their outlook on life?

My life changed dramatically because Texas CURE cared about me!!

Now I am leading a movement which seeks to Abolish Prison Slavery and Amend the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.

We will share with you all the info you need. Please donate today and tell them, “Comrade Malik sent you!”

May God bless you all Today – PEACE


You can help bring such joy to an indigent prisoner by donating $20.00, the price of a fan, to the Texas CURE Fan Program today. Money donated is used only for fans. Texas CURE is a 501 (C3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Since our inception, we have purchased 10,000 fans for indigent Texas prisoners

Please help, Send donations to Texas CURE Fan Program, P.O. Box 38381, Dallas, TX 75238-0381  


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