Comrade Malik Speaks: I see what’s going on—Do You?? (The Bigger Picture!)

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Revolutionary Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

“All that you touch you Change.  All that you Change–Changes You.
 The only lasting truth is Change.”

Octavia Butler
(Parable of the Sower)

I can see clearly that President Donald J. Trump is attempting to foment a Race War here inside the United States of Amerika.  Last week when the topic was John Bolton’s new ‘Tell All’ book—Trump re-tweeted a video of a Black Man punching a White Humyn being in the face.  Now, why would the President of the United Snakes of Amerika do that??  Hmmmm.
This week the Hot Topic is the Russian Military Intelligence arm–the GRU, placing a bounty on the heads of U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan.  The twist in this claim is that Russian Intelligence Officers were recruiting Taliban Soldiers to carry out the assassinations.  Does anyone remember Congressman Charlie Wilson and the C.I.A.’s clandestine operation during the Russian occupation and War in Afghanistan in the 1980’s??(Guess I’m showing my Age!!)(LoL)
For those of us familiar with covert actions, we call these operations perpetrated by the GRU and the C.I.A. as FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS.  While all this was playing out on CNN and Fox news this weekend, Trump retweeted a Trump Rally where his white supporters screamed ‘WHITE POWER’ and other profanity laced expletives.
These divide and rule tactics as well as the elementary diversionary strategies utilized by Donald Trump and his staff are easy to see through for those whose eyes and ears are open.  Nevertheless, Trump’s actions which are supported, sanctioned, and condoned by his administration has a dangerous effect on OUR SAFETY.
Let me be clear about something.   When I say “OUR SAFETY”  I am talking about ALL of Us who are not Trump supporters.   White, Black, Asian, Arab, First Nation, and Latinx humyn beings who see this Bigot for who and what he is.
Sisters and brothers, if I am being an Alarmist—please–Call me out!  Admonish and confront me!!  Tell me I am wrong.  However, I really do not think I am wrong.  Please hear me out.
Police officers in Wilmington, North Carolina are caught on audio–tape referring to black people as (the N-Word).  The officers were heard speaking about the necessity of a Race War here in Amerika.  This is not something I am making up, this is real.   The officers (who were recently Fired) claimed that their comments were brought about by the current geo-political climate and civil unrest which was the result of the Minneapolis Police Department murdering George Floyd.  
Lets analyze this closer and let me ask all of you a question.  “If we had a U.S. president who spoke about Love, Healing, and Reconciliation between all Races instead of fanning and stoking the flames of racial hatred, would police in Amerika be talking openly about a Race War??  Think about that for a minute!  These former Police Officers felt comfortable—Why is that?  They felt protected and insulated.   QUALIFIED IMMUNITY IS ONE HELL OF A PROTECTION FOR THE POLICE MY FRIENDS!
Sisters and Brothers, I believe in the People’s Right to Self Defense.  It actually is a Humyn Right that my comrade Michael Novick believes in also. However, like Michael and many of my comrades and friends,  I DO NOT ENDORSE WAR AND I DO NOT PROMOTE VIOLENCE.  I stand against War with Russia.   I stand against War with China.  I stand against War with Iran and Venezuela and I most certainly will not ever support a War against White Sisters and Brothers who stand with me in order to confront Racism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism!!   We have to remember the words of our sister in Struggle Assata Shakur and never allow our enemies to tell us who are enemies or who are friends are!!!!   IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!!   In November 2020 we have to get rid of the Orange Man and his racist entourage.    
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win,  All power to the People!!    ALL OF US!!!


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