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To all those who know and love the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, now in it’s 44th year of Liberation Journalism, and to those who don’t yet know what they’re missing, we make a strong call for your help to invest in and save the Bay View.

The dynamic duo of Mary Ratcliff as editor and Willie Ratcliff as publisher is in peril.

The current situation cannot, and should not, be sugar-coated. Mary Ratcliff, now in her 80s has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Willie, at 87 years old, also has serious health issues and Mary has been his caregiver. Her greatest fear is that the print version of the newspaper will go down due to lack of funding while she takes time to attend to her medical needs. Mary, and the Bay View’s many loyal readers, feels the Bay View is more crucial than ever to bring intelligent, truthful and hard-hitting coverage to the calls for abolition, defunding the police and Black Lives Matter, and provide a rare platform for imprisoned voices, voices from community organizers and activists. 

While simultaneously funding the Bay View, understand that you’re investing in the successful return of a soon-to-be formerly incarcerated person to take over this legacy newspaper upon his return September 3, 2020. Keith Malik Washington  has been diligently and masterfully acting as assistant editor from Behind Enemy Lines. Affectionately known as Comrade Malik, he is part of an elite group of imprisoned journalists, activists, organizers and jailhouse lawyers who find a platform in the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. The symbiotic relationship between this newspaper and the communities on both sides of the wall cannot be understated in its importance. 

We don’t want to imagine Mary not being able to be here to educate Malik on the finer points of editorship, but the reality is just too close. The viability of the Bay View is directly linked to the material and economic stability Malik (above holding the newspaper) has upon his return home. While Mary is undaunted in having to face cancer and Malik is undaunted in facing freedom after 13 years of incarceration and taking over as editor, they will need your help to keep the paper, and the voices of the inside/outside community, alive and thriving. Community participation is essential! (We thank you Kevin Epps! Beloved local filmmaker, creator of opening video).

In Unity and Love, please make your investment today!


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