In solidarity, Prison conditions

#MeToo Stories from inside Texas Prisons! Part II: Justice Denied & Unequal Education Opportunities

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington Chief Spokespersyn
End Prison Slavery in Texas -Movement-

“Luckily, Rita Brown, a white revolutionary from the George Jackson Brigade, a group based on the West Coast, was among the four or five “niggah lovers”. She was a feminist and a lesbian, and helped me to better understand many issues in the white women’s liberation movement………………………………… We agreed that  sexism, like racism, was generated by capitalist, imperialist governments and that women would never be liberated as long as the institutions that controlled our lives existed. I respected Rita because she really practiced sisterhood, and wasn’t just one of those big mouths who go on and on about men.”

-ASSATA(An Autobiography)

by Assata Shakur, pg. 254

In Texas, a Baylor University-Fraternity President named Jacob Anderson gagged a female co-ed, he then sexually assaulted her and when he was done violating her, he left her unconscious body on the lawn outside. Jacob Anderson discarded this humyn being like she was a piece of worthless trash. She did not deserve this.

Law Enforcement and the Criminal Courts in Texas also refused to acknowledge this young womyn’s humynity! The charges against Jacob Anderson were reduced to unlawful restraint and he served absolutely NO JAIL TIME! This shocked me when I first discovered it. It happened quite recently and I am pleading that you the reader of this article/essay google the referenced story about Jacob Anderson and the on-going investigation of sex abuse scandals at Baylor Univer­sity. Please study it! Get angry and then use the Anger to fuel your protest against Baylor University and the korrupt Kriminal Just­ice system in Texas.

This is Part II of a multi-part series, which highlights some of the issues and struggles encountered by wimmin inside Texas Prisons. This series is for all wimmin in Texas Prisons and beyond. The Media and mainstream activists in Texas are not going to tell the stories that I am going to tell! They are not going to tell the stories in the way that I tell them! You see, there is a silent and unwritten pact of collusion between the Media and this patriarchal and misogy­nistic Kriminal Justice System in Texas. To be fair to the mainstream journalist who happens to be wimmin and report to aggressively on these issues, there are very real reprisals and repercussions that have the potential of ruining a reporter’s career.

One can not become too passionate about exposing the impotence and ineffectiveness of the Judges, the Police, or the Prison guards and High Ranking Prison Administrators who condone the mistreatment of wimmin in Texas. However, there is not much the ‘Powers that be’ can do to me, I’m at the bottom and as Assata has said so eloquently: “We have nothing to lose but our Chains!” As for my sisters? I will not be silenced!

In Part I of this series I recounted the stories and misdeeds of men such as Former TDCJ Warden Kevin Mayfield, Sergeant Eddie Collins, and Ranking Officers at the Eastham Unit located in Lovelady, Texas.

Men who had established a pattern of using intimidation tactics and coercion in order to Sexually Harass and in some cases even assault Female TDCJ employees!

I was privy to much of this information because many female TDCJ employees knew I was a published writer and journalist, they knew I had connections with members of the media, so under the condition of anonymity, they shared their stories with me. I honored my word by protecting their identities but I had no agreement with these Ranking Prison Employees who violated not just these wimmin but the Public’s Trust!! They shall be placed on ‘Front Street’ where they belong!

I mean that is what we all should do in-order to eradicate and smash PATRIARCHY in Amerika!


The problem that I believe that we must come to grips with in Amerika, is that a womyn, a reputable, educated, and highly accomplish­ed womyn like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, can relay her story of abuse to the World on National Television and still that courageous and fear­less womyn still did not receive JUSTICE!

This is a pervasive and systemic problem, which deserves attention. Now allow me to set forth a thought-provoking ‘If/Then’ statement:

“IF the voice of a womyn like Dr. Ford is not listened to or given any credibility or ‘weight’ in the Kourts or in front of the U.S. Congress, THEN who expects anyone to believe that a womyn locked up in a Texas Prison has the chance of demanding justice when faced with similar or worst acts of abuse, assault, or discrimination?’

What if the incarcerated womyn is Black or Hispanic?

You are following me here, aren’t you? Now allow me to give you an update on some of the bad actors I reported on in Part I of this series.

While housed at the Eastham-Ad-Seg Unit in 2016 thru 2017 I did encounter many High ranking Male TDCJ employees who used their position and “Status” to oppress, intimidate, and sexually harass lower-ranking female employees.

I think the most stunning revelation was that a Major named Blake Norman had been secretly attempting to coerce wimmin employees into granting him “sexual favors”. What was so shocking about this was that Major Norman portrayed himself as a bible thumping Christian brother!! Norman was also an Islamophobe who initiated a special investigation which placed me under the scrutiny of the Department of Homeland Sec­urity and as a result of bogus, fabricated, and trumped up ‘Secret Information’ compiled by the Central Texas Fusion Center, I was placed at the McConnell-Restrictive Housing Unit.

Nevertheless, KARMA caught up with Blake Norman in a big way. One of his victims filed a complaint with EEOC and the OIG Office

and after a fact-finding investigation was performed by the Office of the Inspector General Major Blake Norman was demoted to Sergeant!

Norman was also transferred. However, this is actually quite troubling. Here we have a persyn caught red-handed with using his High Ranking position to exploit and take advantage of female subordinates! The TDCJ-C.I.D. director is Lorie Davis and Davis is the highest-ranking womyn in the Agency. She could have easily sent a strong and clear message by firing Norman–but she didn’t! So Lorie Davis remains complicit in perpetrating the misogynistic and patriarchal culture

which is so very pervasive in Texas Prisons. And this Patriarchal Kulture is insidious and reaches into every aspect of this Korrupt and un-ethical prison agency.

I have established a history of proclaiming THE TRUTH, however, down here in the State of Texas, “They can’t handle the Truth!!” Dare I tell the story of Black Female Warden Sandra Allen and how her white male colleagues conspired to get rid of her for making the mistake of requesting that a man with a pacemaker walk through a metal detector!! I mean I don’t mean to champion the cause of the pigs who operate these prisons. Nevertheless, I have witnessed white male officers -Wardens even do much, much worse and absolutely nothing happens to them!! I’ve watched these Wardens and Majors beat a humyn being to death!! And no justice was meted out—not one bit of justice.

So White Suprematism is also an all too familiar occurrence inside Texas Prisons. ‘We Take Care of Our Own’ is the motto of TDCJ KKKLan Members.

Now let’s turn our attention where it belongs, inside to our incarcerated sisters!

In December 2018 the Prison Legal News published an article by journalist Kevin W. Bliss that references a report by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. The report focuses on the rising number of Sexual Abuse Allegations inside Amerikan prisons and Jails. Allow me to quote an excerpt from the article:

” A July 2018 report by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics found the number of alleged incidents of sexual victimization among state and federal prisoners increased 180 percent from 2011 to 2015. However, the number of substantiated claims grew just 63 percent during that same period.”

These statistics present a question that begs to be asked: “Are the incarcerated wimmin who report sexual victimization predominantly liars? OR is the reporting apparatus and system of investi­gation failing to acknowledge the abuse?”

From my study of this issue inside Texas Prisons, I have come to the conclusion that the reporting mechanisms are flawed and that there is a system of retaliation and intimidation in place in-order to dissuade our incarcerated sisters from making any reports at all in regard to sexual abuse, assault, or victimization especially when a TDCJ employee is the one victimizing them!!

I know many incarcerated wimmin in Texas who have been victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault but when they try to report the abuse, they are subjected to a manifold of reprisals by High Ranking Prison Administrators who co-ordinate their retaliatory actions with lower-ranking staff members. As we are in the midst of a Legislative Session in Texas, this topic most certainly must be explored and thor­oughly investigated.

Some of these incarcerated wimmin who have been victimized attempted to have their family members or friends utilize the TDCJ Ombudsman Office TO NO AVAIL.

Approximately 12 years ago, the Texas Youth Commission was racked by a Sexual Abuse Scandal. There was no reliable means for children incarcerated in TYC facilities to report Sexual Abuse!

That changed in 2007 when Texas State Senator Borris Miles (D) Houston helped craft legislation that would create an Independent Ombudsman Office for TYC. [2/21/19 see update on Borris Miles below]

The purpose of establishing an Independent Ombudsman Office was to promote transparency and accountability of the Youth Authority, which had plunged into an environment rife with chaos and dysfunction. Senator Miles had a genuine concern to provide a ‘security blanket’ for children who found themselves inside facilities operated by TYC.

In 2019 Senator Miles has teamed up with Texas State Representative Jarvis Johnson (D) Houston in order to create a similar Independent Ombudsman Office to oversee the operations of the Texas Department of Criminal InJustice (sic!). If you are a womyn incarcerated in Texas and your family or a friend has made use of the current TDCJ Ombudsman Office and are dissatisfied with the results, then I highly recommend that you have your loved ones contact Texas State Senator John Whitmire (D) Houston and tell him about your experience and why you feel it is absolutely necessary that the Legislature create an Independent Ombuds­man Office or better still, an Independent Oversight Committee with authority to conduct investigations and enter these prison facilities un-announced!

I know our incarcerated Sisters in Texas have some horror stories to tell and now it is time for your VOICES to be heard! You may feel passionately enough about the topic to contact a journalist who is interested in reporting your story and if that is the case, then I suggest you contact staff reporter Keri Blakinger of the Houston Chronicle. You can mail Keri Blakinger a sealed letter marked Media Mail at the following address: The Houston Chronicle, Attn: Keri Blakinger-Staff Reporter, 4747 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77027.

I would like to clarify that Texas State Senator John Whitmire is the Chairman of the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee and he and his colleagues have the authority to approve a Congressional Hearing on the recent legislation crafted by Senator Miles and Representative Johnson. So it is imperative that we collectively show Senator Whitmire that there is a public interest in the creation of an Independent Over-Sight Committee or Independent Ombudsman Office. I will provide the Senators contact address if you should be interested in writing him: Texas State Senate, Senator John Whitmire, P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas 78711.

I encourage you to get involved now.

Ironically, I recently mailed a letter to Texas State Representa­tive Jarvis Johnson and it was illegally intercepted by mailroom supervisor Janet Salles here on the McConnell Unit.

My letter to Rep. Johnson was specifically concerning the new legislation he and Senator Miles have crafted regarding the Independent Ombudsman Office. My support network has filed a complaint with the current TDCJ-Ombudsman Office and they have requested that the Depart­ment of Public Safety and the F.B.I. investigate our allegations of obstructing Access to a Public Official! This will be a good test case to see if the current Ombudsman Office can be Transparent and Effective when posed with serious issues. This actually is not the first time that this Mail Room Supervisor–Ms. Salles and her assistant Ms. Cherrill Merrell have attempted to hinder or interfere with my Access to a Public Official. I attempted to write Senator Whitmire in the summer of 2018 when I was filing my Civil Lawsuit over the inoperable HVAC System here at the McConnell Unit. TDCJ has established a pattern in which it uses any means at its disposal to keep a prisoner from blowing the WHISTLE!

The final issue that I would like to shed a discerning spotlight on are Gender Disparities in Educational Programming within TDCJ.

I became interested in this topic when I read the summer edition of the newsletter for the Texas Inmate Families Association better known as TIFA. This past summer Jennifer Erschabek the director of TIFA and her colleague Lauren Johnson provided some disturbing information that exposes horribly inadequate educational opportunities for incar­cerated wimmin in comparison to the opportunities offered to their male counterparts in Texas State Prisons.

The information in the newsletter was so good that I am going to repeat it right here for you verbatim! And please remember sisters: “knowledge is POWER!” The TIFA Contact Newsletter says:

According to recent reports, TDCJ provides many more educational opportunities to men than women. Indeed, the differences in educational programming offered to men versus women in TDCJ are stark. For example, men have access to 48 different technical education courses that include horticulture, plumbing trades, welding, and various automotive specialties.

Men can also receive apprenticeships to train for careers as cooks, assem­bler technicians, combination welders, and automotive specialists. By contrast, women have access to less than half the technical education courses men can take, and only one apprenticeship opportunity in cooking. Yet these courses prepare people for a range of different careers when they leave TDCJ.

Even more glaring are the differences in post-secondary education programs offered in men’s and women’s units.

On the one hand, men can earn up to a Master’s Degree through the college and university partners that TDCJ contracts with. They can also earn an Associates of Applied Science or vocational certificate in any of 15 different trades, ranging from Automotive Technology, to Industrial Design, to Substance Abuse Counseling.

Women, on the other hand, may only earn up to an Associates Degree, or seek vocational certifications in one of only two fields: Office Administration or Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management. These differences are not only blatantly unfair as it pertains to the number of opportunities available, but also represent a reductive and outdated view of the role and capacity of women in the workplace.

Providing comprehensive educational programming to both men and women is a vital component of the rehabilitative process. It offers hope for a better future and empowers inmates to gain the skills they will need to succeed when they leave TDCJ. In severely limiting women’s access to educational programming, TDCJ has turned a blind eye to the long-term needs of the women in its care, and reinforced antiquated gender stereo­types in the process.”

Sisters, you have to admit the Texas Civil Rights Project and TIFA did an incredible job with this report and making it available to the Public at Large. It most certainly got my attention and it should be getting the attention of every Texas Legislator who sits on the Senate

Criminal Justice Committee or the House Corrections Committee this Legi­slative Session. What the Prison Agency of TDCJ has done is systematically set our incarcerated wimmin up for failure once they are released! How can TDCJ-CID director Lorie Davis not be aware of the deleterious effect her policies are having on wimmin? Or possibly she is aware? This won’t be the first time poor people and wimmin of color have been dealt a un­fair hand by the State of Texas! WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE ANY LONGER!!

The Texas Civil Rights Project is conducting a study in regard to these Gender Disparities in Educational Programming within TDCJ. If you are a womyn incarcerated in Texas and you are being refused access to cer­tain educational opportunities because you are a womyn then once again, I highly recommend that you contact some people who are interested in hearing your VOICE. Please Contact: The Texas Civil Rights Project

Attn: TDCJ Educational Programs, 1405 Montopolis Dr., Austin, Texas 78741. Sisters, the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement is currently search­ing for wimmin incarcerated in TDCJ who are interested in becoming Freedom

Fighters, Journalists, and Political Activists. I encourage you to have your family or friends to contact our Free-World spokeswomyn–LAVENDER–at: YOUR VOICE AND YOUR LIFE MATTERS!

[UPDATE 2/21/19]

Comrade Malik speaks out about Borris Miles: after Sex and the Senate piece by Mary Tuma was published:

Malik still is 110% in support of the proposed independent ombudsperson office


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Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement; he is a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and the Deputy Chairman of the New African Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter).

Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons cam­paign. You can view his work at or you can read articles and essays that he regularly writes for the San Francisco Bay View-National Black Newspaper. You can read his articles at: or you can write Malik directly at:

In solidarity, Prison conditions


By Comrade Malik
Chief Spokespersyn – End Prison Slavery in Texas MOVEMENT

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!!! This basically is a SHOUT OUT and a Respectful “CALL OUT” to all the YOUNG, GIFTED, AND BLACK STUDENTS AT JACK YATES HIGH SCHOOL AND TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY!!!! YEAH!! I’m talkin’ to y’all!!

Have any of you been thinking of what Jazmine Barnes could have been if her life was not taken away by a stray bullet??

I mean, Jazmine was so beautiful and she could have been the next Barbara Jordan, Sheila Jackson Lee, or even BEYONCE!!! Who knows?? And it most certainly is heart-breaking that a Young Black Male inadvertently took Jazmine’s Life!! He did that!! And sadly now his Life as he knows it is about to be TAKEN AWAY!!

Whether it be the South Side of Chicago or right here on the South Side, North Side(the NAWF!!) or South West Side–WE ARE MURDERING EACH OTHER!! The students of Jack Yates and the College Students of Texas Southern University have the potential of breaking this vicious cycle!!! You are the future leaders of our Black Nation and you are needed right now!! I am not free-stylin’ or trying to pump your head up!! I’m speaking the TRUTH!!

There is a Civil Rights Struggle going on Right Here and Right Now in the State of Texas!!! We not only are faced with this Tragic Humanitarian Crisis on the Border we are Facing a Modern Day Slave Plantation System run by the corrupt and un-ethical Texas Department of Criminal InJustice!! These people down here mistreating and abusing Men of Color who dare to challenge this Racist System and now I am inviting you to join us as we struggle with other Activists across the United States in order to END PRISON SLAVERY IN THE United States!!

In the early 1970s there was a courageous White Womyn named Frances Jalet who came down here to Texas in order to defend and represent poor black, white, and Mexican men who were being subjected to a program of Torture and Retaliation by the bigots who ran the Texas Department of Corrections!! Attorney Jalet landed at Texas Southern University!!! She may not have been wanted there but that is where she went!! A STRONG AND HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE!!!

So here we are in 2019 and nothing really has changed up in these Slave Kamps run by the State of Texas and like Frances Jalet I’m coming to the Students and the Faculty at Texas Southern University!!! I AM PLEADING WITH PROFESSOR ERIC HAUGHTON AND DR. GERALD HORNE TO HEAR OUR PLEAS FOR FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND EQUALITY AND HELP US CONFRONT AND BATTLE THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM WHICH SEEKS TO SILENCE OUR VOICE OF PROTEST!!!


The TDCJ-CID director Lorie Davis has promoted, sanctioned, and condoned Retaliation and Intimidation Tactics against those who utilize the grievance program or those prisoners who attempt to Petition the Government for Redress of their grievances!!! Lorie Davis and her racist cronies can-not feign or claim Ignorance nor Innocence because too many humyn and civil rights violations have taken place on HER WATCH!!!! Sisters and Brothers you know I have heard Student Minister Dr. Robert Muhammad say numerous times that the “People are Smarter than you think!” And with that, I am requesting that you pick up your smartphones and do some research!!!

Go to my website:

Visit the website for the San Francisco Bay View-National Black News­paper( go to the Direct Link for my work at:

Sisters and Brothers the facts speak for themselves!!

You are either down with the Struggle for Black Lives or you are not!!! Now I can tell you right now that there are hundreds perhaps thousands of WHITE WIMMIN AND MEN WHO ARE 100% down for this Struggle!!



When you get time, reach out to LAVENDER!! She is the Free-World spokespersyn and organizer for the End Prison Slavery in Texas–Movement. She can be reached at:

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION SISTERS AND BROTHERS!! more info will be revealed!! And remember




Dare to struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!!!!

In solidarity


by Comrade Malik

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades!! Well, Y’all knew I wasn’t going to remain quiet about this topic for too much longer!! Hopefully this summer and fall you were able to read my essay entitled: LET OUR PEOPLE GO!! That was my first warning shot! Now I am about to take the ‘Gloves’ off and just get Raw and Un-Cut like only I can do!! It is Tractor Trailers, Airplanes, and Boats that bring in the LARGEST portion of DRUGS into the United Snakes of Amerikkka and most of us involved in this Anti-Imperialist work do not own any of those things!! So better technology is needed NOT A DAMN WALL!!

What is happening down here in Texas is very upsetting to me because if you look at a Map of Texas you will see that Beeville, Texas—where I am currently Housed at the McConnell Unit, is very close to the Border Regions. I can tell you ALL—THERE IS NOT NO DAMN NATIONAL EMERGENCY GOING ON DOWN HERE!!! WHAT WE HAVE IS A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!! The Governor of Texas—Mr. Gregg Abbott is very STRICT and AUTHORITARIAN in the manner he governs!! Abbott believes in the POLICE STATE AND THE SURVEILLANCE STATE!! SO, I CAN TELL YOU WITH CONFIDENCE—THERE IS NO EMERGENCY NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS!!

THESE BORDER AGENTS AND ICE HAVE BEEN HURTING WIMMIN AND CHILDREN!! What is happening down here and near El Paso at Tornillo is a HORRIBLE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS!! Let me break it down.

These kids who have arrived with their parents and some by themselves from Central America have not been given the same IMMUNIZATION REGIMENS that our children normally receive. So the Border patrol and ICE/DHS have been throwing these kids into crammed atmospheres where Sanitation is extremely poor and Numerous Pathogens Exist!! Now just by the nature of them being children, their Immune Systems are not fully developed from the start! AND THE STATE OF TEXAS, ICE and the Department of Homeland Security led by Kirstjen Nielsen have knowingly been housing these children under cruel and unusual conditions!! These are smart people—but they lack empathy for children who are not White Anglo Saxon Protestants!!! YES, ‘Pall!! There is a Racial Dynamic at play!!




The next move is that we must open the DOORS to these detention facilities to the Media and Health professionals immediately!! Next, we must get these kids out of these disease-ridden environments!!

YOU SEE COMRADES—the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border is of specific interest to me and my Comrades at the IWOC and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement in New York City!! ENDING PRISON SLAVERY is our mission so there is absolutely no way we will ignore the plight of the men, wimmin, and children who seek Asylum in Amerika!!

There is no difference between them and us!!!

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and our Lieutenant Governor in Texas Dan Patrick have mastered the Art of manipulating and pandering to the most Racists Elements of the Amerikan Public!! With a wink and a nod to White Supremacists, these men advocate for a return of Amerikan Society to a time when White Men donned hoods and road horses in-order to terrorize people of color!!! BLACK PEOPLE WHO THROUGH THEIR BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, AND HARD ASS WORK HELPED BUILD THIS GOD–DAMN KOUNTRY!!!


YOU SEE I AM GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH!! I’m not going to cow-tow!! I’m not going to walk around with my eyes down, feet shufflin’, like some Jeffin-Ass House Negro!!!

I AM GOING TO STAND WITH OUR LATINA AND LATINO SISTERS AND BROTHERS!! I’m not going to act like this is not happening and that everything is alright when I KNOW DAMN WELL IT IS NOT ALRIGHT. TRUMP IS PLAYING ALL OF US!!!



Dare to struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!!

End Prison Slavery, In solidarity, Prison conditions



Peace & Blessings Sisters and Brothers!

It is oh so easy for me to target and identify the multiple problems which currently exist inside prison facilities operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice(sic!). However, it is time for me to send out a National Call for Action to Academics, Activists, Community Leaders and Politicians in Texas and BEYOND!

There are glaring disparities in educational opportunities between wimmin and men who have found themselves trapped inside Texas Prisons–FACT!

Texas uses Solitary Confinement now called Restrictive Housing to HIDE the Mentally Ill and punish prisoners who have defined themselves as Jail House Lawyers and Political Activists–FACT!


Texas Corrections Industries exploits Free Prison Labor and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles are complicit in the enslavement of thousands of poor people and minorities!!—FACT!!

TDCJ’s Public Information Officer Jeremy Desel engages in the ART of Deception, Lies, and MISINFORMATION in-order to keep the Public at Large blind to the routine oppression and abuse which occurs daily inside these Slave Kamps and Gulags—FACT!!

Last week we honored and celebrated OUR BEAUTIFUL BROTHER AND FREEDOM FIGHTER–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I SAY TO YOU!! LET US HONOR Dr. King’s memory by engaging in ACTIONS which promote his incredible LEGACY OF LOVE FOR OUR FELLOW HUMYN BEINGS!

And with that said, I am going to offer a couple solutions to the disparity of educational opportunities between wimmin and men inside Texas Prisons–then I am going to open the conversation and dialogue UP TO YOU!!

YES!! YOU reading my words here on or on your e-mail account I want to hear some of your solutions in regard to the various issues I’ve raised today and some that I’ve raised in the past few years that Justin Adkins and I have been doing this WORK.

YOUR OPINION IS VALUABLE!! It means something and truthfully these LEGISLATORS IN TEXAS need to hear your solutions because they have been acting as if ALL IS WELL IN THE LONE STAR STATE OR SHOULD I SAY



Basically, I have two simple solutions and ideas to address the Education disparities inside Texas Prisons.

FIRST, I suggest that TDCJ establish partnerships with Software and Computer Technology Companies which have begun to locate themselves here in wonderful and amazing AUSTIN, TEXAS!! What I would like to see is the Windham school district and these Tech Companies develop an Information Technology CODE Writing Course for WIMMIN housed in facilities located in Gatesville, Texas (Many TDCJ Units in the Area!). I actually got this idea when I read an article in the USA-Today about the Movie–HIDDEN FIGURES. The article was written by Jessica Guynn High-Lights a program by GOOGLE which encourages MINORITIES TO LEARN CODE. GENIUS HAS NO RACE is the Catch Phrase and it resonated with me as I have faced an Overt amount of Racism, Stereotypes, and Discrimination here in the Slave State of Texas. But it is the Administrators who operate these Slave Kamps who perpetuate and create the Intolerant, Bigoted, and Hostile atmosphere which says: “Wimmin don’t deserve equal educational opportunities!”.

My wheels really started turning when I discovered that male prison­ers in California’s San Quentin Prison were being offered the opportunity to learn Code–although I had heard Prison Administrators had sabotaged the effectiveness of the course by blocking access to the internet.

Computer Technology and the skills that go along with it are in high demand right now and they will continue to be in high demand for many years to come. WHY CAN’T THE STATE OF TEXAS START WAKING UP TO THE REALITIES OF THE PRESENT WORLD AND BRING ITS PRISONS OUT OF THE JIM CROW ERA??? Senator Whitmire!! Representative White!! HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

Another move which I feel will level the “playing field” in Texas Prisons is to offer incarcerated wimmin the opportunity to earn their Commercial Drivers License(CDL). I drove Tractor-Trailers for approximately 10 years and I eventually became a Driver Trainer!!

In 1990 I had a female truck driving trainee and she out-performed just about every male trainee I was given that year!! Now you mean to tell me here we are 29 years later and the State of Texas can not hire a qualified womyn to teach our sisters how to drive the Big Trucks?? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH TEXAS???   HELLO LORIE DAVIS!!

These Truck Driving Jobs and Coding Careers pay good money and will most certainly make a decisive dent in the Recidivism Rate. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do have a passion and desire to help all incarcerated people realize their dream of Freedom, Justice, and EQUALITY.

Sisters and Brothers, we need to pressure Texas Legislators to try harder when it comes to educational opportunities for our incarcerated sisters!


Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement; he is a proud member of the Incar­cerated Workers Organizing Committee and the Deputy Chairman of the New African Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter).

Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. You can view his work at or you can also read articles and essays that he regularly writes for the San Francisco Bay View-National Black Newspaper. You can read his articles at: or you can write to Malik directly

End Prison Slavery, In solidarity


“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, and fulfill it or betray it.”

-Frantz Fanon

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades, Sisters, Brothers, and all y’all locked up in these Slave Kamps and Gulags in Texas and BEYOND!! First and foremost, don’t get it twisted y’all!! I ain’t down here in this prison for sellin’ bean pies and Final Calls!! I was a criminal!!

I robbed banks, sold and used drugs, disrespected myself and the ones who loved me the most!! That is about as real as I can be with you!! I don’t have any profound Political Rhetoric to give you right now! The Struggle for our Freedom has reached the Critical Mass Stage!!! We either take this Prison Abolition Movement seriously or we don’t.

I am either the ‘Real Deal’ Holyfield or I am some type of Fake-Ass Snake-oil salesman who is selling folks a ‘Dream’. Ultimately it will be your decision to decide what you will do in order to LIBERATE YOURSELVES!!

Now my Comrade and Friend Jason Renard Walker released an essay in the October 2018 edition of the San Francisco Bay View-National Black News­paper. Some say he stepped over the line. And I say that he is doing exactly what he has been training himself to do, and that is to SERVE THE PEOPLE!!

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, and fulfill it or betray it.” -Frantz Fanon

I am not going to bullshit y’all, I’m going to keep it real in the field!! One time y’all!!! I’m going to shed my intellectual ‘persona’ and just be Brother Malik from the Third Ward of Houston, Texas,—Bro. Malik from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and ‘RED’ that Nigga from West Baltimore, Maryland who smoked coke, robbed banks and got that money by any means necessary!! I AM NOT THAT PERSYN ANYMORE, but I need to be that persyn Right Now so I can communicate with you clearly!

I am 50 years old and I have not heard of the M.O.D. Squad that may have operated clandestinely on the hard and mean streets of Detroit and I am too young to have seen the works in ‘Real Time’ of the Black Liberation Army. However, I did hear of the beautiful jumaat known as—Dar US Salam!!! I heard and SAW the WORK of Imam Jamil Al-Amin as he and a group of dedicated soldiers of Allah(swt)–a dedicated Cadre of SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE ran many a Crack Cocaine dealer away from OUR neighborhoods!! Yes, that did happen in many cities through-the United Snakes of Amerikkka when Free-Way Rick and Harry-0 were un-knowingly working with the Amerikan C.I.A. and delivering GUNS and. Death to OUR PEOPLE!!

In 2019 ain’t nothin changed!! We down here in Texas smokin and sellin this K-2 and Ice like it’s goin out of style and these PIGS who are runnin these prisons are laughing at us like we a bunch of crazed monkeys!! We have an opportunity–right now–to grab some real power for ourselves but we can’t snap out of our stupor to see it!!

I am in close contact with Swift Justice and Kinetik Justice of the Free Alabama Movement and they are focused on the next stage in OUR Prison Abolition Struggle!! They see the power that Florida has given back to former prisoners!! Yes Y’all many ex-cons can now Vote in that RACIST ASS strong-hold known as FLORIDA!!! So when the election for President comes back around in 2020—-we all got a rude awakening for that ORANGE WHITE DUDE who is currently living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!! And for real Y’all, he might not even be the persyn we Vote Out!! It might be Mike Pence!! Because the way things are going right now—Donald Trump may end up being Comrade Malik’s Cellie!! (LoL)

Yeah, it’s real y’all!! Michael Cohen is singing like the Five Heart Beats and everything he sayin ain’t a lie!!! I can promise you that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has a lot more than just Cohen’s testimony up his sleeve!!! I guess it ain’t no fun when the Rabbit got the Gun?

Sisters and brothers!! I see the financial gain to be had by dabbling in the K-2 trade up in these slave kamps!!! And I’ve seen some brothers and ‘others’ be able to take care of their families from up in here!!! BUT JUST LOOK AT THE COST!! It is DESTROYING US!! Literally & Figuritively!! Just look at where we are at!! Kanye West runnin around wearin a damn MAGA HAT!!?? Kareem Hunt, one of the baddest and most talented running backs in the National Football League has lost his cotton-pickin mind!!! How in the Hell do you stand-by and Let one of OUR SistaS get beat-down like that???If Yeah Kareem, you need a reality check!! I know your Momma ain’t taught you to do that!! You need your ass kicked-=–for REAL!

My brother in struggle here at McConnell Unit–Abdur Razzaq recently had this to say:

“To sum it up Malik, Comrade Fred Hampton said it all when he said: “We got to FIX US!” But in our HOODS they NOT tryna hear it because of what is being put out there in the Music, on the Internet and the TV. We wake them up by getting them off the Meds and the Drugs that got them SLEEP and this TRASH ASS MUSIC!!”–end of quote

He continued and said: ” I Love this mantra you use ‘Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win’!, but what about ‘Dare to be Different?’ or ‘Dare to Call your people out!’

Especially when we see those exploiting our youth because in actuality, these are their HEROES and not the Revolutionary!” end of quote

So what can I say y’all?? I ain’t gonna preach to you!!

I really LOVE Y’ALL!! And if you can’t see that then you really ain’t been hearing or listening to me for the past 6 years that I been writing for the Bay View and the nearly 5 years that justin adkins and I been doing our thang on

Some of y’all are reading this and saying: “Damn, Bro. Malik ain’t never write like this before. Well, things are changin’ Pardner!

Amani Sawari and I as well as a new generation of Anarchists, Socialists, and New Afrikan/Black freedom fighters are committed to reaching a broader and more diverse audience!! So every now and then, we gonna shake things up a bit so y’all can go back to the Barber Shop or the Beauty Salon and ‘Chop it up’ ‘Kick it’ with each-other and just talk about the State of the Black Community in Amerika!!

I want to provoke you to think a little deeply about how your actions and the choices you are making are affecting us!!

“You better check your-self before you wreck your-self because Shot-Gun bullets are bad for your HEALTH!!” -Ice Cube

Think about how your actions may be impacting the SURVIVAL OF OUR PEOPLE on a grand scale!!

As the Legendary Rapper Ice Cube says:

” You better check your-self before you wreck your-self because Shot-Gun bullets are bad for your HEALTH!!”

E.J. Bradford, LaQuan McDonald, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner!!!

These people been trying to destroy us for over 400 years, right here in Amerikkka!!! IF WE DON’T START LOVING OURSELVES, THEN WHO WILL???!

Can you hear me KANYE WEST?? Do you hear me Ava Duvernay?? Do you hear me Ryan Coogler?? Do you hear me Alicia Garza and Patrisse Khan Cullors?? This PRISON ABOLITION Movement is Real!! The Struggle to END PRISON SLAVERY IN AMERIKA IS REAL!! Y’all can’t ignore me or Kwame Shakur, or the Free Alabama Movement or the IWOC forever!!!

WE NEED Y’ALL so very badly!! Oprah Winfrey!! Michelle Obama!! DON’T ALLOW US TO DIE OR BE RELEGATED TO INSIGNIFICANCE!!!

BLACK LIVES DO MATTER!!! Even the lives of those trapped in CAGES!!

You!!!   You Reading this today—you have someone you Love trapped inside one of these Prisons and Jails in Amerika!! You may have a relative who is trapped at the child prison in Tornillo, TEXAS!! WE CAN-NOT TURN OUR BACK ON THESE IMMIGRANTS SEEKING A BETTER LIFE!! It’s time to WAKE UP!!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!


In solidarity, Prison conditions


By Comrade Malik
deputy chairman
New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter)

Peace and Blessings to all of my Comrades throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada!!  I send out a clenched fist salute and an Anti-Fascist ‘HELL YEAH’ to Turning the Tide our comrades in Anti-Racist-Action-Los Angeles.

Miguel Flores and his mother, Paulina Gracia

Alright, by now some of you may have heard that my comrades and I have been trying to convince the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (sic!) to approve a Contact Visit between Miguel Flores, a prisoner housed here in Ad-Seg with me at the McConnell Unit and his mom—Paulina Gracia who has an aggressive form of leukemia!!  Miguel’s mom has CANCER and the prognosis isn’t good.

At this time I’d like to give all of you a few more details so that you can understand exactly why I got involved in the first place.  Paulina is in her early 60’s, she is weighing about 75 pounds right now.  The Doctors have installed a medi-port in Paulina’s chest up by her clavicle.  The purpose is so that they can administer pain medications, chemo-drugs, as well as antibiotics.  Paulina is very weak and has been making regular visits to the hospital.

For those of you who didn’t know, I lost my mother around 8 years ago right around this time of year—it hurts very much to lose your mom when you are trapped inside one of these slave kamps and gulags.  AS a humyn being and a son you really want the chance to hug your mom and tell her how much you LOVE her and APPRECIATE all she has done for you!!  I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO DO THAT!!

I don’t speak about this or my personal life very much because these are painful memories.  These are memories which I have sought to suppress!  It is memories such as these that have led many of us housed in Solitary Confinement in Amerikkka to engage in Self-Harm and other Self Destructive behaviors.  Helping Miguel and Paulina is therapeutic for me!!  To see them be united—even if just for an Hour or Two is a worthy cause.  It helps me work through my own grief—SO THIS IS PERSONAL COMRADES!!  Miguel and I have become friends and even Comrades as I’ve been able to awaken something inside of him that he didn’t even know existed!!  Revolutionaries are not Borm they are MADE!!  Can y’all dig that??  Miguel wants to learn how to be an Abolitionist and a Servant of the People!!  Comrades, in reality, we should not have to force Texas Prison officials to show some compassion and empathy toward Miguel and Paulina but that is all these oppressors understand!!  SO WE GONNA HAVE TO SHOW THEM THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE!!

My close comrade and friend—Julie Schneyer of Blue Ridge ABC, Marisa Evans of Pittsburgh ABC, and Sloan Rucker the Free-World Media Rep and spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas-Movement as well as a wide range of Anarchist, New Afrikans, and Freedom Fighters all across the Nation have begun to organize a Campaign which seeks to FORCE THESE OPPRESSORS to allow Miguel and Paulina an opportunity to HUG each other, maybe cry together, and just ‘BE’.  Is anything I am saying making any sense to you??  This may be their last opportunity to touch one another!!  You know Comrades, the World has gone ALL WRONG DOWN HERE IN TEXAS!!  Donald Trump and Mattis told everybody that the Violent Caravan Mob was invading from the South—and thus far all we have seen are wimmin and children being GASSED and 7-year-old little girls from Guatemala wind up DEAD in the Custody of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security!!  I’ve already shared my strategy with Comrade Julie, Marisa, and Sloan who has been visiting me regularly—BUT WE NEED MORE HELP PLEASE!!  I keep telling folks that it is going to take way more than just throwing Money at the problem, WE MUST GET INVOLVED!!!

It is going to take a BIG ASS COLLECTIVE EFFORT in order to reach the Governor of Texas as well as Texas Legislators and Media Correspondents!  There is Power in the people!!  SI SE PUEDE!!  (Yes We Can).

I believe in all of you, and I think y’all believe in me, SO LET’S JOIN TOGETHER AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!!

Some Key contacts for you to get at!!

  1. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott

Email:     (there is an “underline” mark between agency & constituent)

  1. TDCJ-Executive Director—Bryan Collier


Phone:  (936)295-6371

  1. TDCJ-Public Information Officer—Jeremy Desel


Phone: (936)437-6055

WE DESPERATELY NEED MEDIA COVERAGE AND IT WILL HELP US IF YOU WILL CONTACT—Staff Reporter Keri Blakinger of the Houston Chronicle and ask her to cover this STORY!  Her phone# (713)362-7559.

Miguel Flores TDC #2084651 is housed here at the McConnell-Restrictive Housing Unit in Beeville, Texas and his mom Paulina Gracia lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Your phone calls and emails made on their behalf are greatly appreciated—like I said, this is going to take a Massive Collective Response—-Comrade Malik in Texas”

End Prison Slavery, In solidarity, Music, Prison conditions


by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Peace & Blessings Sisters and Brothers! I’m Back!! Well actually I never left. I have a provocative topic to discuss with all of you today and if possible I would like some feed back for a change.

How many of you have heard Pro-Gun and Pro-National Rifle Association folks say: “The best way to stop a “bad guy” with a gun is a Good Guy with a Gun!!”

Well, I want you to try an experiment with me. I want you to close your eyes and picture a handsome, Blond haired, Blue-eyed, white male. He has a white T-shirt on with the words USA#1 and he has a pair of blue-jeans on with a Gun holstered to his belt!

Now place that guy–that image you just created and place him to the side–don’t erase him–keep your eyes closed and try to concentrate.

Now picture a handsome, dark-skinned black male. His hair is neatly braided in corn-rows, he has brown eyes and is clean shaven. He has a black T-shirt on that says: #BLACK LIVES MATTER! He has on a pair of blue-jeans with a Gun holstered to his belt!

Now with your ‘Minds-Eye’ place both these images that you have created next to each other and look at them good!

How do you feel? Which one is the ‘Bad-Guy’?? Be honest! Let me ask you something: Do you think our Subjective Feelings are reliable when making such determinations without any further info? I mean do humyn beings have the ‘Gift’ of just being able to look at a person and assess the ‘Threat’ that person poses to our safety and security??

Now it is time to talk about E.J. Bradford in Hoover, Alabama!! E.J. was an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the U.S. Army. He was a BLACK Man with a conceal carry gun permit, a man who LOVED PEOPLE! A man who wanted to protect people but he was murdered by Hoover Police who mistook him for the ‘Bad-Guy’! In reality E.J. Bradford was the GOOD GUY! But now he is DEAD!! Why is that??

The Mayor of Hoover, Alabama prematurely announced to all that would listen, that E.J. was the ‘Bad-Guy’ that his courageous officers had killed!! I mean “He ‘looked’ like the ‘Bad-Guy’ to the Cops didn’t he???” A Black Guy with a gun must be a threat Right?? WRONG!!! Do Black Lives Really Matter in Amerika??

In Amerika–Racism is Real!! In our Law Enforcement Agencies from the very Top at the F.B.I. all the way down to the Local Cop in
‘Mayberry-USA’ Racist attitudes and negative perceptions of Black Males and ‘Arab Looking’ males Like Me is a SYSTEMIC PROBLEM!
Why the hesitation in releasing the VIDEO in Hoover, Alabama??

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation can make a copy to share with the public folks!! RELEASE THE DAMN VIDEO!
Let US determine with our own eyes what Police saw which prompted them to Murder E.J. Bradford in cold blood! But y’all won’t let us see it, will you?? No, you won’t!!

It’s not just racism that we are confronted with, it is the Culture of the COVER-UP within the Fraternal Order of Police as well as inside Prisons and Jails throughout the United Snakes of Amerikkka! They Close Ranks and Erect a Blue-Wall of Silence when they have taken Black Lives or even Australian Lives!!
OH HOW QUICKLY WE HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT JUSTINE!! Justine in Minneapolis, Minnesota killed by a cop in her pajamas!!
The Police Commissioner and the Mayor screams: WE DON’T DO THAT!!

OH! You don’t do that?? Ok, then tell me why those cops in Chicago, Illinois are on Trial Right Now??! The cop–Van-dyke murdered Laquan McDonald!! His colleagues LIED, FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS, and Tampered with Evidence all in an effort to cover-up the Murder of LaQuan!! But Y’all don’t do that!!? ARE WE ALL STUPID? NO, WE ARE NOT! These are not isolated incidents sisters and brothers. There is a pervasive and systemic problem that exists! It’s down here in TEXAS! It’s Right Here in the Prison I am at Right Now! I see it in the eyes of the Warden, in the way, the Parole Board Continues to Deny my Release–year after year after year! I’ve been kept in solitary, denied programming, given fabricated and bogus disciplinary infractions, baited into physical and verbal confrontations, housed with neo-nazis and white supremacists–with the hope I’d get into a Fight–so I can be LABELED-VIOLENT, BLACK, AND MILITANT!!

I mean I fit the ‘Profile’ don’t I?? Large Beard, Olive Skin, Dark eyes, heavy eyebrows, the ‘Classic’ Middle-Eastern Look! He must be a ‘Terrorist’! The narrow-minded thinking of TDCJ employees!

In order to STOP THE HATE, we must as a Nation as a People start looking deeper at humyn beings!! Did Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary look like a ‘Threat’? What about Ian David Long in Thousand Oaks?
What about this Fields Character who murdered the beautiful Freedom Fi2hter Heather HPY?K7 Seems we keep missing something!!

Last year the F.B.I. created this Black Identity Extremist designation!! How many of these ‘so-called’ B.I.E.’s have you seen involved in Mass Shootings here in Amerika?? Like I said, it all starts at the top!! It’s time to ask some thought-provoking questions and we must demand answers. For instance: “What type of ‘Images’ does the F.B.I. use in Quantico, Virginia when they train Law Enforcement Officers how they should respond to ACTIVE SHOOTERS?? Oh! Another ‘Secret’ huh? YOU FOLKS CONSPIRED TO SHUT ME UP, BUT I’M NOT GOING AWAY! and guess what?? I’M NOT BY MYSELF ANYMORE!! There are Tens of Thousands of us who are tired of the Stereotypes and the False Narratives!! Since when was it accepted to pummel wimmin and kids with TEAR GAS79?If ONLY IN TRUMP’S AMERIKKKA!! I just have one thing to say: SEE YA IN 2020 Donald!!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!