In solidarity, Music

Bomani Shakur’s Life Matters!! 

by Comrade Malik and Nube Brown

Liberate the Caged Voices Coalition

“Leadership does not mean domination.  The World is always supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others.  The True Leader is of a different sort; he seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficient purpose.  He inspires others to follow in his wake and holding aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society to realize its genuinely great aspiration”  an excerpt from:  The Wise Mind of H.I.M.  Emperor Haile Sellasie I  Chapter 10–Leadership

Bomani Shakur (Keith LeMar) is an intelligent and compassionate Black Man who has been sentenced to DEATH in the state of Ohio.  The State of Ohio falsely accused Bomani of Murder in 1993, this was in connection to the events that transpired during the Lucasville Prison Uprisings.

There was No Physical Evidence, Nor was there any Forensic Evidence that connected Bomani to the crime of Murder.

Nevertheless, an all White Jury, A White Judge, and a large crowd of bigoted white–by-standers subjected Bomani to a Modern Day Lynching inside a Court-Room in Rural Ohio.

In the year of 2020 an Army of young White, Black, Asian, Arab, Latinx, and First Nation Activists have teamed up with us and many others inorder to Save the Life of Bomani Shakur.    BOMANI SHAKUR’S LIFE MATTERS!

Murdering Black Men has become a Favorite Past Time for the Authorities in States such as Ohio, Texas, Georgia, and Alabama!

We hear politicians like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker telling us that Joe Biden is the Presidential Candidate for ALL THE PEOPLE!

Ok!  If that is True then We Say to Joe Biden–Show us Some Love!!  Advocate for the Life of Bomani Shakur!!\


Nevertheless, my confidence and hope does not rest with Politicians who continue to mislead us and spout lies and false Promiseses.

My Confidence and Hope Rests with THE PEOPLE!

In the Month of April 2020 I strongly encourage All Humyn Beings to Support our Solidarity Actions which seek to Save the Life of this Remarkable Humyn being known as Bomani Shakur.   BOMANI SHAKUR’S LIFE MATTERS!!

We implore you to join Activists and Freedom Fighters of All Races and Genders–All Across the United States and Europe.

Join us as we DEMAND that the State of Ohio halt its pursuit of the Death Penalty against another innocent Black Man here in Amerika!    BOMANI SHAKUR’S LIFE MATTERS!!

His Life is worth Saving!!   This is a Movement and not just a Moment in Time!!   End Prison Slavery in Amerika!!

Liberate the Caged Voices!!    Incarcerated Workers Never Give Up!!

Dare to struggle, Dare to Win,  ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

NEVER SURRENDER!    BY   DJ Khaled,   Jadakiss, Scarface, John Legend, Akon, Anthony Hamilton, and Meek Mill!!!     This is a song that Means something!!  For our Comrade—Bomani Shakur!!!!


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