By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Chief Spokespersyn End Prison Slavery in Texas MOVEMENT –

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades!

I have a word about work strikes and it comes from an old IWW pamphlet: “strikes are mere incidents in the class war, they are tests of strength, periodical drills in the course of which the workers train themselves for concerted action. The training is most necessary to prepare the masses fort he final “catastrophe”, the general strike which will complete the expropriation oft he employers” (excerpt from Professor Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the United States, pg 331)

Many people think that they know that the current Prison Abolition Movement in Amerika is all about – It is true that we are demanding to be treated like humyn beings and not like chattel slaves! We demand dignity, respect, Freedom, Justice, and Equality but there is more!!

The Millions For Prisoners March for Humyn Rights in Wahington D.C. on August 19th 2017 serves as a wake-up call tot he workers all over the world!!

This march is the result of a movement which began in U.S. prisons by workers who refused to be slaves any longer. I suffered personally because I emerged as a leading voice and now I am speaking to all of you saying:

Capitalists and Imperialists have had their feet on our necks for too long!! And if it takes prisoners in Amerika to show you “The Way” then SO BE IT! What do we have to lose?? Shakles on our feet, shackles on our wrist, our communities in turmoil, our neighborhoods war zones!!

To the Sisters in struggle I have a special message for you!

This movement needs your leadership and support! I don’t have a bunch of profound words and statements to make to you wimmin! I humbly request you make the words of Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul your Battle cry!!

I ask that you embrace Aretha’s song Respect and her song What It Is.

As we prepare to march on Washington D.C. I may not be the best motivator for my Sisters in struggle, but I promise you if you listen and meditate on Aretha’s passionate vocals you will see where I am coming from! I leave you with the words of IWW organizer Joseph Ettor:

“If the workers oft he world want to win, all they have to do is recognize their own solidarity. They have nothing to do but fold their arms and the world will stop. The workers are more powerful with their hands in their pockets than all the property of the capitalists… ”

Dare to struggle, Dare to win

All Power to the People


Millions 4 prisoners March

Millions 4 prisoners March
August 19th, 2017 — Washington, DC USA

Comrades, I must take this time to broach a very serious topic. There is a growing movement here in Amerika which seeks to abolish “legalized” slavery in Amerika. At its very core, our movement is anti-imperialist. As many of you in the UK, and throughout Europe, are well aware, the United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any country on earth. The state of Texas, where I am currently housed, has the largest state prison system in the United States.

I am one of the leading voices of prisoners throughout the United States, who are calling for the amending of the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, and a total and final abolition of slavery in Amerika.

An organization located here in the USA, Raleigh, North Carolina to be exact, is educating, organizing and mobilizing as many people as possible to support and/or participate in the Millions 4 Prisoners March on Washington, DC, on August 19th, 2017. The organization is called I Am We, you can learn more by visiting: www lamweubuntu.com/millions-for-prisoners-human-rights.html

Comrades, there is a humyn rights and civil rights crisis taking place right now in Amerikan prisons. The ruling elite won’t acknowledge us but have actually taken deliberate steps to silence our voices and sabotage our networking capabilities. Texas has enacted a draconian social media ban which even forbids our loved ones or friends from sharing anything about us or our circumstances on social media. Texas has one of the most inhumane penal systems by far. The summer heat has proven to be deadly for years and now toxic water has become a prominent issue. My comrade and friend Kevin “Rashid” Johnson and I have been specially singled out for retaliatory actions because we fearlessly continue to educate and organize the lumpen.

The San Francisco Bay View — National Black Newspaper (www.sfbayview .com) has provided a platform for the most advanced politicized prisoners in Amerika to speak. For 41 years the Bay View has engaged in revolutionary liberation journalism. Without the Bay View, there would be no “Comrade Malik”.

In August 2016, the United States FBI began to attack the Bay View, claiming that the Bay View was inciting violence against prison guards and law enforcement. This was a portion of an elaborate plan to muzzle our voices. Fabricated lies!
The Free Alabama Movement has defined itself as one of the leaders in this national struggle to abolish prison slavery in Amerika. Alabama’s Holman POson is one of the worst in the nation in regards to humyn rights and civil rights violations. The Bay View has recently been banned for being “racially motivated.”

Comrades, in the United Snakes something sinister is afoot. The US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is from the State of Alabama. Sessions has orchestrated a plan which seeks to criminalize free speech. However, he has gone even further by attempting to cease programs by the Department of Justice to monitor Police Departments which have histories of brutally abusing citizens and violating their Civil Rights. Sessions is a well-known white supremacist and bigot. You connect the dots!
Solidarity is needed now!

On September 9th, 2016, many free world allies and imprisoned comrades in the United Kingdom and Europe made a show of solidarity with respect to our national prison work strike. On August 19th, 2017 we humbly ask for your support again!
If you have comrades or friends in the United States, please, by all means, encourage them to attend the Millions 4 Prisoners march in Washington DC on August 19th, 2017. For us, locked in these cages in the Amerikan Slave Kamps and Gulags, withdrawing our Free Labor has become our chosen method of protest.

Comrades, because we dare to confront the Imperialist oppressor in Amerika, many of us, both wimmin and men, have been degraded, dehumanized, mistreated and abused. Amerika is telling the world a lie!

To view some of my work, please visit comrademalik.com and please support me and my comrades by visiting: amendthe13th.org facebook.com/amendthel3th Remember, comrades, Revolution is a process, and in order to be a factor you must be an actor! Dare to struggle, dare to win! All power to the people!

Fighting for the Rights of Muslims inside Texas Prisons

Assalamu-laikum sisters and brothers!

At times I wish I was unemotional and not affected by the plights of others, but I am humyn, I have feelings, and sometimes I am hurt.

Such was the case when I read an article in the July 2017 edition of the San Francisco Bay View – National Black Newspaper, which described incidents in which Muslim prisoners at the Bill Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas being purposely starved during our Holy Month of Ramadan!

A multitude of emotions swept through me while I read the piece, which was written by a non-Muslim who just happens to be a friend of mine and fellow comrade in this wonderful New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter) that we both hold membership in.

What broke me down is when the comrade, Jason Renard Walker, said “Comrade Malik, if you are listening, we need your help…”

It is my absolute duty to come to the aid of any Muslim who is being persecuted or mistreated on account of their faith.

While we are on that subject, I must say: I am currently being represented by the Albritton law firm in a Federal Civil Case in which the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has forbidden me to grow a 4-inch beard and wear my Kufi (prayer cap) throughout TDCJ facilities.

There are other aspects of my case which affect thousands of Muslims inside Texas prisons. For instance, TDCJ prison guards have been handing out major disciplinary cases to Muslims who trim their moustaches! However, our Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw) instructed all Muslims to “grow your beard to its full length and trim the moustache.” Furthermore, TDCJ has instituted a policy which forces all religious beard wearer to shave their beards on their birthday yearly!

I cannot comment further because my lawyer has instructed me to “chill out” a bit, but please know we are going to fight hard in that “paint” for all believers in Texas prisons! And let me be clear, I’m talking about all Christian, Jewish and Muslim believers who have become targets for discrimination because they choose to grow a “big boy” beard!

So as Muslims in Texas, whether you are incarcerated or free, we know there has been an increase in acts of hatred towards us and an uptick of Islamophobia. I have cried out for help to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has defined itself as a champion for the rights of Muslims everywhere, so I am very hopeful that CAIR attorneys will shift their focus to Texas prisons.

The American Civil Liberties Union and National Lawyers Guild have also been actively confronting the Trump administration’s ban on Muslims who seek to migrate the United States from predominantly Muslim countries.

I am thankful for the legal materials sent to me by NLG attorney Ollie Jefferson and Yale University Law School student Maya Menlo who did not ignore my please for help. I hope to see more Civil Rights lawyers and activists helping prisoners in Texas.

What is really going on at the Bill Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas?

Sisters and brothers, near the the beginning of Ramadan 2017, the Administrators at the Bill Clements Unit decided to place the entire unit on a “security” lockdown. We are still not exactly clear on why this decision was made, but we do know that various Bill Clements Unit prison guards used this “security” lockdown as a pretext to mistreat and starve Muslims. We must understand that there continue to be unintended consequences to the overt hatred and Islamophobic rants that spew from the mouth of US President Donald Trump. Rural areas in Texas like the one where Bill Clements Unit is located have a history of intolerance to those who are “different”. The fact that many Muslims at the unit are New Afrikan (Black) only exacerbates the problem. So we are not just dealing with an issue of religious discrimination, we are also dealing with the dynamic of structural and institutionalised racism.

In Huntsville, Texas, we have the Director of Chaplaincy Services, Vance Drum. Mr Drum purposely ignores the increase in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism among TDCJ prison guards! Non-acknowledgement seems to be the new favored tactic by the oppressors who operate this bigoted and corrupt prison agency. Until we are able to generate a significant amount of media exposure in order to foment a public outcry for justice, we will continue to hear reports such as this from inside Texas prisons.

However, Bill Clements Unit presents an extraordinary case – this is the same unit where my comrade and friend Kevin “Rashid” Johnson exposed many “mysterious” deaths of prisoners housed in solitary confinement. I mean, if any intelligent persyn reads and studies Rashid’s exposes, they will clearly see prison guards at the Bill Clements Unit have had a “love affair” with sadistic behavior and the abuse of humyn beings in their care. Then what jumps out at you as you peel the onion back, is the over-the-top collusion between state employees, government officials, and, most shockingly, officers of the court such as judges and district attorneys, as they continue to try and cover up these horrible criminal acts and crimes against humanity!

The transfer of Comrade Rashid to the state of Florida (late June 2017) certainly serves as an indictment of these Satanic state employees and violators of the public’s trust!

Sisters and brothers, please use your intellects on this: If Bill Clements Unit administrators will promote, sanction and condone the abuse and murder of prisoners in their care, then surely they are capable of allowing prison guards to taunt and purposely starve my Muslim brothers during our Holy Month of Ramadan!

This is not the first time that this has happened! In 2016, while I was housed at the Coffield Unit located in Tennessee Colony, Texas, Senior Warden Jeffrey Catue, who portrays himself as a “Good Christian Brother” decided to lock the unit down during Ramadan. Major Guliermo Delarosa, Chaplain Henderson, and Kitchen Captain Urbina all conspired together in order to starve the Muslims during Ramadan at the Coffield Unit.

A rumor was spread saying “The Muslims are being handled rough because of that troublemaker Comrade Malik.” Well, it’s 2017, and I’m here to tell you that I’m still making “trouble for those who mistreat the Muslims!

At Coffield Unit in 2016, a Jeffin-House negro named Chaplain Akbar Shabazz betrayed the Muslims again! Shabazz conspired with Major Delarosa, and Muslims were unable to prepare their holy meals during the month of Ramadan 2016.

So in 2016, Ramadan was rough at the Coffield Unit. However, at the end of Ramadan, at our Eid celebration, Allah (swt) granted relief! It was literally “raining” fried chicken at the Coffield Unit! I’ve never seen so much fried chicken in my life.

In this prison environment, there are sometimes joys and many sorrows, but it is absolutely necessary for all Muslims, men and wimmin, to strive together in order to confront and expose the bigots and hypocrites who operate these slave kamps.

There is power in the pen and in the intellect Allah has blessed you with.

Salaam Abdul Malik

Keith “Malik” Washington is a humyn rights activist currently incarcerated in Texas. He is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement. Malik is a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) and he is the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter). Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and he is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. You can view his work at comrademalik.com or write him directly at Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington TDC# 1487958 Eastham Unit, 2665 Prison Road 1 Lovelady, Texas 75851 (936) 636-7321 ext. (**009)

Reject Suicide — Choose Life! And Change the World! (We Must Not Be Silent – Series)

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Audio Version available here:

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

Friday, June 20, 2014 photo shows a cooling fan recently installed at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Holliday Unit near Huntsville, Texas. The nation’s most populous prison system, facing legal actions and criticism about inmates having to endure oppressive Texas summer heat, is looking to make conditions a bit more bearable at seven state lockups by installing cooling systems similar to those seen on the sidelines of early-season football games. (AP Photo/Michael Graczyk)

A couple of months ago, Net-Flix had a series which shed light on the topic of teenage suicide — “13 Reasons” or something to that effect. I read about teenagers in Florida being influenced in a negative manner after watching this Net-Flix series. Around the same time, I was working on the content of Justin and my You-Tube video concerning the genocide in Chicago. The word that popped into my head was nihilism.

It really hurts me to see young people choose death over life. I just can’t explain to you the feeling of euphoria I feel when I fight for humyn or civil rights–and win!! It’s awesome when you sacrifice your time, energy and resources for a cause you believe in and you become the change!!

If anyone should be contemplating suicide it should be me! I’m in a maximum security prison in one of the most abusive and unjust prison systems in the United States. Texas prison is horrible! I’m not just in prison. I’m in solitary confinement for a trumped up and fabricated riot charge. My cell is infested with roaches, and the heat index regularly reaches 105 degree Fahrenheit plus! There is no airconditioning! The water is contaminated and toxic! I have been the constant target of religious discrimination. I have been denied parole 5 times in a row–and the prison administration hates my guts!!

Wouldn’t suicide be the easy way out of this screwed-up existence? But I choose life! Not only do I choose life, I choose to fight! And I fight hard as hell!! Want to know why?

Britney Gulley is a female prisoner in Texas. She is housed in Ad-Seg, which is solitary confinement in Texas prisons. A few months ago when Britney was housed at the Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, TX, she wrote a passionate piece which appeared in the San Francisco Bay View, a National Black Newspaper. The article she wrote was about the horrible living conditions and treatment of wimmin at the Lane Murray Unit, especially those held in Administrative Segregation.

Britney sent out a plea for a help. I heard her cry for help and I immediately took action. There are many strong, intelligent, and influential wimmin who aid me in fighting the ultra-corrupt Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I know a few successful media correspondents and I even contacted my friend Ollie Jefferson, a humyn rights lawyer who has volunteered to help Texas prisoners like Britney who have become victims of this cruel and inhumane solitary confinement environment Texas maintains.

I asked my friends and comrades to reach out and help Britney!! But somehow Britney was forgotten about–there just is not enough help for wimmin in Texas prisons!! Their voices are ignored and sometimes silenced!!

A few weeks ago, Britney attempted suicide!! She was not successful and she has been sent to a mental health treatment facility called Sky View Unit, located in Rusk, TX. From Sky View Unit Britney wrote another impassioned article that was published in the July 2017 edition of the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. The article is entitled “Why So Many Suicides at Lane Murray Unit, A Texas Women’s Prison?”

Sisters and brothers, something is very wrong at the Lane Murray Unit located in Gatesville, Texas. I don’t know about you, but those wimmin’s lives matter to Comrade Malik!!

Sisters and brothers, the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March, which is scheduled for August 19th, 2017 in Washington D.C., provides an excellent opportunity for us to shed a national spotlight on Texas and Lane Murray Unit. I highly recommend you consider attending this historic event.

In the meantime, I am sending out a call to action for all female media correspondents, activists, and female legislators to contact Lori Davis, the TDCJ-CID Director and demand that Director Davis launch a thorough and fact-finding investigation at the Lane Murray Unit. I am sending out a plea for help from the United States Department of Justice – Civil Rights Division. Something is very wrong down here in Texas prisons!!

I am sending out a personal plea to the National Lawyers Guild, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and every feminist in Amerika with a conscience!! Help me contact Texas legislators!! We have a special session scheduled for the 85th Texas Legislature to begin July 18th, 2017.

Sisters and brothers, this is an exciting time to live and fight for humyn rights. Without young people and young voices along with your passion and energy and gifts, the revolution dies!! Please choose life!! And as Jesse Jackson would say: “Keep hope alive!”

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!!

What You Can Do

Sisters and brothers, if you want to help solve this ongoing problem, please call the following Texas legislators and voice your concerns. Thank you!!

Senator Royce West – (512) 463 0123

Senator John Whitmere – (512) 463 0115

Rep Dr. Alma Allen – (512) 463 0744

Rep Garnet Coleman – (512) 463 0524

Rep Rafael Anchia – (512) 463 0746

Rep Marisa Marquez – (512) 463 0638

Rep Trey Martinez Fischer – (512) 463 0616

Rep Harold Dutton Jr. – (512) 463 0510


Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas movement, a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (prison chapter). Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. You can view his work at comrademalik.com and write to him directly at:

Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington
TDCJ#: 1487958
Eastham Unit
2665 Prison Road #1
Lovelady, TX 75851

Texas Prisoners at Eastham Unit Challenge Contaminated Water and Deadly Heat in US Federal Courts!

By Keith “Malik” Washington
Chief Spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

“All human activity is collective – a combination of the work and inspiration shaped by those who came before us and those who labor with us.”
Nancy Kurshan, Out of Control

Peace and blessings, sisters and brothers!
Well, it is official, the prisoners on Eastham Unit, located in Lovelady, Texas, have filed their § 1983 Federal Civil Complaint in the Eastern District of Texas – Lufkin Division.
There were 10 of us in the original complaint, but as is customary in Texas, the Judge severed us all and instructed us to proceed as individual plaintiffs. Our lead litigator and resident jailhouse lawyer is a prisoner named William Wells.
William Wells et al. Vs Bryan Collier et al.
Cause #9:17-cv-80
For those of you who don’t know, Bryan Collier is the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).
TDCJ has the largest state prison system in the United States. Most of the 110 prison units are not air conditioned, and toxic water supplies are becoming a pervasive and systemic problem.
Please allow me to reveal some facts which led us to file this particular lawsuit:
Due to the consumption of contaminated water at Eastham Unit, multiple prisoners have been diagnosed with h. pylori disease from the water. Due to the Heat Index, especially in the summer, prisoners must drink this contaminated water that’s causing h. pylori.
This issue raises 8th Amendment concerns, and the US Supreme Court has held that unsafe codnitions that pose an unreasonable risk of serious dangers to a prisoner’s future health may violate the 8th Amendment even if damage has not occurred and may not affect every prisoner exposed to the conditions. See case law Helling vs McKinney 113 S.C.T. 2475 (1993).
“A remedy for unsafe conditions need not wait for a tragic event.”
In this case, at Eastham Unit, several prisoners have been diagnosed with h. pylori disease which destroys the lining of the stomach. There is no known cure.
There have been signs posted in nearby communities which clearly read “Don’t drink the water without boiling”, but prisoners at Eastham Unit, and throughout the Texas prison system for that matter, have no means of boiling our water.
The prison store known as the commissary sells us “hot pots” which heat water but don’t boil it. If we alter our Hot Pots in order to make them boil, they get confiscated and we are given a disciplinary case for contraband.
We are being deprived of a basic human need – safe drinking water! Prison officials are well aware of the situation, and the most ubiquitous item in prison guards’ bags is bottled water. But what about us?
There are state officials in Michigan who are now facing prison terms for engaging in similar acts of neglect and abuse. There are many “Flints” in Texas, but the cover-up game is in full effect.
My job is to unmask and uncover the deceptions and lies being fed to the public at large. I helped do it at the Wallace Pack Unit in Navasota, Texas last year, and I’m going to do it here at Eastham Unit!
This is what I want you to understand, the State of Texas focuses its energy and resources in order to exploit and take advantage of poor white, poor black, and poor brown people. The State Government works in concert with the prison agency in order to deprive us of our our human and civil rights!
There are no “fat cat” bankers, lawyers, captains of industry inside these prisons. We are lower income folks who come from lower income communities throughout the State of Texas. The Attorney General of Texas, Mr Ken Paxton, won’t come to our aid. The Michigan Attorney General actually spear-headed the effort to protect his lower income constituents! What’s wrong with Ken Paxton’s moral compass?
Paxton is going to side with TDCJ and he is going to send a state-paid attorney to force prisoners to drink contaminated water and suffer in deadly heat extremes!
The State of Texas did the same thing at Wallace Pack Unit – and the remarkable thing was those prisoners at Wallace Pack are mostly all elderly and disabled! I understand the state may not want to air condition the entire system, but we have a moral and ethical duty to protect the lives of our most vulnerable members of society, whether they are incarcerated or not!
But here’s the thing – Texas has one of the worst-performing and poorly-rated nursing home facilities in the United States! And these are free citizens who we fail to protect, so it certainly is no surprise we are ignoring the health and safety of those incarcerated seniors, but I believe we can do better! Don’t you? I mean, is this how you want your tax dollars spent? Funding litigation which hurts people?
And by the time the litigation process is done at Wallace Pack Unit, the state would easily have spent the money it would have taken to install the air conditioning unit! That’s crazy!
I’ve been hearing about Christian leaders talking about restorative justice initiatives. I’ve been hearing about change. Not all of my friends believe in prayer, but I surely do! However, the only thing this corrupt prison agency respects or understands is legal action.
My name is Comrade Malik, I’m not a gangster or a thug, I am a thoughtful and passionate human being who truly believes in serving the people!
Please stop talking about action, step out of your comfort zone and help us fight the good fight!
Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!
Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington
TDC# 1487958
Eastham Unit: 2665 Prison Road 1
Lovelady, Texas 75851


By Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington and Comrade Ben Amni Beth Olugbala N.A.B.P.P. (p.c.) — Texas Region

Revolutionary Greetings to all Comrades and Allies in the Struggle-Shalom Alekya-Amani-Salaam Alakyam-Habari Gani Ndugus! I am Komrad Ben Ammi Beth Olugbala, a member of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Texas Branch) making my presence known as I greet you with a “clenched fist salute” in Panther Love and Spirit. I am well overdue for conveying this message of Inspiration and Power to exhort you all to continue the struggle and to push forward our utmost need to Communicate, to Educate, to Liberate the oppressed and exploited masses as we come together in a united front against imperialism.
The N.A.B.P.P. (p.c.) is now in it’s 12th year of existence and I have been educated as well as embraced by our collective cadre. I’ve built with Comrade Rashid, Shaka Zulu, T.B.W. and my close Friend and Former ‘celly’, the outspoken servant of the people—Comrade Malik.
I exhort all comrades and allies to put aside petty differences and beefs. We must unite, network and build; staying abreast of current events so that we can fortify our homes, community and our society, for we are at war! We have to unite against our oppressors to protect and defend our loved ones and leaders. We also must expose and steer clear of reactionaries, agent provocateurs and parasitical leaders whose only aim is to sell us out for personal and political gain. For these saboteurs are very detrimental to our struggle for Freedom, Justice and Equality.
We must knock the brains out of structural racism in the United States. This means racism is a system-wide effort to “divide & conquer” the people. Divide and Conquer is a very old tactic which was also used in India and Sub-Saharan Africa. It means winning by getting your enemies to fight against each other.
In the United States, white supremacists, under the guise of the Republican Party, have played a large role in dividing and conquering the working class, which includes the unemployed and underemployed.
The first British Colonies in North America were set up as corporate-owned trading posts. They bought and sold raw materials and finished goods. At first, labor for the colonies was provided by poor white indentured servants; the servants were forced to work in order to pay off debts, and they were set free when the debt was paid.
The first Afrikans who came to the colonies were indentured servants, not slaves. Europeans (white) and Afrikan (black) servants lived, worked and socialized together. They generally got along because they bonded over shared conditions as members of the working class. This is one of the key points the IWW and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee has been trying to get across to all prisoners trapped inside the many slave camps and gulags in the United States.
In 1640, three servants ran away from their “master” in Virginia. They were John Punch (black) and James Gregory (white), and a man named Victor who was also white. All the three men were caught and then whipped!
The two white men were sentenced to an additional four years of servitude. John Punch, the black man, was ordered to be an indentured servant for the rest of his life.
This is the first case known of in U.S. history where someone was sentenced to servitude for life. This was a major step toward laying the Foundations for the ‘Legalized’ slavery we see today in Amerika!
There were Freedom Fighters back then: Denmark Vessey, Gabriel Prosser, Nat Turner and Toussaint L’Overture. In the year 2017, the names have changed, but the struggle and yearning for Freedom has not changed! In fact, the momentum is growing right now.
Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa has called for the California Governor Jerry Brown to recognize the humanity of California prisoners. Comrade Malik has been influenced and inspired by the work and revolutionary practice of Comrade Sitawa. As we prepare for the 1st Annual Millions 4 Prisoners March on August 19, 2017 in Washington D.C., Comrade Malik has a very serious message to deliver.
Without further delay Comrades, I bring you Comrade Malik.
Revolutionary Greetings Comrades! It is Black August and I am going to start things off with words of truth from our Field Marshal Comrade George L. Jackson.
“To: the man-child, tall, evil, graceful, bright eyed, black man-child-Jonathan Peter Jackson, who died on August 7, 1970, courage in one hand, assault rifle in the other; my brother, comrade, friend, a true revolutionary, the black communist guerrilla in the highest state of development, he died on the trigger, scourge of the unrighteous soldier of the people; to this terrible man-child and his wonderful mother Georgia Bea; to Angela Y. Davis, my tender experience. I dedicate this collection of letters; to the destruction of their enemies I dedicate my life.” — George L. Jackson
Now I could end this essay right here and say nothing else—and for those in this Movement who are fully ‘AWAKE’ I would have said enough; they need no more encouragement; Comrade George said it ALL! But, everyone isn’t “there” yet, we still have work to do—can you feel me?
The ‘game’ done changed sisters and brothers. I’m not just talking to Texas anymore. I’m speaking to each and everyone of you who is trapped inside one of these slave kamps throughout Amerika.
Let’s touch upon the term I AM WE. It is an Ancient African saying: To me it means; what effects you, effects me. It means, we are together, we are one. I AM WE means that with Unity, Solidarity and Agape Love for one another we can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal! By applying I AM WE, together we can crush imperialism, eradicate white supremacy, destroy patriarchy, change misogynistic attitudes and save our planet!
Texas had formulated a plan to shut me up and derail this MOVEMENT. However, instead of growing weaker our voices have grown louder and stronger and this is not FAKE news-—it’ s Real ya’ll!
The March on Washington D.C. is only one aspect of our struggle for Humyn Rights. We, the underclass, lumpen, who are in these plantations have to couple some Action with the Actions of our Free World Friends and Allies. Freedom ain’t Free! It never has been free. The road is paved with sacrifice. If you are not ready please get the hell out of our way!
The ruling elite in this country are not going to make things easy for us. The U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already tipped his hand—it’s full of ‘Trump Cards’. Sessions has directed all Attorney Generals across the U.S. to turn the clock back on us! Just when we thought some relief was coming, just when we were hoping for Freedom, a new reinvigorated ‘War on Drugs’ is being waged against communities of color. Haven’t we endured enough? Haven’t our families been ravaged and torn apart enough by this country’s insatiable appetite to lock up the poor? But you see Comrades—this is their plan—Social Control!
In or ghettoes and barrios and trailer parks across this nation are emerging the next generation of leaders for the Revolution.
The Imperialists see us in the streets by the thousands screaming and demanding justice. They are very uncomfortable. Sessions has been given marching orders and we cannot make it easy for him. Putting down that ‘dope sack’ is probably the best advice I can give to any young man in the streets right now, but that is just the beginning, there is more!
Protect and Serve our Hoods!
I laugh and sometimes cringe with anger when I see this motto of “Protect and Serve” emblazoned on the side of a Police squad car because I know, just like any New Afrikan in Amerika knows, this motto is a misnomer and a lie!
So our goal is to evict this occupying Force and institute our own protection Force. This won’t be easy.
In March 2017 I read an article in the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. NARN Collective Cadre member Abdul Olugbala Shakur raised an issue that struck a chord with me and numerous New Afrikan, Latina/o and white comrades across the United States when Abdul said: “In 2016, the city of Chicago had approximately 763 homicides and over 4,000 shootings and at least 95% of these victims were New Afrikans.”
I took this as a call to action, so I, along with my comrade and friend, Professor Justin Adkins of Allegheny College created a YouTube video entitled: Genocide in Chicago (we must not be silent). We crafted our message in such a way that I spoke directly to the people on the street and we asked the street tribe members to put the guns down and protect those who are seeking an education. See, that is what is going to have to happen! We are going to have to take ownership and responsibility for our people! Protect and Serve!
Through our on-line video message we put forth a strategy which seeks to tap into the political power that young people in Chicago have not utilized yet.
Our thinking is this: if Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not meeting the needs of all his constituents maybe it is time we put our own candidate in office. There certainly is power in the gun, but when you are using the gun to kill the people in your own community it is called homicidal murder and GENOCIDE, that is not Revolution! Comrade George said: “Our insistence on military actions, defensive and retaliatory, has nothing to do with romanticism or precipitous idealistic fervor. We want to be effective. We want to live. Our history teaches us that the successful liberation struggles require an armed people, a whole people, actively participating in the struggle for their liberty!” —Blood in My Eye
Doesn’t this sound like something you would like to be a part of? Comrades, and I am talking to all sisters and brothers, we are going to have to take our destiny into our own hands and commence to withdrawing our Free Labor. We must begin the process of shutting these slave kamps all the way down!
Sure, we’ ll come up in a month or so, but then we will plan on another and then another and then another! I say to the oppressor: “You want to continue to ignore our humanity?”
“You want to continue to beat us, abuse us, lie to the public about it, and exploit us?”
“You don’t believe FAT Meat is greasy? Well, U.S. slave empire, we are going to show you!”
I am not going to talk this subject to death, I am going to close with a final quote from comrade George Jackson. “. ..I think it is imperative, we owe it to him. Never to forget why he did what he did. And that was to stand as a symbol in front of the people, in front of me, and say in effect that we have both the capacity and the obligation to stand up, regardless of the consequences. He was saying that if we all stand up,our collective power will destroy the forces that oppose us.
“Jonathan lived by these principled, he was true to them, he died by them. This is the most honorable thing imaginable. He achieved a certain deserved immortality in-so-far as he truly had the courage to die on his feet rather than live one moment on his knees. He stood as an example, a beacon to all of us, and I am in awe of him, even though he was my younger brother.”
—Remembering the Real Dragon, an interview with George Jackson
by Karen Wald and Ward Churchill

Comrades, I dedicate this piece to comrades George and Jonathan Jackson and Comrade Hasan Shakur may they rest in Power!
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.
All Power to the People!

UPDATE 7/24/17 from Malik:

Sisters and brothers, it is going to take more than passionate speeches and emotional fervor to change our current conditions. In order to combat imperialism, we must adhere to Marxist theory and Maoist doctrine and embrace socialism.

As we mourn the death of this beautiful Australian womyn who was murdered by a police officer while she stood unarmed in her pyjamas, we see clearly that the violence within Amerika’s police departments is systemic and structural.

Every day it becomes more evident. The only way to place Amerika on a new path, we must abandon capitalism and replace it with socialism. I keep wondering how long it will take for all of us to finally wake up.

In order to abolish slavery in Amerika we must acknowledge that it still exists!

By Keith “Malik” Washington, Chief Spokespersyn of End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

Peace and blessings sisters and brothers!

We cannot continue to make conscious decisions that ignore our past because those thoughts make us feel uncomfortable. Slavery happened here in Amerika and it is still happening, especially in Amerika’s numerous slave kamps and gulags which most call prisons.

I studied the Presidency of Barack Obama very closely and I noticed he constantly embraced an elitist or exceptionalist narrative when speaking of the United States. Former President Obama would give “the world” the impression that the US was a bastion of humyn and civil rights protections. When in reality the opposite is true – Amerika is just better than most at covering up the abuse and mistreatment of its citizens.

In an interview conducted by journalist Kamala Kelkar of the PBS Newshour Weekend, my friend and humyn rights attorney Ollie Jefferson said: “We have human rights violations here as much as in other countries.” Attorney Jefferson has spent most of her legal career working with immigrants so it goes without saying that she is very familiar with the criminal justice system in Amerika.

When we speak of prison slavery in Amerika, we think of forced labor and involuntary servitude and no-one says that this is not happening. However, there are other elements of slavery – the unsavory and despicable elements present in and out of Amerika’s prisons.

The torture, the sex slaves, the indentured servants, the political prisoners, the so-called eco-terrorists and the framed-up Muslims right here in Amerika.
The state of Texas hates it when I get to beating my ‘drum’ because the oppressors know there is nothing they can do to silence me. The tactic they have embraced is censorship claiming my words represent security threat information. I expose human and civil rights abuses, I engage in political and legal discourse in hopes of raising the public’s awareness.

The State sees nothing wrong with the current system, in their eyes all is well – but is it?

Let’s take a look behind the iron curtain and allow me to introduce to you Texas prisoner Omar Valdez. Omar has served approximately 24 years and 6 months on a 25 year sentence! Omar has spent approximately 22 years in solitary confinement right here on the Eastham Unit in Lovelady, Texas. Omar has been denied parole over 11 times! Omar has spent years not incurring disciplinary infractions with the hope that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles would give him a chance to rebuild his life. They didn’t!

The Prison Legal News had a front page article in February 2017 entitled “TRAPPED: California wastes tens of millions of dollars a year keeping people in prison long after they’ve been rehabilitated – denying parole for arbitrary reasons and destroying lives in the process” by Sam Levin of the East Bay Express.

Now I want you to replace California with Texas and I want you to listen to Omar’s words and ask yourself “can’t we do better”? Without further ado I present to you Omar Valdez!

“Mr Malik, greetings, it is a pleasure to meet you. I appreciate you and folks like you who get out there on the ‘front lines’ fighting the good fight.
My name is Omar B. Valdez, TDC# 726686. I reside on the Eastham Unit located in Lovelady, Texas. I’ve resided here for the past 2 ½ decades! I’m serving a 25 year aggravated sentence for the charge of murder. I’ve been locked up since October 3rd, 1992. I arrived here on Eastham Unit on March 4th, 1996, and I’ve been here ever since! I have never left this unit.

I am in Administrative Segregation due to my previous gang affiliation. I have been a non-active ex-gang member since 2002. I made this choice in order to better my life and increase my chances of making parole. This did not help. TDCJ ignored my communications, my pleas fell on deaf ears!

I came to the realization long ago that no matter how good I did, it would have absolutely no bearing on my freedom. Nevertheless, I’ve continued to keep a very low profile and follow the rules. I’ve gone years at a time without incurring any disciplinary infractions. Sometimes 5, 6, even 10 years with not one infraction, to no avail. I received denial after denial after denial.

On January 30th 2017, I came up for parole for the 12th and final time. On March 10th 2017, I received my answer – parole denied – serve all! Well, now it’s June 2017 and I discharge my 25 year sentence on October 7th 2017, just a few months away.

TDCJ has given me no education, no job skills, nothing except solitary confinement and torture for over 22 years here on Eastham Unit.
There are limited resources we have back here in Ad-Seg. Unless you have money to pay for outside college courses, you are out of there. I would have thought that by now, after all these years, TDCJ and the State of Texas would have come up with some really incredible in-cell programming for us – they haven’t!

Many in free-world society are not aware of what we endure in these places. Brother Malik has only been here a few months, but I’ve been here for over 20 years to please allow me to enlighten you.
I understand this is prison and I’ve paid my dues for my crime, but does that justify me being subjected to live in unsanitary conditions? Rats and roaches all over the place, having to drink this contaminated water. At one point a couple of years back we were told TDCJ didn’t monitor or test the water properly for over a year.

Eastham Administrators put together an Inter-Office Communication which said “if you are experiencing a negative reaction of some type, put in a sick call, etc etc” Imagine that I said – they wait a whole year before informing us? Then they frequently post “boil notices” – how do we do that? We have no means to do that. So what are we to do? Go without drinking water? Thus far God has blessed me not to have had any serious problems, but I’ve experienced problems in my throat, like I lose my voice from time to time or I can’t talk too loud or I start choking and coughing. I don’t know if it is from the contaminated water or these chemical gas agents they keep using on us!
I do all I can to avoid the infirmary because they’ve shown me nothing but carelessness and negligence time and time again. UTMB don’t care about us – period. (UTMB is the University of Texas Medical Branch.)

I’ve seen a lot here at Easham. I’ve seen inmates get infected with TB, and I’ve seen folks get prescribed the wrong medication and it turn fatal. One time I saw a female sergeant coax a guy into committing suicide. Sad to say, but he was successful! Now that same sergeant is a Lieutenant right here at Eastham. Boy, if these walls could talk…

It has been hard to maintain my sanity all these years. Truth is one has to have a strong mind and strong will, otherwise it easy to be consumed by these walls. I’ve lost so many loved ones during this stretch. I lost both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, I lost my son and my sister! It hurts, you know? I’m paying for my crimes dearly.

So very soon I’ll be spit out into society at the age of 50. I have minimal job skills and education. I must ask all of you “what does this say about the Texas system? About their administrative segregation units? About the parole system? Thank you for your time and concern.
Respectfully, Omar Valdez TDC #726686”

Well, sisters and brothers, I really don’t have a lot to add to Omar’s story. It took some courage for him to come forward and speak out. I think a lot of us are tired of hearing people like Jason Clark and Robert Hurst, the spokespersyns for TDCJ, feed the public a bunch of deceptions and lies. As another session of the Texas Legislature comes to an end, the slavery continues inside Texas prisons.

Dare to struggle, dare to win.
All power to the people.

P.S. Breaking News! – Update
On May 18th 2017, 3 hours after Malik put the finishing touches on this essay, Omar B Valdez was notified by TDCJ staff that he is going to a pre-release program at the Estelle High Security unit in Huntsville, Texas! Omar vows to never return to prison. Let’s hope he can honor his words. After 24 years and 8 months in a Texas prison, the deck is unfairly stacked against him! Although he is elated to be leaving a couple of months early, he says the system is still very dysfunctional and broken.

In solidarity, Comrade Malik

Keith “Malik” Washington is a humyn rights activist currently incarcerated in Texas. He is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement. Malik is a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) and he is the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter). Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and he is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. You can view his work at comrademalik.com or write him directly at Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington TDC# 1487958 Eastham Unit, 2665 Prison Road 1 Lovelady, Texas 75851 (936) 636-7321 ext. (**009)

Horrific Conditions for Live-Stock Animals in Texas Prisons Exposed

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

“Instead of supporting the hidden cruelties of factory farms and slaughterhouses, each of us can choose to act with compassion by boycotting animal agriculture.”

–Vegan Outreach

[The film, Cowspiracy, documents the enormous impact the meat and dairy industry has on the environment and climate change. One really should eat vegan to really be an environmentalist. –Mark M Giese, typist]

My name is Keith ‘Malik’ Washington. I am an investigative journalist, an environmentalist, and human and civil rights activist. I am one of the most outspoken critics of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. What sets me apart from many criminal justice reporters is my status.

I have been incarcerated in Texas for 10 years. I have been housed on 18 prison units operated by the State of Texas and TDCJ.

I am intimately familiar with the day-to-day operations at the agency.

For years I have written essay after essay which exposes the inhumane conditions forced upon prisoners who find themselves trapped in a Texas prison. However, as an activist, my perspective has expanded significantly.

In 2017, I now see the detrimental impact the sprawling prison system in Texas has on the immediate environment. There is an ecological dynamic here which has been ignored.

Texas prisons (TDCJ) operate an extremely lucrative agriculture business which includes vegetable crops, cattle, hogs, and chickens. I have written extensively about Texas Correctional Industries and the exploitation of free prison labor in Texas. I have drawn the connection between profits and the corrupt parole system in Texas.

We all know good time and work time credits mean nothing to Texas prisoners–we are slaves and forced into a life of perpetual involuntary servitude.

But what if I told you the state of Texas and TDCJ have established a multi-million dollar agribusiness which subjects animals to horrific and cruel conditions which would shock the world? Would you remain silent? Allow me to give you a glimpse of hell.

Welcome to Wynne Farm!

In February 2014, I was released from long-term solitary confinement (ad-seg). I did 22 months in a very small cage. I was released to the general population on the Wynne Unit, aka the Wynne Farm which is located in Huntsville, Texas.

Wynne Unit is the headquarters of numerous TCI light industrial factories and it has a large agriculture element which is maintained by prisoners.

The crops, which include corn, peas, watermelon, squash, and green beans, to name a few, are cultivated by prisoners on medium custody.

I was assigned to medium custody for 6 months at the Wynne Farm in 2014. I went into those fields to work outside the gate 3-5 days a week.

In close proximity to the fields at Wynne Farm is a large egg-laying operation. And this is where I caught my first glimpse of modern-day animal cruelty in Texas prisons.

I smelled the large hen (chicken) warehouse before we actually got right up on it.

It was May 2014, a beautiful day outside. The building was made of grey metal and aluminum. It was an old building. As I looked inside, I saw numerous cages. Hens were packed like sardines. Underneath the cages were virtual mountains of bird feces.
The egg-laying hens were packed in these feces-filled cages. I saw dead birds in the cages–some were green–obviously very sick and shaking badly.

The cages are so small, hens cannot turn around or spread their wings. Our job was to remove the fecal matter. The smell of ammonia was very strong. Some birds I noticed had burns on their feet and legs, this from being housed in filth.

TDCJ benefits greatly from being immune to any oversight of any regulatory agency.

This lack of oversight is not just relegated to TDCJ’s agriculture business. Prisoner rights activists have cried out for years for an independent oversight committee which has the authority to enter these prison plantations. Transparency and accountability have not been a part of the TDCJ business or management model. Hopefully, this essay will provoke a much-needed conversation.

After doing a vast amount of research, I learned that the cages TDCJ uses on Wynne Farm are called “battery” cages. They are typically less than half a square foot of floor space per bird but TDCJ goes far beyond any industry standard and stuffs in 2 or 3.

Many birds at Wynne die of asphyxiation and dehydration. Decomposing corpses are found in cages with live birds every day at Wynne.

One hideous presence I saw at Wynne Farm were large well-fed vultures. These carrion-eater sit in large groups on top of the hen building at Wynne. It’s hard to miss them and it is a telltale sign that something is very wrong there.

Recently, I learned Eastham Unit has a similar egg-laying operation and I received details. The operation produces approximately 80 000 eggs per week. It is a 24-hour-a-day operation, the lights never go out.

TDCJ makes approximately $100 000 a week just from the eggs here at Eastham.

Eastham also has 3000 hogs, 600 sows, and it ships for sale 21 piglets a week. I have a word about accuracy in reporting. I cannot tell you what the conditions are like for the birds at Eastham Unit nor can I tell you how the hogs are treated. I do recommend that we demand to be allowed on the Wynn Farm immediately.

I spent some time on Coffield Unit last year which is located in Tennessee Colony, Texas. There are 3 large units in the area which raise hogs. I can tell you that the pigs on Coffield, Michaels, and Beto Unit are subjected to abuse.

I have gathered firsthand reports of pigs being kept on concrete slabs which create deformities of pigs’ legs. Pigs like to root and dig in the dirt and mud and this staging on concrete obviously prevents that.

But I discovered something quite shocking about TDCJ’s various hog and cattle operations.

While housed at Coffield Unit, I discovered large quantities of coliform bacteria were regularly found to be present in the water system. I’ve discovered raising animals for food causes more water pollution in the US than any other industry because animals raised for food produce 130 times the excrement of the entire human population. 87 000  pounds of fecal matter per second.

Much of the waste from factory farms like those TDCJ operates as well as pig slaughterhouses like the one on Michaels Unit produces toxic runoff which contaminates streams, rivers and ground water.

Toxic water is a pervasive and systemic problem in the entire state of Texas. So not only is TDCJ abusing animals, it continues to be a major polluter of our environment. The time to act is now.

No matter how much evidence we produce or how many thought-provoking questions we ask, the Agency of TDCJ will continue to misinform the public and violate the public’s trust.

We must seek out the companies doing business with TDCJ’s agribusiness and then expose them and boycott them.

First, we contact the Freedom of Information Foundation for Texas and request their help in finding out who us buying eggs and hogs from TDCJ. Then we respectfully ask these companies to stop doing business with TDCJ until the agency cleans up their act.

Texas will not listen until we start affecting their bottom-line profits; that’s the language the system understands.

Our cries for humane conditions for humans have been routinely ignored–here is and example:

Prisoners housed in Ad-Seg don’t work and it costs a lot to house us in solitary. Many prisoners have died on account of the deadly extreme heat in Texas prisons.

Young pigs are vulnerable to extreme heat. Young piglets generate profits for TDCJ.

A couple years ago, TDCJ invested $175 000 for a cooling system for the pigs. The pigs are being preserved for slaughter so TDCJ can benefit. TDCJ does not have any concern for animal rights or human rights. Its main focus is profits by any means.

It is time we take a closer look at what is really going on inside Texas prisons. As activists who are on the “front lines,” we have a duty to confront those entities who abuse and mistreat animals as well as pollute our precious water supplies.

I can only ask that you amplify my voice so that it is heard beyond these walls. I will continue to struggle.

P.S. Visit www.10billionlives.com

Toxic Water + Deadly Heat = Prisoner Deaths! inside Texas Prisons.

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington
Deputy Chairman – N.A.B.P.P. (P.C.) & Chief Spokespersyn for End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement

Peace & blessings sisters and brothers!
President Donald Trump has proposed a budget in which the Environmental Protection Agency will undergo a 31.4% budget cut.

Now I have a friend and mentor named Robert S. Muhammad PhD and Bro. Robert is an urban planner who lives in Houston, Texas and he has a saying: “The people are smarter than you think!”. And I believe that. So if Donald Trump, Scott Pruitt, and their corporate cronies have decided to totally defund the EPA, who or what agency will ensure the citizens of the United States have access to clean water supplies and fresh air or healthy soil to plant fruits & vegetables? Intelligent folks like you and I ask these types of questions!

Now I am a humyn rights activist and when I am stripped down to my core beliefs I believe a humyn life is the most precious gift in the universe and all life must be preserved and protected. White lives, Black lives, Latina & Latino lives. Asian, Arab, and all Indigenous lives! Precious! Are we clear on that?

In the years that I have been incarcerated in Texas (approximately 10 years), I have been to 18 different prison units. Of those units, 3 had serious problems with their water supplies. Coffield unit, the largest state prison in Texas, has had chronic high levels of coliform bacteria (fecal matter) in their water. The co-founder of the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, Mr. Norris ‘Fajr’ Hicks, is fond of informing Coffield prisoners, “there is ‘doo-doo’ in our drinking water!” Eastham unit where I am currently housed has high levels of LEAD, copper, and nitrates in its water supply. The STATE is certainly downplaying the problems at Eastham. And lastly the Wallace Pack unit, located in Navasota, Texas, has notoriously high levels of arsenic in their water supply. Those are just the problems I am intimately familiar with, trust me there is a much larger list of Texas prisons with toxic and contaminated water supplies.

We have seen retaliation and obstruction of justice tactics by employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Prisoners such as myself and Keith M. Cole have filed lawsuits and wrote detailed exposés describing the detrimental effects that toxic water and deadly heat can have on humyn beings. But we must understand that the Texas Attorney General’s Office headed by Ken Paxton has directed T.D.C.J. prison officials to TARGET jailhouse lawyers and activists. Silencing our voices, sabotaging our civil lawsuits, and stifling our political dissent is the sole purpose of this ongoing campaign of harassment, retaliation, and in some cases even torture!!

These are serious allegations and that is why investigative journalists from the online site TRUTHOUT have taken on the task of exposing toxic water, deadly heat, and aiding the public at large in _Connecting the Dots_ because too many prisoners in Texas who have engaged in peaceful litigation efforts or activism have found themselves victim of harsh retaliation tactics at the hands of the STATE.

The University of Texas Medical Branch based in Galveston, Texas has the contract to provide medical care for approximately 80% of T.D.C.J.’s 150,000 prisoners give or take a thousand. Now, UTMB is a world-renowned teaching hospital and somehow their physicians, nurses, and physician assistants have FAILED to draw the connection between deadly heat, toxic water, and inmate deaths!!? The Hippocratic Oath expressly dictates that caregivers _”DO NO HARM”_, so will some of our free-world friends & activists please start pressing UTMB-president Dr. David L. Callender on this blatant violation of THE PUBLIC’S TRUST!???

The University of Texas–School of Law Human Rights Clinic, headed by clinical professor Ariel Dulitzky, has done an absolutely phenomenal job researching the effects of extreme heat in Texas prisons. Instead of applauding the efforts of Dulitzky and his students, the Texas Governor’s office and Texas Attorney General chastised, ridiculed, and threatened the UT-chancellor in the summer of 2015. The governor’s stance was and still is: “How dare you help Texas prisoners prosecute a lawsuit against the STATE!”. However, in my dealings with the Human Rights Clinic they never offered me legal help, only research, and data. But aren’t prisoners in Texas state prisons and jails humyn beings?? Don’t our families pay taxes to the STATE of Texas?? Should not we too benefit from the expertise of University of Texas professors and Lawyers when the Prison Agency _creates_ conditions which snuff out our lives prematurely? Inquiring minds demand to know!!

Sisters and brothers, at the end of the day when all of the dust clears and the lawsuits have been settled, we have to come to the realization that STATE and federal governments are being set up to protect corporations, not people.

It will be up to us to create innovative means to protect the rights of our most vulnerable members.

Billionaire George Soros donated $50 million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU does excellent work and we need them to continue for years to come. However, there are organizations such as the National Lawyers Guild and the Human Rights Defense Center that need an infusion of cash from Mr. Soros. There are publications like the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and Turning The Tide that are dedicated to protecting the rights and lives of those seldom seen or heard of in the mainstream media. Help them!! Remember ALL LIVES ARE PRECIOUS to me!!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win
All Power to the People!!

FAKE LOVE in Texas and Beyond!

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Chief Spokesperson for End Prison Slavery in Texas

Revolutionary greetings, sisters and brothers!

Racism and bigotry are hard-wired into the main-frame of the criminal justice system in Amerika. I base this statement on the factual analysis of the conditions “on the ground.”

Yet, some government officials are fighting back. Texas Representative Garnet Coleman has introduced the Sandra Bland Act; among other things, it addresses the pervasive amount of racial profiling embraced by police and law enforcement agencies in Texas.

Coleman represents the portion of Houston, TX that I now call home, the Third Ward—affectionately known as “The Trey.” Like many of us, Representative Coleman took issue with the manner in which Sandra Bland was handled by a DPS officer in 2015. After her interaction with and detention by law enforcement following a simple traffic stop, Bland was found hanging in her cell at Waller County Jail. The final determination was suicide—but was it? We still don’t know!!

As an outspoken politicized prisoner trapped inside a Texas $lave Kamp, I’ve seen this “video” numerous times. Like me, Sandra was outspoken and down here in Texas if law enforcement can successfully “hide you,” they will try to kill you!! Just ask my Comrade and friend Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson; he can tell you a thing or two about prison officials conspiring to murder prisoners at the Bill Clements Unit located in Amarillo, Texas.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court halted the execution of Texas Death Row prisoner Duane Buck. A defense witness said Mr. Buck would be more dangerous because he was BLACK. Chief U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said, “Our law punishes people for what they do—not who they are.”

This sounds good, but it’s FAKE LOVE! That is not an accurate description of what we are seeing in Real Life. Case in point: Mumia Abu Jamal!! All of the evidence points to an elaborate conspiracy by Philadelphia cops and the Pennsylvania Appellate Court to punish Mumia because of who he is and what he represents.

Do any of us really believe that Mumia would have been taken off of Death Row unless there was an outrageous flaw in his case?? As my dad used to say, “sumthin’ definitely ain’t white in the milk!” Yes, there is certainly something dark and sinister going on in Pennsylvania. And as the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections attempts to withhold life saving Hepatitis-C treatment from Mumia, we must put a strobe light of media attention on Pennsylvania because to me it looks like pre-meditated murder.But let’s take a closer look at the racism and bigotry which has now penetrated the ranks of the death penalty abolition movement here in Amerikkka!! The proof:

On March 4, 2017, the 4th World Congress Against the Death Penalty was held in Geneva, Switzerland. During the meeting a telephone call came in from Mumia Abu Jamal, and he addressed the audience—at which point several members of the U.S. delegation got up and walked out in protest!

Now, in Amerika, the death penalty has been disproportionately forced upon communities of color which includes Black people. So after these decades of struggle, you mean to tell me Mumia has not earned the right to speak or be heard? Maybe the personality and white supremacist attitude and behavior of Donald J. Trump is affecting people within our RANKS??

In all fairness, if someone has a logical explanation for this FAKE LOVE, by all means, write me at my address below, because I’d like to know what it is about Mumia which offends certain death penalty abolitionists. Enlighten me!

Nevertheless, in Texas I’ve experienced the same type of hatred and hypocrisy coming from mainstream so-called prisoner rights activists and advocates. As I have recently said, in Texas there are two camps: one being predominantly White and Christian; they are exceptionally chummy and close to the prison officials who oppress and harm us. Then there is the other one—the one I belong to!—which is the Black, Mexican, Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, Radical camp!

There certainly are white folks in our camp, but they don’t “skin and grin” when they are around the people who degrade, dehumanize, mistreat or abuse prisoners. No!! The White folks in our camp have a back bone!

Hello? Can you hear me now?!

And let me say this: there are Christian folks in our camp too!! But let’s get down and dirty here! Let me say this:

The best way for us to fight back against those who seek to abuse, mistreat, and exploit us is to embrace evidence-based thinking. In 2015, some dedicated comrades teamed up with me and we assembled a packet of information entitled, “Please Stop the Killing.” The info-pack detailed and described the mistreatment and abuse of prisoners housed at the Bill Clements Unit located in Amarillo, Texas. Senators John Whitmire and John Huffman, both ranking members of the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee, as well as numerous media correspondents, were notified but nothing significant was done to stop the abuse.

District 15 in the city of Houston needs new representation in the Texas Senate. Ignoring and abandoning the ones who need him the most has become and established pattern of Senator John Whitmire. Leonardo da Vinci has a quote that describes Whitmire’s behavior: “He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.”

I repeat: He who does not punish evil command it to be done. Is anyone listening???

Bruce Toney, Bryan Collier, Lori Davis, Ken Paxton, and Greg Abbott: culpable!!

Female prisoners at the Lane Murray Unit, especially those in solitary confinement, better known as Administrative Segregation, are being mistreated and abused. Lane Murray Unit is located in Gatesville, TX. These violators of the public’s trust get in front of the bright lights of the TV cameras and lie to the public about what is really happening inside of facilities operated by T.C.D.J.

What we are seeing is FAKE LOVE and feigned ignorance!

I won’t remain silent. I will not go away. I’m here. You will hear me and you will provide humane conditions for our incarcerated sisters and brothers. I will not “skin and grin,” bow my head and shuffle my feet—will you help us??

Dare to struggle. Dare to win.
All power to the people!