Why do “they” keep hurting us?!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

By now many of you reading this article have viewed the video in which a Police Officer from McKinney, Texas (a Dallas suburb) drags a beautiful young black woman, forces her on the ground, and kneels on her back, placing his full weight on her!

I not only analyzed the video, I listened to the audio and as this young woman lay prone on the grass under the wight of this so called “servant of the people” she said, “It hurts” and she trembled.

Now there are radio talkshow hosts in America like Lars Larsen who say this officer was in his full rights to treat this young woman as he did. And here lies one of the most insidious and pervasive problems in America. There is a cross-section of American Society which does not value the lives of young black and brown men and women. This cross-section in America has given carte blanche to law enforcement. Police officers in America have established a pattern of conduct in which they degrade, dehumanize, maim, and kill young black and brown people.

The empirical evidence is right in our face and even more so in the age of hand held tech devices which can record, or live stream video and audio instantaneously. The world is watching!

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