Serving the people despite the retaliation of the oppressors

by Keith “Comrade Malik” Washington, Captain of Information, New Afrikan Black Panther Party, Texas Prison Chapter

Revolutionary greetings!

Comrades, today is the 8th of November 2013, and I must tell you that no sooner had the ink dried on the October San Francisco Bay View newspaper and the October-December issue of Turning the Tide than the Texas Department of Criminal Injustice waged an all-out attack on Comrade Kevin “Rashid” Johnson and myself.

As many of you already know, Comrade Rashid, the Minister of Defense for the NABPP (PC) has been transferred to the super-seg unit at Bill Clements Unit, which is located in Amarillo, Texas. This week I have received word that a heightened security alert has been placed on all communications coming in and going out from our steadfast, strong and persistent Minister of Defense.

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