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Texas Democrats on the Firing of Former, Acting Secretary of State David Whitley

Texas Democrats, Texas Senate Democratic Caucus Claim Victory

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus and thousands of Democratic activists across the state sent former, acting Secretary of State David Whitley to pack up his belongings and vacate the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

This is a major loss for Governor Abbott and his Republican Party, as Mr. Whitley is the first gubernatorial nominee in modern Texas legislative history to have his appointment blocked by the opposition party.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texas Democrats will not tolerate attacks on the voting rights of Texans, and Governor Abbott should take note.

“David Whitley proved he wasn’t fit for the job the second he launched his failed effort to purge eligible Texas voters from the voting rolls.

“The Texas Democratic Party thanks Texas Senate Democrats and voting rights activists for keeping a watchful eye on Republicans who sought to scare, confuse, and intimidate Texans from participating in their democracy. We are so proud of your uncompromising will and determination to protect our right to vote.

“It was long overdue for David Whitley to vacate his office and now it’s time for Governor Abbott to appoint a new Secretary of State who will respect our democracy and our great state.”


By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Peace and blessings Sisters and Brothers!
Without a doubt, the Right to Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote, in my opinion, are the
two most important Constitutional Rights that minorities and oppressed people of every Race,
Mr. David Whitley is the Acting Secretary of State in Texas. Whitley was appointed and
is currently supported by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
Whitley, a Republican, has created a list of approximately 90.000 names of Texas
residents which he has classified as non-citizens who should be unceremoniously purged from
Voting Rolls.
After a thorough and fact-finding investigation as well as a couple Lawsuits, it was
discovered that THOUSANDS of these so called NON CITIZENS are actually predominantly
legal naturalized citizens who absolutely should not be purged from Voting Rolls!
The State of Texas has a sordid history of Voter Suppression as well as Voter
Intimidation and historically, it has been REPUBLICANS attempting to sabotage and obstruct
the RIGHT 2 VOTE of minorities that many times vote DEMOCRAT!
STATE OF TEXAS. It would seem that Texas is in the same league as North Carolina when it
comes to cheating the most vulnerable communities out of their opportunity to Vote.
In late February 2019 a Federal Judge in Texas ruled that the Voter Roll Purge
attempted by Whitley and friends would be put on hold. Not long after that, at the Texas State
Capitol, a small committee of Texas State Senators voted to advance David Whitley as the
nominee for the Secretary of State Position. The Vote was 4 Senators in FAVOR and 3
Senators AGAINST. REPUBLICANS voting along party lines were in FAVOR of Whitley, while
the 3 DEMOCRATS voted AGAINST Whitley. I don’t believe I need to say anything else — but I
Sisters and Brothers, I am requesting that you help us create a TWITTER STORM. In
fact, we need a TWITTER TSUNAMI in order to HALT the confirmation of David Whitley to the
position of Secretary of the State in Texas. (#STOPDAVIDWHITLEY!)
A fellow Activist and Changemaker by the name of Amani Sawari and her organization
Jailhouse Lawyers Speak received a 2019 Roddenberry Fellowship in order to promote their
GAME CHANGING campaign known as Right-2-Vote! I firmly believe that blocking Whitley
from becoming the new Secretary of State in Texas and defending the Voting Rights of our
Latinx sisters and brothers as well as other oppressed people is in-keeping with the work that
Amani and I am committed to doing this year. Furthermore, there are 19 other Activists and
Changemakers across the United States who I know will be very interested in aiding us in this
endeavor. 19 Activists who also received Roddenberry Fellowships.
You see Sisters and Brothers, I am in Texas which has the largest prison system in the
United States. Texas uses its so called criminal justice system to cage and enslave a

disproportionate number of people of color. One of the purposes is to disenfranchise a broad
swath of minority voters — voters who do not vote REPUBLICAN!
However, the ‘GAME’ gets a lot uglier and more complicated when we observe our
Governor Greg Abbott attempting to strategically place one of his CRONIES who is known to
suppress the votes of Latinx and minorities in a position that would place him in charge of the
voting process in Texas!! We must fight against this.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has the largest Political War Chest of any Governor in the
United States and Abbott is absolutely willing to use that money and his influence to crush and
silence the voices of Texas’ most vulnerable communities. It is not enough for Abbott to create
an unequal playing field, he wants to ensure that we are under-represented so that Laws and
Policies which would help pull us up out of poverty and free us from prison never see the light of
Abbott and his Attorney General, Ken Paxton, are masters at gaming the System. Did
anyone notice that Paxton’s wife Angela has filed a piece of Legislation that would expand the
powers of the Attorney General which in effect would absolve Ken Paxton of his pending
CRIMINAL CHARGES??? Thought we missed that, Ken and Angela? We Didn’t!
It is going to take a massive collective effort to push back against these attempts to
infringe upon our voting rights. Please, do your own research on the topic and then — HELP US
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!


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