Why do ‘They’ Keep Hurting Us? Part 2 – Solutions

Peace and blessings to all human beings!

In 2015 I wrote a piece entitled, “Why do ‘They’ Keep Hurting Us?” ‘They’ being police and law enforcement officers in Amerika. 2016 was a bloody year. In Chicago alone, there were 760 murders! And these were mostly black on black or brown on black or vice-versa! Police killed many innocents last year, but then again so did people all over America.

I spend my days and nights searching for solutions to the violence. In regards to police in Amerika murdering citizens, I believe Norm Stamper has some excellent starting point. Stamper was a police officer for 34 years and served as the Chief of the Seattle Police Department. Please listen to his suggestions and feel free to post your own thoughts and comments:

Stamper says,  “in order to ensure that a local law enforcement abide by laws governing search and seizure, stop and frisk, use of force, and assembly protections, the Department of Justice must be given the authority and resources to do three things.

First, it needs to set reasonable, defensible standards of police performance and conduct. Second, it needs to certify every law enforcement officer and agency in the country. And third, it must be given the power to decertify, for just cause, any individual or department that refuses to play by the rules.

Excerpt from Norm Stamper’s essay – Fix the Police – page 67 Playboy magazine July / August 2016

krystalmuhammad_0618Now my suggestion comes from New Black Panther Party Chairpersyn Comrade Krystal Muhammad. Comrade Krystal lives in Houston, Texas and she has called for independent civilian review board that has subpoena and prosecutorial power over the Houston Police Department. The police in Amerika have so much power and control over Us – if their mandate is to protect and serve shouldn’t we have some power and control over them? Think about that!

Dare to struggle, Dare to win, All Power to the People!

Comrade Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Why do I fight the system so hard?

By Keith Malik Washington
Chief Spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

As I sit in this dilapidated dark place I often see the confused and quizzical looks on the faces of the various prison officials who, at periodic intervals, come by my cell and peer into my world, staring at me as if I am some rare dangerous breed of animal.

I often want to tell them if I don’t fight for us who will?

minorinfractions_5310ca4cab5cf_w1500Economic stagnation is one of the fundamental issues which is plaguing Afrikan Amerikans in the United States.

The American Civil Liberties Union released a report in October 2016 which shows that the War on Drugs tears apart families. They went further and said Louisiana, Texas, and Florida should focus their attention more on rehabilitative strategies as opposed to mass incarceration. I have paraphrased a bit but the point we must understand is that the GOP, and I’m talking about the Republican Party, has been very methodical and purposeful in implementing laws and policies which disenfranchise, marginalize, and oppress minorities.

For many of us black and brown people who are from the inner-city, we feel as if a trap has been laid for us to stumble in. My analysis of the situation has taught me that what we are experiencing is a sophisticated form of social control.

In Houston, Texas, the city I now call home, our schools have become mini-penitentiaries. For actions that used to rate detention after school or a 3-day suspension, we now face total expulsion or jail. The system funnels many of us straight into the waiting arms of an overeager criminal justice system. And then once we get in here we are trapped!

At Estelle Unit in 2012, I witnessed TDCJ officers beating elderly, disabled, and infirm prisoners. No one believed me then a report from the Prison Justice League confirmed it!

At Wallace Pack Unit I witnessed more abuse of the elderly and infirm coupled with forcing prisoners to drink water with high levels of arsenic!

Texas routinely executes mentally and disabled humyn beings per their state-sanctioned murder program, known as a death penalty.

Don’t ask why I fight so hard, the proof is right in your face will you help me fight?

National Lawyers Guild stands by their Commitment to Protect the Rights of IWOC Imprisoned Freedom Fighters!

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington and justin adkins

Peace and blessings!

We have hopeful news to report. On December 29, 2016, Comrade Malik received a letter from attorney  Ollie R. Jefferson.  Attorney Jefferson is based in Arlington, Texas it is one of the many dedicated servants of the people who serve on the National Lawyers Guild’s –  Prisoner Legal Advocacy Network or PLAN for short.

These are Guild attorney members across the United States who have been volunteering their services to protect prisoners from rights violations associated with the fallout from the national prison work stoppages which began September 9, 2016

PBS journalist Kamala Kelkar did an excellent web-story highlighting some of the problems Comrade Malik has faced.

inofficeComrade Malik was targeted by Texas prison officials. He was placed in long-term solitary confinement after being found guilty of a fabricated riot case during Kangaroo Court proceedings at the Coffield Unit located in Tennessee Colony, Texas.

Comrade Malik has suffered numerous injustices such as religious discrimination, which he rarely speaks about. For the past year-and-a-half, Texas prison officials have denied Malik’s religious practice of growing a fist length beard and wearing a kufi per the precepts of his Islamic faith! The Texas prison system has trampled all over Malik’s constitutional rights and we are encouraged by the professionalism and commitment of the National Lawyers Guild.

At this time we ask that all of you rally behind Comrade Malik and attorney Ollie R. Jefferson as they prepare to confront this oppressive and corrupt prison agency.

Dare to struggle, Dare to win, All Power to the People!

Comrade Malik and justin adkins

Tupac Shakur is one of my Panther Heroes

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Deputy chairman New Afrikan Black Panther Party – prison Chapter

As a member of Generation X, as I reflect back on my youth, only one person comes to mind when it comes to laying it all on the line and that’s Tupac Shakur! When it comes to using celebrity as a vehicle for change that no one did it with as much passion and fury as to park!

-Tim Young
Prisoner – San Quentin California

843622352-tupac-shakur-quotes-sayings-life-famousRevolutionary greetings comrades!

Well here we are 2017! Tupac has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. in my opinion Tupac embodied many qualities of a modern-day Black Panther. Of course he got it honestly Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur was an incredible black panther who overcame adversity such as personal demons and she uplifted her son’s Legacy!!

And what exactly is Tupac’s Legacy?

I believe if Tupac was here today he would don a bulletproof vest and travel to the city of Chicago and he would ask the Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples as well as all gangs in chi-town to stop the killing and refocus their efforts in a way that serves their communities rather destroy them!!

I think Tupac will call out President Barack Obama and ask him how in the hell can you sit on your ass and not go to your hometown in order to combat these senseless murders of our people!? Coward ass! Yeah I said that!

Dare to struggle dare to win all power to the people!

-Comrade Malik

Comrade Malik comments on the passing of singer/activist and philanthropist George Michael

by Keith “Malik” Washington, Chief Spokespersyn for End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

Peace & blessings sisters and brothers!
Over the holidays, we folks in Amerika were informed of the passing of singer George Michael, apparently, he died of a heart attack at the age of 53.
For those who follow my work and who really know me – they will tell you that I am an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community and I stand up for Humyn Rights Activists everywhere.

Unknown to many – mainly because he kept it a secret – was George Michael’s unselfish and generous donations to numerous humanitarian causes; HIV & AIDS research being just one. George loved people.

I am a passionate lover of music. I truly believe in the healing power of music and the message of self-determination, revolution, and calls for action which can be found in certain artists’ work.

So today I ask my comrades, not to celebrate George’s death but celebrate his life! George Michael was a strong, proud, passionate, gifted and generous humyn being – and at the end of the day that is all any of us really are! We all are humyn! So love one another! OK?
Dare to struggle, dare to win. All power to the people!
Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington

TDC# 1487958, Eastham Unit: 2665 Prison
Road 1, Lovelady, Texas 75851

Update: End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

Comrade Malik reports from Behind Enemy Lines!

Revolutionary greetings comrades and Free World allies. Well, it’s 2017 it has been almost one year since Norris Hicks and I wrote the Bamboozled piece.

We never gave him his props but it was Comrade Anthony Robinson Jr. who inspired us to write this piece. As many of you may remember there was a parole forum held on Coffield Unit last year around this time. It was sponsored by the Texas Inmate Families Association or TIFA.  Executive Director of TIFA, Ms Jennifer Erschabek,  worked extremely hard to Lobby Texas legislators to do something about this fraudulent and corrupt good time/work time credit system utilized for the Texas prison system. Jennifer and some legislators came up with something called due diligence credits.

Aggravated and non-aggravated prisoners will be eligible for these credits which can be earned by working, taking a vocational trade, attending college, or attending some type of rehabilitation class or program. Sounds good! Only one major problem, and I’ve tried to contact Jennifer about this one sticking point – there is still no policy, regulation, or law in Texas which compels the parole board to recognize these credits!!

So in reality, nothing has changed but the name! Welcome to Texas folks!

This is not to take away from or belittle Jennifer’s efforts – she works her butt off for us!

For those who are familiar with politics and legislators, nothing happens in one session it takes years sometimes a decade to affect change. So this is a start.

For the incarcerated workers organizing committee, we have work to do this shit ain’t over!

Texas has resorted to a very volatile and impressive program of repression and censorship to Comrades such as myself, Comrade Rashid, and Comrade Jason Renard Walker.  We have been tagged as security threats, our outgoing and incoming mail is heavily scrutinized, I have even had mail thrown away by TDCJ employees.

The strategy has been to isolate us and place as much pressure on us so we will do one of two things: 1. throw our hands up and quit (NEVER!)  or 2. Act out violently so that will justify all of TDCJ is over-the-top repression tactics.

You see comrades, in Texas we don’t have papers such as the San Francisco Bay View,  California Prison Focus, or Turning the Tide for the most part politically advanced prisoners are on their own!

Twitch, from Central Texas ABC, has single-handedly support of the entire state of Texas for years!

Just recently we are seeing quality high-level support coming from IWOC comrades in Austin,  Houston, and Kansas City, Missouri.

I believe the most disheartening thing that has happened is the FBI’s attack on #BlackLivesMatter, the San Francisco Bay View, and comrades like me, Rashid, Kinetic Justice from the free Alabama movement, and Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan from the Free Ohio Movement.

It is hurtful, yet insightful at the same time.

We are heading into a new era in Amerika. An era where we will see heightened instances of totalitarianism, fascism, and surveillance state tactics. It is a time when our friends will become informants for fear of the imperialist regime may target them!

I’ve already witnessed this first-hand on Coffield Unit although I played the “stupid role.”

So let’s take a look at the work we are doing: 1: attempting to amend the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution 2: abolish prison slavery and in my case 3: exposing the pervasive problem of toxic Water Supplies in Texas and Pennsylvania! Yes I did say Pennsylvania!

Comrades, as I close this report I am requesting some of you to take the time to write, or type, brief letters to the legislature in Texas and explain to them the desperate need for an independent oversight committee. Those 13 or so suicides I witnessed last year on Coffield Unit left me emotionally scarred!! That, coupled with the toxic water we are forced to drink at Eastham unit is enough to motivate me! What about you? What about our free world friends?

Remember what rapper Lupe Fiasco said in his song “Words I Never Said,” “In order to become a doctor you have to become an actor! don’t be silent!”

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!

-Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Empire Cast, will you stand with us?

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers. My name is Keith ‘Malik’ Washington the chief spokespersyn for the end prison slavery in Texas movement I’m also a proud member of the incarcerated workers organizing committee

The violent abuse of male and female prisoners, rapidly increasing suicides, environmental Injustice, and the exploitation of prison laborers are the hallmarks of the prison industrial complex in Amerika.

It is a fact that those most affected by mass incarceration in the United States are people of color. With this in mind I would like to ask the producers and writers of the hit series Empire:

Does Empire intend on taking a more direct approach at addressing the stark realities of mass incarceration?
Abolishing Prison Slavery in America would love to have the support of the cast of Empire!

To find out more:

Watch: 13th by: Ava Duvernay on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80091741

Wear: One of our shirts to show your support to amending the 13th amendment: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/113670/ (ALL proceeds go to Comrade Malik)

Read: More by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington on SF Bay View

Mental Health Crisis in Coffield Unit

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

Approximately 13 men killed themselves on Coffield Unit located in Tennessee Colony, Texas in 2016. The Senior Warden Jeffrey Cotoe always reminds people he is a Christian. But that doesn’t help us this year! All that death and abuse I witness has taken a toll on me! Here’s something I’d like for you to read:

Approximately 13 suicides this year – mental illness is real

What would happen if we reframed the way we understand black male life in a way that took mental health seriously?… If instead of chastising young men for fighting over sneakers we asked why they feel worthless and unseen with-out them.

What if we didn’t label them junkies but rather recognize their need for affirmation.

What if we held our boys clothes when they cried instead of turning them away to face the frustration, pain, and sadness “ like a man.”  what if we believed that boys were worthy of second chances that didn’t involve prison cells. What if?

We might start to worry. Then we might start to heal.

Excerpt from Invisible Man, got the whole world watching: a young black man’s education ( Nation Books)  by: Mychal Denzel Smith


A Holiday Message

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

Today is December 9th, 2016. I’m still in ad-seg and the water here on Eastham unit located in Lovelady, Texas is contaminated.

Nevertheless, I still would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and jubilant Kwanzaa! Personally, I love Kwanzaa because it reminds me to focus on key African Concepts. Maybe justin will post some info about Kwanzaa and the key elements.

You know a humyn life is the most precious thing in the universe and I can’t help but feel sadness for the recent loss of life. The members of the Brazilian soccer team that died in a plane crash in Colombia, the 36 young people who died in a warehouse fire in Oakland, California. Beautiful young Spirits had so much to live for – so much potential. These things hurt me deeply. Contrary what Texas authorities say about me, I truly am humyn. In Texas – prison officials here labeled me as a black militant – Troublemaker.

Too many times I’ve been referred to as, “that smartass do-gooder n*****!”

Sisters and brothers, we are headed into some troublesome times. The deck is being truly stacked against us.

Umoja! Yes, Unity will be necessary to weather the storm. We have to be courageous and serious about our lives. We must live as if tomorrow may never come. On so many different levels we must get organized and not be afraid to act!

This is not a call to violence this is a call to voluntary mutual co-operation.

When protests are called for – protest.

When tweeting is called 4 – tweet.

When donations are needed – donate.

When it is time to March – March!

When self-defense is needed – defend!

When a comrade cries out for love and understanding – come out of your comfort zone to love one another!

Dare to struggle, Dare to win, all power to the people!


note from justin:

Sorry for the delay in posting this holiday message. 

Kwanzaa information:

The Nguzo Saba  
(The Seven Principles)
Dr. Maulana Karenga

Nguzo Saba symbol for the seven principles of KwanzaaKwanzaa was created to introduce and reinforce seven basic values of African culture which contribute to building and reinforcing family, community and culture among African American people as well as Africans throughout the world African community. These values are called the Nguzo Saba which in Swahili means the Seven Principles. Developed by Dr. Karenga, the Nguzo Saba stand at the heart of the origin and meaning of Kwanzaa, for it is these values which are not only the building blocks for community but also serve to reinforce and enhance them.




Reflections on the Life and Death of Legendary Black Panther Fred Hampton

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Deputy chairman – New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison chapter)

Revolutionary greetings comrades and free world allies and friends. You know I’m going through a rough time right now but it’s worth it! All of us who have devoted our lives to improving or protecting the lives of others always encounter adversity; there is no struggle without sacrifice – remember that.

On December 4th, 1969 Comrade Fred Hampton and Mark Clark paid the ultimate price. They were assassinated by the Chicago Police Department and FBI while they slept!

Many of us know the story of betrayal that led to the death of these incredible servants of the people. Fred Hampton was the founder of the Rainbow Coalition. He organized Puerto Rican and white comrades around a revolutionary socialist agenda. My comrade justin adkins and I seek to carry on the legacy of Comrade Fred by creating a new version of the Rainbow Coalition encompassing comrades from every corner of society. If you’ve come to the realization that imperialism is exploiting the people and destroying the planet – then join us! You may be surprised what we have to offer.

Today let’s celebrate Comrade Fred’s life!