We are Far From Being Clueless!!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Assistant editor San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper

On July 4th, 2020, U.S. President Donald J. Trump made the false accusation that Anarchists, Marxists, Black Lives Matter Activists and others who fight for social justice causes and Racial Equality in Amerika are Clueless. I now speak directly to President Trump and his bigoted buddy Steven Miller.

When your hate speech motivated a white man to murder innocent worshippers at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. WE WERE NOT CLUELESS!!

When you ordered ICE and the Department of Homeland Security to hunt down undocumented workers like they were dogs, when you caged their children and destroyed our families: WE WERE NOT CLUELESS!

When you launched a Nation-wide hate campaign against the LGBTQ community and when our Transgender Sisters of Color were murdered in the streets. WE WERE NOT CLUELESS!

When you ordered U.S. soldiers to attack peaceful protesters so you could pontificate and pander to your base. WE WERE NOT CLUELESS!!

And when you continued to ignore the humanity of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Elijah McClain–when you lied about this deadly pandemic which is ravaging our people; WE CERTAINLY WERE NOT CLUELESS!


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Comrade Malik Speaks: I see what’s going on—Do You?? (The Bigger Picture!)

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Revolutionary Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

“All that you touch you Change.  All that you Change–Changes You.
 The only lasting truth is Change.”

Octavia Butler
(Parable of the Sower)

I can see clearly that President Donald J. Trump is attempting to foment a Race War here inside the United States of Amerika.  Last week when the topic was John Bolton’s new ‘Tell All’ book—Trump re-tweeted a video of a Black Man punching a White Humyn being in the face.  Now, why would the President of the United Snakes of Amerika do that??  Hmmmm.
This week the Hot Topic is the Russian Military Intelligence arm–the GRU, placing a bounty on the heads of U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan.  The twist in this claim is that Russian Intelligence Officers were recruiting Taliban Soldiers to carry out the assassinations.  Does anyone remember Congressman Charlie Wilson and the C.I.A.’s clandestine operation during the Russian occupation and War in Afghanistan in the 1980’s??(Guess I’m showing my Age!!)(LoL)
For those of us familiar with covert actions, we call these operations perpetrated by the GRU and the C.I.A. as FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS.  While all this was playing out on CNN and Fox news this weekend, Trump retweeted a Trump Rally where his white supporters screamed ‘WHITE POWER’ and other profanity laced expletives.
These divide and rule tactics as well as the elementary diversionary strategies utilized by Donald Trump and his staff are easy to see through for those whose eyes and ears are open.  Nevertheless, Trump’s actions which are supported, sanctioned, and condoned by his administration has a dangerous effect on OUR SAFETY.
Let me be clear about something.   When I say “OUR SAFETY”  I am talking about ALL of Us who are not Trump supporters.   White, Black, Asian, Arab, First Nation, and Latinx humyn beings who see this Bigot for who and what he is.
Sisters and brothers, if I am being an Alarmist—please–Call me out!  Admonish and confront me!!  Tell me I am wrong.  However, I really do not think I am wrong.  Please hear me out.
Police officers in Wilmington, North Carolina are caught on audio–tape referring to black people as (the N-Word).  The officers were heard speaking about the necessity of a Race War here in Amerika.  This is not something I am making up, this is real.   The officers (who were recently Fired) claimed that their comments were brought about by the current geo-political climate and civil unrest which was the result of the Minneapolis Police Department murdering George Floyd.  
Lets analyze this closer and let me ask all of you a question.  “If we had a U.S. president who spoke about Love, Healing, and Reconciliation between all Races instead of fanning and stoking the flames of racial hatred, would police in Amerika be talking openly about a Race War??  Think about that for a minute!  These former Police Officers felt comfortable—Why is that?  They felt protected and insulated.   QUALIFIED IMMUNITY IS ONE HELL OF A PROTECTION FOR THE POLICE MY FRIENDS!
Sisters and Brothers, I believe in the People’s Right to Self Defense.  It actually is a Humyn Right that my comrade Michael Novick believes in also. However, like Michael and many of my comrades and friends,  I DO NOT ENDORSE WAR AND I DO NOT PROMOTE VIOLENCE.  I stand against War with Russia.   I stand against War with China.  I stand against War with Iran and Venezuela and I most certainly will not ever support a War against White Sisters and Brothers who stand with me in order to confront Racism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism!!   We have to remember the words of our sister in Struggle Assata Shakur and never allow our enemies to tell us who are enemies or who are friends are!!!!   IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!!   In November 2020 we have to get rid of the Orange Man and his racist entourage.    
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win,  All power to the People!!    ALL OF US!!!


Western District of #Louisiana Ignores Humanity of Federal Prisoners at FCI Oakdale

Originally published on Enough 14. Written by Keith “Malik” Washington.

On April 22nd, 2020, there were two very important court decisions released by two separate jurisdictions that directly affect federal prisoners who have been impacted by COVID-19.

This article highlights the disparity in the type of justice meted out to prisoners who seek relief in the federal courts. Sometimes, as in this case, the relief sought could be the difference between life and death.

FCI Elkton is a low-security federal prison located in the Northern District of Ohio.

FCI Oakdale is a low-security federal prison located in the Western District of Louisiana.

At both locations, prisoners have brought federal suits pleading to be released to home confinement in order to escape the spread of the deadly coronavirus, which has ravaged both prisoners and staff at both prisons.

The prisoners seeking relief are mostly elderly and infirm. These prisoners have been deemed the most vulnerable and most likely to be infected by the deadly COVID-19 virus.

FCI Elkton has experienced six deaths from COVID-19. There have been approximately sixty confirmed cases of prisoners with the virus and approximately fifty staff members who have contracted the virus.

FCI Oakdale has experienced approximately ten deaths. It has been reported that approximately sixty prisoners have been infected, but there has been much less transparency at FCI Oakdale than at FCI Elkton, and many feel as if the Bureau of Prisons is obscuring the details in order to downplay the seriousness of the situation at FCI Oakdale.

The 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides protections to U.S. citizens from being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

There are also provisions in the U.S. Constitution which prohibit deliberate indifference to the health, welfare, safety, and medical needs of prisoners.

The federal court in Ohio ruled in favor of the prisoners at FCI Elkton and ordered the Federal Bureau of Prisons to begin releasing the elderly and inform to home confinement.

The federal court in Louisiana ruled against the prisoners at FCI Oakdale. The presiding judge seemed to admonish the prisoner plaintiffs by stating that the court would not become a “super warden” and that the BOP has the authority to act.

My question is this: What happens when we see prisoners dying and the BOP doesn’t act? Is that not a time when the federal courts should intervene in order to preserve and save lives? Apparently, the federal courts in Louisiana have ignored the humanity of federal prisoners.

In my reporting, I often interject my emotions into the pieces that I write. As a prisoner myself, I am able to empathize with the plight of the prisoner who yearns to be treated humanely.

At this point, I want to set aside my emotions and direct your attention to some quotes from members of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Specifically, I am focusing on officials from the Western District of Louisiana, the very district that has blatantly ignored the human and civil rights of federal prisoners housed at FCI Oakdale.

In the April 2020 edition of the Prison Legal News, staff writer Bill Burton wrote an article entitled, “Former Captain at Louisiana Private Prison Sentenced for Conspiracy to Violate Ban on Cruel and Unusual Punishment.” It is a short but enlightening piece of journalism that I highly recommend you read.

The Defendants in this case highlighted by Mr. Burton were correctional officers. The officers took a group of prisoners to a secluded location at the private prison where there were no surveillance cameras. The officers then forced the prisoners to kneel, place their hands behind their backs, and then the prisoners were handcuffed. The officers then proceeded to ask the prisoners if they were gang members. When a prisoner said, “No,” the public servants sprayed the prisoners directly in their eyes with pepper spray.

All five correctional officers who were defendants in the case wrote false reports in order to hide their complicity in the heinous act.

These prisoners survived, and the court ruled that there was a conspiracy to violate the ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

I want to remind you that federal prisoners at FCI Oakdale are dying. They are dying because the Federal BOP does not have a workable strategy to combat COVID-19 at FCI Oakdale.


This is how we must combat this virus. Wouldn’t you think that the court in Louisiana would acknowledge that the loss of life at FCI Oakdale illuminates a blatant failure to protect? Or triggers a violation of cruel and unusual punishment?

Here are some quotes from Louisiana U.S. Attorney David C. Joseph and Assistant Attorney Eric Dreiband in response to the pepper spray case that was brought against the officers at this Louisiana private prison.

U.S. Attorney David C. Joseph said, “The defendant in this case ignored his role as a caretaker for prisoners [my emphasis] and violated the rights of those he was sworn to protect. My office is committed to upholding the laws of our land and the rights of all.”

Dying from COVID-19 is a lot more serious than getting pepper sprayed in your eyes. It would seem that U.S. Attorney Joseph forgot that the federal prisoners at FCI Oakdale are human beings.

However, there is more! Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband had this to add: “This blatant abuse of power will not be tolerated by the Department of Justice. Today’s sentencing demonstrates the commitment of the Civil Rights Division to vigorously prosecute those who inflict cruel and unusual punishment against inmates under their care.” (June 5th, 2019.)

This comes from the Western District of Louisiana, the same exact jurisdiction that has oversight of FCI Oakdale! I must ask the Civil Rights Division, “What happened to your commitment?” Did it weaken when the violators of constitutional rights were Department of Justice employees?

IT is contradictions like this which clearly show that there is very integrity or equality at the U.S. Department of Justice.

I continue to advocate zealously for the release of all prisoners housed at FCI Oakdale, but especially the elderly and infirm, those who are most vulnerable to being infected by the coronavirus.

I include here the case citings for the pepper spray case as well as the cites for the FCI Elkton and FCI Oakdale civil actions.

  1. Pepper spray case:

United States v. Douglas, U.S. D.C. (W.D. LA)

Case No. 3:18-cr-00085-01

  1. FCI Elkton case:

Wilson v. Williams 2020 U.S. Dist. Court

Lexis 70674 (N.D. – Ohio) April 22, 2020

  1. FCI Oakdale case:

Livas v. Myers 2020U U.S. Dist. Court

Lexis 71323 (W.D. LA) April 22, 2020

As a proud and dedicated member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC), I am determined to amplify the struggles of all oppressed human beings.

It is important that I remind you that the struggle for prisoner human rights as well as prison abolition will not succeed without your support for us. Share this essay far and wide.

Solidarity forever,

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Keith “Malik” Washington is assistant editor of the Bay View, studying and preparing to serve as editor after his release in September 2020. He is also co-founder and chief spokesperson for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and an activist in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign and Liberate the Caged Voices. Visit his website at ComradeMalik.com. Send our brother some love and light: Keith “Malik” Washington, 34481-037, USP Pollock, P.O. Box 2099, Pollock LA 71467.


Covid-19 Update (4/7/20)—(FREE OUR ELDERS NOW!)

USP Pollock—by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades! Today is Tuesday, April 7th, 2020. This morning the entire prison population here at USP Pollock was screened for Covid-19 and issued protective Masks! The Registered Nurse who was part of the screening team was named Pennison. I asked Mr. Pennison Two Important questions:

#1.) Are there any Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 on the entire Federal Correctional Complex here at Pollock?
He answered: “No”

#2.) Have there been any Suspected Cases of Covid-19 on the Complex??
His answer was: “Yes, but they have been ruled out.” end of quote
Be advised that this morning a prisoner on my Housing Unit claimed to have Covid-19 symptoms! He has been placed in quarantine. Please Pray for the Best!

The Fcc-complex at Pollock includes a Satelite Camp, a Medium Facility and a U.S. Penitentiary where I am currently Housed.
Thus far I attribute USP Pollock’s Corona Virus Free status to the thorough Screening and Agressive Protective Measures implemented by the Complex Warden here at Pollock, his name is Chris McConnell.
I spoke with Warden McConnell on April 2nd, 2020 and was able to conduct an informal interview here on my housing unit B-2 here at USP Pollock.
The informal interview was directly related to the Bureau of Prisons response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I will share the questions and Warden McConnell’s responses to my questions.

Question: I asked Warden McConnell would he have his Medical Staff conduct screening of prisoners at USP Pollock Again for Covid-19??
Answer: Warden McConnell said that screening was being planned for all prisoners at USP Pollock.
Note: As I reported at the beginning of this report–on April 7th. 2020 All Prisoners here at USP Pollock have been screened for Covid-19 and issued a Protective Mask to wear.
All B.O.P. employees are screened for Covid-19 symptomes everyday before entering the FCC-Complex at Pollock. These measures along with increased cleaning and sanitizing by the prison population have proven to be effective–thus far.

It is my suggestion that the Protocols initiated by Warden McConnell be followed and exercised throughout the B.O.P.

Question: I asked Warden McConnell would he consider having B.O.P. Correctional Officers stay on Prison Complex Property rather than leaving daily to return to their homes during Louisiana’s Statewide Lockdown??
Answer: Warden McConnell said that the B.O.P. has made provisions for this very real possibility–should the conditions deteriorate and those actions be necessary for the safety and health of all B.O.P. employees and prisoners.

Question: Lastly, I asked Warden McConnell that since I am a older prisoner who is nearing release, would the B.O.P. consider me for early release to Home Confinement in San Francisco.
Answer: Warden Mcconnell stated that the B.O.P. is not looking to release any High Security prisoners in the United States. He further explained that the B.O.P. is only considering prisoners who are Low Security and Low risk.

I found Warden McConnell to be straight forward and candid during this informal interview. He said he was familiar with the Journalism and Activism of the infamous “Comrade Malik”.
Sisters and brothers, in lightof the information provided to us by complex warden Chris McConnell I Must take this opportunity to issue a National Call for Action!!! Now!!!
I want all of you to consider the lives of our long suffering elderly and infirm Freeom Fighters and Servants of the People who have languished in these Federal and State Prisons for Decades!!
Many of our respected elders are still housed at High Security Facilities despite excellent behavior and clear disciplinary records. They are extremely vulnerable to contracting the Coronal virus!!
WE MUST DEMAND —the U.S. Congress as well as the U.S. Attorney General William Barr create some Flexibility and include Language in the Law (The CARES ACT) that will allow the immediate release of our elder and infirm comrades!!!
These elderly and vulnerable prisoners don’t have to die from Covid -19 while in Federal or State custody!
THEY MUST BE FREED NOW!!! Help Me do this!!
Remember! May 7th is Approaching Fast!!
Sundiata Acoloi, Leonard Peltier, Imam Jamil Al-Amin, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Veronzo Bowers, Larry Hoover, and Jeffrey Fort aka King Malik!
These are just a few of the Elders in Federal Prison whom I am requesting your help with Freeing. There are numerous prisoners trapped in State Prisons across the Nation who deserve our support!!
Jalil Muntaqim, and David Gilbert both in New York!
Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, Ruchell ‘Cinque’ Magee, Bobby Dixon, Chip Fitzgerald, Michael Zaharibu Dorrough, and James Baridi Williamson—-ALL OF THEM IN CALIFORNIA!!
Kenny ‘Zulu’ Whitmore in Louisiana!!
and last but certainly not least our shining Princes—MUMIA ABU JAMAL AN RUSSELL “MAROON’ SHOATZ BOTH IN PENNSYLVANIA!!
SISTERS AND BROTHERS!! We Must fight hard for the Freedom, Health, and the Lives of our Incarcerated Elders Now!! On May 7th we must Add this Demand to our North Carolina Grievance Campaign BUT WE CAN’T WAIT TO ACT!!! THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW NOT TOMORROW!!!
As the Future Editor of the San Francisco Bay View–National Black Newspaper, this is the type of Advocacy you can expect from our News Paper and Me!! I am only following the instructions of Dr. Willie Ratcliff our Publisher who has told me to do the following and I quote him: “FREE THE PRISONERS, HOUSE THE HOMELESS!! STOP THE WARS! SAVE THE PLANET! and LOVE THE CHILDREN!!” I can’t do this by myself!! ANARCHISTS OF THE WORLD THIS IS OUR TIME TO RISE!!
Dare to Struggle, Dare to win, All Power to the People!!!!!!! I LOVE Y’ALL!!


URGENT UPDATE: #COVID-19 Test Kits Needed for Federal Bureau of Prisons–NOW! – Screening is Not Actual Testing!

Originally posted on Enough 14.
Written by Keith “Malik” Washington

USA. March 25, 2020. Recently I have reported on the desperate need for Covid-19 Test Kits to be provided for employees and prisoners who Work and whom are housed in Facilities operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Since that report, I have engaged in some Investigative Journalism and discovered that Prison Administrators at the Federal Correctional Complex at Pollock, Louisiana have ordered SCREENING for ALL Federal Employees entering the Federal Prison Complex at Pollock daily but because of a Shortage of Covid–19 Test Kits, the B.O.P. employees ARE NOT being Tested!

Screening consists of Medical Personnel seeking to discover whether B.O.P. employees entering the Prison Complex are exhibiting the symptoms connected with Corona-virus Infection. Symptoms such as High Fever or Dry Cough. However, there is a growing body of evidence which clearly shows that many Transmitters of Covid-19 are ASYMPTOMATIC and the only way to determine whether or not a human being has been infected is through ACTUAL COVID–19 TESTING.

However, I repeat–there are No Covid–19 Test Kits Here at USP Pollock and this comes from employees who work in the Medical Department Here at USP Pollock.

Thus far, most of my fellow prisoners here at USP Pollock are Healthy. Our greatest concern is whether or not the Federal Correctional Officers who work here and come and go daily, will also stay healthy.


The construction of most Modern Federal United States Penitentiaries resembles a Sealed Concrete Cell Block Building. We have a Central HVAC System which connects to All Individual Cells in the Building. IF JUST ONE PRISONER OR GUARD BECOMES INFECTED WITH THE CORONA VIRUS IT CAN CREATE A DIRE SITUATION.
The Covid–19 Virus by its nature is an Airborne Pathogen that can be easily transmitted by the HVAC System here at USP Pollock and many similarly constructed Federal Facilities across the United States.

WE CAN-NOT OPEN OUR WINDOWS FOR FRESH AIR! We are virtually trapped in a potential DEATH TRAP and that is exactly why I have raised the Alarm and pleaded with the General Public to Demand the White House and the U.S. Department of Justice provide the following:

#1.) Covid–19 Test Kits for B.O.P. employees and the prisoners housed in B.O.P. facilities
#2.) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-which includes: Masks, Gloves, and possibly even Ventilators when needed!
#3.) The Federal B.O.P. and the Department of Justice must start to Consider Releasing Prisoners who are within a Year of finishing their sentences and who have significant support in Free Society.

I happen to be one of those prisoners who have very little time left on their sentence and I also have a Large Community of Supporters who are willing to aid me in my SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION BACK INTO FREE SOCIETY.
Lastly, I leave you with these thoughts to ponder and reflect upon. As Assistant Editor of the San Francisco Bay View-National Black Newspaper, I seek to amplify the voices of all Black and Oppressed human beings. I strive to provide context and texture to the Black Experience and as a Journalist I continue to achieve Black Excellence.
Our current Editor–Mary Ratcliff is 81 years old and her loving husband our Publisher Dr. Willie Ratcliff is 85 years old.

Both Mary and Willie represent one of the most vulnerable categories of people who could become infected with the deadly Corona Virus.

Good intentions will not help save the San Francisco Bay View. Right now we are in dire need of Financial Donations so that we can pay the Printer of our Newspaper as well as keep the lights on and pay the rent for Mary and Willie who are on a fixed income.


Please take a moment to contact our dedicated Editor Mary Ratcliff directly at (415) 671-0789, e-mail her at: editor@sfbayview.com or you can send us a Donation directly via U.S. Mail:

San Francisco Bay View
National Black Newspaper
Attn: Mary Ratcliff—Editor
4917 Third St.
San Francisco. CA 94124

I thank you in advance for your generous donations. PLEASE HELP US SAVE THE BAY VIEW!!
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!!


Normalizing death inside Texas prisons

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, Chief Spokesperson, End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

originally published in San Francisco Bay View 1/30/20

“The media’s double standards about showing corpses is a clear illustration of the brutal necropolitics to which so many black, Muslim, indigenous, colonized and refugee lives are subjugated – that is, under the threat of, and in proximity to, death and disposal. As the first scholar to use the term, Achille Mbembe stressed that necropolitics does not reside only in the exercise of sovereignty via the power to kill, but the power to organize others’ lives so that they are perpetually exposed to death, or experience a living death of slavery, imprisonment and segregation.” – from Natasha Lennard, “Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life,” pg. 102

The intentional murder, suicide or even “accidental” death of Texas prisoners has now reached the point of an out-of-control epidemic.

Comrade Malik has dedicated this essay to the memory of Atatiana Jefferson, a beautiful, loving and intelligent Black woman who was murdered in cold blood in her home by a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas. The neighbor who called the police to check on her safety deeply regrets making the call. And both her parents, first her father and recently her mother, have died of broken hearts since she was killed for no reason whatsoever in October.

Long-held Texas prisoner and highly respected jailhouse lawyer Michael “Basir” Lane states that in the year of 2019, approximately 15 human beings died at the H.H. Coffield Unit in Tennessee Colony, the largest state prison in Texas.

It is ironic that in the year of 2019, Texas Rep. Jarvis Johnson, a Democrat from Houston, Texas, fought passionately for a piece of legislation which would have created independent oversight for this morally bankrupt agency known as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

I began this essay with a remarkable quote from scholar, activist and author Natasha Lennard. Ms. Lennard uses the term “necropolitics.” In the state of Texas, necropolitics, the politics of death, has been perfected and organized by a cadre of willing conspirators.

It is important for you to know that the necropolitics, the normalization of death inside Texas prisons, is not something that has just recently happened. On the contrary, this is how Texas does business.

This is not an attack on party affiliation, because both the Democrats and Republicans in Texas have been willing participants in this organized scheme to liquidate and exterminate those who have been deemed unworthy of our compassion.

As I said, this scheme is very organized, and it has “actors.” People who hold the most respected and highest stations in Texas have aided in the proliferation and cover-up of these horrible violations of human rights.

Exposing the actors

I arrived in the H.H. Coffield Unit in September of 2015, and I had already rung the alarm that prisoner deaths were being orchestrated and covered up inside Texas prisons. It was actually the work and activism of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson which got my attention and made me realize that this normalization of death inside Texas prisons was being condoned, protected and promoted at the highest level of the Texas state government.

In 2013, the Texas attorney general was Gregg Abbott, who has since become the governor. Rashid had been purposely brought to Texas by Abbott’s office, and Abbott then conspired with TDCJ and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to have Rashid housed at the Bill Clements High Security Unit in Amarillo, Texas.

Right away, Rashid discovered that placing him at Bill Clements was an attempt by Abbott and then-TDCJ Director Brad Livingston, to kill Rashid and finally silence his revolutionary voice. Rather than become a willing victim, Rashid became a champion of those housed at this death trap, the infamous Clements Unit, located in the “Klan-handle” of Texas.

I remember the names of all the prisoners who died or who were killed by TDCJ employees at the Bill Clements High Security Unit: Theodore Schmerber, Chistopher Woolverton, Arcade Joseph Comeaux, Alton Rodgers and more!

In the state of Texas, necropolitics, the politics of death, has been perfected and organized by a cadre of willing conspirators

Attorney Jesse Quackenbush tried to get some justice for the families of these deceased Texas prisoners, but Jesse was up against the entire corrupt criminal justice system in Texas! We are talking about the judges, district attorneys, and even the coroners and medical examiners – all doing their utmost to downplay and cover up the loss of life at the notorious Bill Clements Unit.

Many people don’t realize how corrupt and sinister this fraternity and sorority of murderous public servants is – they don’t realize how far the tentacles reach. Attorney Jesse Quackenbush would find out.

In 2017, a homeless drunk attacked Jesse Quackenbush’s daughter in the state of Tennessee. Jesse’s daughter was trying to get to her vehicle, but she was blocked by this man who was very angry and obviously deranged. Jesse’s daughter had a gun, she used it in self-defense.

Now, normally white women in the United States of America are given a pass when they use a firearm in self-defense – especially “well-to-do” white women like Jesse Quackenbush’s daughter. However, for some strange reason the Tennessee state attorney sought to charge Jesse’s daughter with attempted murder. Think I’m lying? I highly recommend you do your own research (see for instance https://www.amarillo.com/local-news/news/crime-and-courts/2017-09-12/daughter-local-attorney-jesse-quackenbush-charged).

Texas and Tennessee are part of the Good Ol’ Boys’ network. What we are dealing with here in Amerika is wickedness in high places.

Now, let’s go back to the H.H. Coffield Unit and the Eastern District of Texas. In 2016, while I was housed at the H.H. Coffield Unit, I began a civil lawsuit which alleged that I had become the victim of retaliation for engaging in what the U.S. Supreme Court refers to as protected conduct. The defendants in my civil complaint were all employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

I remember their names: Senior Warden Jeffrey Catue, Mailroom Supervisor Schylece Dorsey, Safe Prisons Sgt. Rhonda Smith, Law Library Supervisor Gaye Karriker, Security Threat Group Sgt. Robert Walker etc.

There were 17 defendants in total. The complaint was assigned to U.S. Magistrate K. Nicole Mitchell. Remember when I said that necropolitics is organized? In 2016, I raised the alarm about deaths at the H.H. Coffield Unit, and the “good” and “honorable” K. Nicole Mitchell ignored everything I said!

It is not just U.S. Magistrate Judge K. Nicole Mitchell who is culpable; now we have a “who’s who” of state employees, as well as members of the media, activist community and legislators who are all willing participants in the normalization of death inside Texas prisons.

Remember Jennifer Erschabek from TIFA (Texas Inmate Families Association)? For years Jennifer had the wool pulled over our eyes! Jennifer was figuratively “in bed” with high-ranking TDCJ prison officials like Bryan Collier. The first time ever that a TDCJ executive director appeared on the iconic Prison Show on KPFT 90.1 FM, Jennifer performed like a well-trained seal at Sea World.

I listened while Jennifer told Bryan Collier how wonderful he was, while refusing to hold him and his murderous colleagues accountable for the numerous prisoner deaths inside Texas prisons! Our “good friend” Jennifer, who charges us an arm and a leg for parole packets. A schemer and violator of the public’s trust. Shame on you!

I have always been critical of TDCJ Correctional Institution Division (CID) Director Lorie Davis. Davis specializes in targeting any prisoner who attempts to exercise their U.S. constitutional right to access the court. The pressure has been mounting for the ouster of Lorie Davis as the director of the TDCJ CID. In 2019, she took a special interest in the H.H. Coffield Unit, where prisoner deaths have become commonplace.

[P]rison in Texas is a microcosm of the “free” society outside

Senior Warden Jeffrey Catoe was relieved of his post. The numerous deaths and suicides on “Catoe’s watch” were cited as the main reason he was relieved.

Comrade Malik also recognizes the heroism of Black lawyers with the courage to represent Blacks against police and prison systems. Lee Merritt, who represents Atatiana Jefferson, was charged with practicing law in Texas without a license. The frivolous charges, brought by a Texas Supreme Court committee, were dismissed in December 2018. – Photo: Fox 4 News

Ms. Schylece Dorsey, mailroom supervisor, was fired by a federal marshall who found Dorsey had been tampering with, as well as obstructing, the legal mail of prisoners housed at Coffield Unit. Most of the security captains who were at Coffield Unit when I was housed there have been demoted or fired.

Nonetheless, the normalization of death at Coffield Unit continues unabated. Sen. John Whitmire, a Democrat from Houston, Texas, as well as his colleague and buddy Sen. Joan Huffman, engage in this ongoing conspiracy to ignore the humanity of Texas prisoners.

All those years of serving on the Texas Senate, and John Whitmire will be leaving soon as a disgraced fool and puppet of the far-right ruling party! That will be your legacy, John! At one time you had me fooled, too, but now I am no longer blind to your hatred of oppressed people.

You folks shouldn’t have sent me to the feds. You should have shipped me to the moon! That way you may have escaped this scathing critique.

Prison slavery in Texas still exists, but one day it will be abolished!

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!


There are many salient and relevant topics and facts that I did not explore in this essay, yet they deserve mentioning. For instance, the police, the DAs, judges and jails have made death an accepted consequence of being a young Black man in Amerikan society. Many Black males have a nihilistic outlook on life, something in the back of our minds constantly reminds us that “death is lurking around the corner” every day we wake up. I can tell you from experience that prison does not keep you safe, nor does it insulate you from this reality.

At any given moment in this environment, your next moment could very well be your last. Death by baton, concussion grenade, bullet or shank! Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Certainly, in Texas prisons, white prisoners are dying and being killed by TDCJ employees. However, a white life does not have the same devalued existence that a Black life has.

Personally, I value all lives and that resonates in my work, but I put more emphasis on Black lives, because it is our lives which get taken with little to no accountability from the law enforcement entities that continually take our lives – FACT.

I have been inspired by, and very interested in, the work of Attorney Brittany K. Barnett and her client Kim Kardashian-West. Kim K. is saving lives. I often wonder, can someone who has a “dirty” background, such as myself, can work closely with someone like Brittany or Kim?

As I nudge closer to the door of freedom, I wonder what I can do for those I leave behind? I wonder.

And finally, I must mention the death that is one’s existence inside administrative segregation, solitary confinement and those places known as “control units.”

In the past, I’ve spoken about my personal experience with social death inside Texas prisons. I spoke of how I was thrown away by the judge, the prosecutor and by society. Texas holds people in ad-seg for literally decades with no opportunity for education or programming unless you agree to debrief, become an informant and attend a Gang Renunciation Program. If you refuse, they bury you for the length of your sentence.

The only reason that Texas paroled me is because I would not stop exposing them! There were no programs or certificates I earned – nothing!

When Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott and Bryan Collier came to the realization that they couldn’t break me, they gave me to the feds, with the hope I’d be a casualty of the super-violent and barbaric federal system. Thus far I’ve survived.

Or perhaps Abbott and Paxton hoped for the Jeffrey Epstein or Whitey Bulger “treatment.” On that note, a last word from writer, activist, and scholar Natasha Lennard (pg. 123 of “Being Numerous”):

“Some suicides are akin to manslaughter. I don’t mean they are criminal. I mean simply that some suicide belongs in that liminal category between the accidental and the intentional. An attempt is made on a life without premeditation – messy and un-meticulous. It is impossible to answer definitively: ‘Did they mean to do it?’”

Inside Texas prisons, “they” do mean it!

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!


This essay is dedicated to the memory of Atatiana Jefferson. Atatiana was a beautiful, loving and intelligent Black woman who was murdered in cold blood in her home by a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas.

On Oct. 12, 2019, white police officer Aaron Dean responded to a call from a neighbor about doors at Atatiana’s home being open.

According to the attorney who is representing Atatiana’s family, she heard a noise while playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew. Body camera footage shows two officers using flashlights to check the perimeter of the house. The police officer Aaron Dean appears to see a figure through a dark window. He quickly turns to his left and shouts, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” Aaron Dean then immediately fires a single shot through the window, killing our beautiful Black Queen Atatiana Jefferson!

I want all of you to clearly understand that prison in Texas is a microcosm of the “free” society outside!

Allow me to clarify what I mean. The lives of poor people, LGBTQ people and Black people have no value to those commissioned to protect and serve! Know this!

We have committed servants of the people like Civil Rights Attorney S. Lee Merritt, who fights hard for the rights of citizens like Atatiana. We should support Lee Merritt!

Instead of supporting the work of S. Lee Merritt, these bigots and racists who sit behind the bench in these U.S. courts do their utmost to ridicule, ostracize and sabotage Merritt’s pursuit of justice for people like us.

There is a hideous culture that exists in Texas, and until we finally recognize and hold men like Aaron Dean accountable, these horrible tragedies will continue to happen! I won’t be silent!

If I sound angry, sisters and brothers – I am!

In 2020, I’m not just calling for an end to prison slavery – I am demanding justice for all Black and oppressed people who reside within the United States of Amerika!

Keith “Malik” Washington is assistant editor of the Bay View, studying and preparing to serve as editor after his release in 2021. He is also co-founder and chief spokesperson for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and an activist in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. Visit his website at ComradeMalik.com. Send our brother some love and light: Keith “Malik” Washington, 34481-037, USP Pollock, P.O. Box 2099, Pollock LA 71467.


U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell  Rigs the Process and Games the System!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington 
In early December 2019 U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky said:
“there’s no chance the President’s going to be removed from Office.”

Mitch McConnell is the U.S. Senate majority leader.

So much for impartiality. I am very familiar with the Criminal Justice System in Amerika. Like many who have been observing the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump I found it strange that no witnesses were allowed and the U.S. Senate would thwart the collection and presentation of evidence which clearly shows that Donald J. Trump has been acting more like a Mafia Boss rather than the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

Donald J. Trump has established a clear pattern of orchestrating attacks against his political opponents – he did it to Hillary Clinton and he repeated it again with Joe Biden.
Am I lying? I think not. Mitch McConnell decided long ago that he would take his chances and throw his support behind President Trump – no matter how convincing the evidence or how heinous the crime.
Donald J. Trump needs “Fixers” and “Dirty Tricksters” and “Bag Men” who will do black jobs and also “Wet Work”. Those are very serious allegations.
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani replaced Roger Stone and Michael Cohen. The President forgot to read the book on Plausible Deniability. You don’t go on national TV and say you don’t know a person and then that person – Lev Parnas produces photos, videos, and documentation which clearly shows that the President of the United States of America continues to fabricate lies.
Perhaps it is alright – the economy is good isn’t it? So we just pretend like it is ok to send very strange individuals to bully and intimidate our U.S. Ambassadors and Diplomats. Something is very wrong here.
However, I am just a struggling journalist and incarcerated activist. My thoughts, opinions, and words don’t carry much weight with Amerikan citizens. With that said, let’s take a look at the words and comments of U.S. Representative Val Demings – a Democrat from California who is a member of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.
Demings said:
“The Constitution requires that after Articles of Impeachment pass the House of Representatives, the President must be given a fair trial in the Senate. Senator Mitch McConnell has promised to sabotage that trial and he must recuse himself. No court in the country would allow a member of the jury to also serve as the accused’s Defense Attorney.”
Nevertheless, U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts doesn’t seem to have a problem with McConnell or the absence of witnesses or the decision to not collect nor pursue relevant leads and evidence!
If you ask me, it is not just Donald J. Trump who should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors.
What truly amazes me is how Hillary Clinton aggressively attacks Bernie Sanders in a recent interview but does not have the same fire and passion in regard to a President whose base continues to chant “Lock her up!”. Does anyone else find that strange?
The Trumps, the Clintons, they both believe that we are all fools – a Tweet here a Tweet there – my re-election is a forgone conclusion thinks Trump. November 2020 will be here much sooner than y ou think and then no matter what happens at this farcical Impeachment Trial, the people will have their say.
Lastly, one last quote from Rep. Demings about “our man” Mitch McConnell:
“The moment Senator McConnell takes the oath of impartiality required by the Constitution he will be in violation of that Oath”.
Dare to struggle, Dare to win. ALL Power to the People. -END
BIO: Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is the Assistant Editor of the San Francisco Bay View – National Black Newspaper. He is studying and preparing to serve as Editor after his release in 2021. He is also co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a Proud Member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, and an Activist in the Fight Toxic Prisons Campaign. Visit his website at ComradeMalik.com as well as the Bay View website: www.sfbayview.com. Send our brother some love and light — contact him at: 
Keith H. Washington
USP Pollock
P.O. Box 2099
Pollock, LA 71467

Manufactured War in Order to Hold the Presidency (We’ve seen this before) 

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

President Trump addresses the nation last week about his administration’s standoff with Iran. (Alex Brandon/AP)

The assassination of Iranian General Sulimani by the United States of America comes as no surprise to me. This event brings us one step closer to the inevitable. War with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been on the “wish list” of the Trump administration since he was sworn in three years ago. 

The timing is perfect. Not only is Trump facing impeachment but Trump’s close friend, Benjamin Netanyahu is facing bribery charges which threaten to oust him from the seat of leadership in Israel, but may send “BiBi” to prison! 

What better “Art of War” strategy is there for an embattled president than to foment war in order to secure power for one more term. 

This strategy is not unprecedented in fact, Trump is using a similar strategy that Russian President Vladimir Putin used when he first rose to power in Russia. 

In 1999 – 2000, there had been a string of bombings in Russia and many of the targets were civilian housing, as well as housing used by Russian military personnel. Putin was a Colonel in the KGB, which soon would become the FSB.

Putin and his cronies blamed the vicious bombings on Chechnyan separatists. Right around the same time, Putin was running for president and used the Chechnyan conflicts, as a method to bolster his popularity in order to paint himself as a protector of the Russian people from the horrible Islamic threat posed by the Chechnyans. 

However, we would find out that all of this was deceptions and lies, created by an old KGB hand, who specializes in covert-ops, which manipulate public opinion. 

Let me be clear. I am talking about Vladimir Putin! Putin is the fascist snake! 

During the bombings in 1999, there was another Vladimir who worked for the Russian state security, and who was commissioned to investigate the rash of bombings. That man was Vladimir Litvinenko. What comrade Litvinenko discovered would change the course of his life forever! 

One day on investigating the bombings, Mr. Litvinenko visited an apartment complex in Russia. Litvinenko went down to the basement of the apartment building and found an entire pallet of the deadly explosive known as RDX. 

There been a residue of RDX found at the blast sites of previous bombings connected to this ongoing investigation. Litvinenko traced to the origin of this particular palette of RDX and discovered it came from the local FSB office!! 

FSB as in Russian State Security!

Litvinenko found out that it was not the Chechnyans bombing Russian citizens. 

Russia had a bloodthirsty and power-hungry ‘puppet master’ who placed his ambitions above the safety and security of the Russian people. I want to be crystal clear here. I’m talking about Vladimir Putin. 

Nevertheless, you need to know that President Donald J. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are most certainly not “choir boys”, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the CIA and the Israeli Mossad have some more special dirty tricks in store for the Iranian regime. 

I could expand on this topic further, but I will end by saying, 

I see your Mr Pompeo! 

I see you Mark Esper! 

The Emperor is naked and we see the festering sores of the imperialist monarch. 

And if I see you, so to others! 

The people are smarter than you think!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to win, ALL power to the people!



I’ve Found Love!!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Peace and Blessings Sisters and Brothers!!!  I have spent many, many years in Prison and I have continued and will continue to Struggle Against these Systems of Oppression.

Although I have had the unwavering support of a growing number of passionate Activists, Scholars, and Freedom Fighters there has been something missing in my Life.  I have cried many nights because I have been Lonely wanted someone to Love me on a Persynal, Romantic, and Deeper Level.  I WON’T BE CRYING ANYMORE!!!


It is important to me–to Announce this to the World!!   I LOVE NUBE!!!

Sisters and Brothers–please know that my decision to relocate to the Bay Area in California had alot to do with my committment to the Bay View Newspaper.  However, I CAN-NOT SEE MYSELF LIVING WITHOUT NUBE BROWN!  I want to be close to her and I am pleading with all of you to Help Us Be Close Together!!!  Help Nube and I persuade these oppressors who operate the Federal Bureau of Prisons to Honor our Request to have me Transferred to California but our main struggle will be transferring my State Parole from Texas to California and I believe with the help of Attorney Tanika J. Solomon and Attorney Anne Weills we will be successful.  There are some incredible things materializing as we begin the year 2020.  I’m excited!!!  I hope you are too.