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FAKE LOVE in Texas and Beyond!

By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Chief Spokesperson for End Prison Slavery in Texas

Revolutionary greetings, sisters and brothers!

Racism and bigotry are hard-wired into the main-frame of the criminal justice system in Amerika. I base this statement on the factual analysis of the conditions “on the ground.”

Yet, some government officials are fighting back. Texas Representative Garnet Coleman has introduced the Sandra Bland Act; among other things, it addresses the pervasive amount of racial profiling embraced by police and law enforcement agencies in Texas.

Coleman represents the portion of Houston, TX that I now call home, the Third Ward—affectionately known as “The Trey.” Like many of us, Representative Coleman took issue with the manner in which Sandra Bland was handled by a DPS officer in 2015. After her interaction with and detention by law enforcement following a simple traffic stop, Bland was found hanging in her cell at Waller County Jail. The final determination was suicide—but was it? We still don’t know!!

As an outspoken politicized prisoner trapped inside a Texas $lave Kamp, I’ve seen this “video” numerous times. Like me, Sandra was outspoken and down here in Texas if law enforcement can successfully “hide you,” they will try to kill you!! Just ask my Comrade and friend Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson; he can tell you a thing or two about prison officials conspiring to murder prisoners at the Bill Clements Unit located in Amarillo, Texas.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court halted the execution of Texas Death Row prisoner Duane Buck. A defense witness said Mr. Buck would be more dangerous because he was BLACK. Chief U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts said, “Our law punishes people for what they do—not who they are.”

This sounds good, but it’s FAKE LOVE! That is not an accurate description of what we are seeing in Real Life. Case in point: Mumia Abu Jamal!! All of the evidence points to an elaborate conspiracy by Philadelphia cops and the Pennsylvania Appellate Court to punish Mumia because of who he is and what he represents.

Do any of us really believe that Mumia would have been taken off of Death Row unless there was an outrageous flaw in his case?? As my dad used to say, “sumthin’ definitely ain’t white in the milk!” Yes, there is certainly something dark and sinister going on in Pennsylvania. And as the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections attempts to withhold life saving Hepatitis-C treatment from Mumia, we must put a strobe light of media attention on Pennsylvania because to me it looks like pre-meditated murder.But let’s take a closer look at the racism and bigotry which has now penetrated the ranks of the death penalty abolition movement here in Amerikkka!! The proof:

On March 4, 2017, the 4th World Congress Against the Death Penalty was held in Geneva, Switzerland. During the meeting a telephone call came in from Mumia Abu Jamal, and he addressed the audience—at which point several members of the U.S. delegation got up and walked out in protest!

Now, in Amerika, the death penalty has been disproportionately forced upon communities of color which includes Black people. So after these decades of struggle, you mean to tell me Mumia has not earned the right to speak or be heard? Maybe the personality and white supremacist attitude and behavior of Donald J. Trump is affecting people within our RANKS??

In all fairness, if someone has a logical explanation for this FAKE LOVE, by all means, write me at my address below, because I’d like to know what it is about Mumia which offends certain death penalty abolitionists. Enlighten me!

Nevertheless, in Texas I’ve experienced the same type of hatred and hypocrisy coming from mainstream so-called prisoner rights activists and advocates. As I have recently said, in Texas there are two camps: one being predominantly White and Christian; they are exceptionally chummy and close to the prison officials who oppress and harm us. Then there is the other one—the one I belong to!—which is the Black, Mexican, Muslim, Gay, Lesbian, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, Radical camp!

There certainly are white folks in our camp, but they don’t “skin and grin” when they are around the people who degrade, dehumanize, mistreat or abuse prisoners. No!! The White folks in our camp have a back bone!

Hello? Can you hear me now?!

And let me say this: there are Christian folks in our camp too!! But let’s get down and dirty here! Let me say this:

The best way for us to fight back against those who seek to abuse, mistreat, and exploit us is to embrace evidence-based thinking. In 2015, some dedicated comrades teamed up with me and we assembled a packet of information entitled, “Please Stop the Killing.” The info-pack detailed and described the mistreatment and abuse of prisoners housed at the Bill Clements Unit located in Amarillo, Texas. Senators John Whitmire and John Huffman, both ranking members of the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee, as well as numerous media correspondents, were notified but nothing significant was done to stop the abuse.

District 15 in the city of Houston needs new representation in the Texas Senate. Ignoring and abandoning the ones who need him the most has become and established pattern of Senator John Whitmire. Leonardo da Vinci has a quote that describes Whitmire’s behavior: “He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.”

I repeat: He who does not punish evil command it to be done. Is anyone listening???

Bruce Toney, Bryan Collier, Lori Davis, Ken Paxton, and Greg Abbott: culpable!!

Female prisoners at the Lane Murray Unit, especially those in solitary confinement, better known as Administrative Segregation, are being mistreated and abused. Lane Murray Unit is located in Gatesville, TX. These violators of the public’s trust get in front of the bright lights of the TV cameras and lie to the public about what is really happening inside of facilities operated by T.C.D.J.

What we are seeing is FAKE LOVE and feigned ignorance!

I won’t remain silent. I will not go away. I’m here. You will hear me and you will provide humane conditions for our incarcerated sisters and brothers. I will not “skin and grin,” bow my head and shuffle my feet—will you help us??

Dare to struggle. Dare to win.
All power to the people!


Why do “they” keep hurting us?!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

By now many of you reading this article have viewed the video in which a Police Officer from McKinney, Texas (a Dallas suburb) drags a beautiful young black woman, forces her on the ground, and kneels on her back, placing his full weight on her!

I not only analyzed the video, I listened to the audio and as this young woman lay prone on the grass under the wight of this so called “servant of the people” she said, “It hurts” and she trembled.

Now there are radio talkshow hosts in America like Lars Larsen who say this officer was in his full rights to treat this young woman as he did. And here lies one of the most insidious and pervasive problems in America. There is a cross-section of American Society which does not value the lives of young black and brown men and women. This cross-section in America has given carte blanche to law enforcement. Police officers in America have established a pattern of conduct in which they degrade, dehumanize, maim, and kill young black and brown people.

The empirical evidence is right in our face and even more so in the age of hand held tech devices which can record, or live stream video and audio instantaneously. The world is watching!

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Retaliation Against Texas Prisoners is REAL not Fantasy

Greetings brothers and sisters! This year in Texas we have seen a marked increase in the exposure of heinous acts of abuse and mistreatment perpetrated by state employees who work for the Texas Department of criminal justice. Behind the scenes, the prisoners responsible for the massive movement  to combat injustice have become victims of retaliation and harassment at the hands of Prison Officials and elected state government officials!

Please help me in my quest for justice and humane conditions in Texas prisons. Tell Texas to stop retaliating against us!

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Texas Prison Officials Obstruct Disabled Veterans Path to Justice — Literally

HuffPo wouldn’t publish this. Please help spread the word!

by justin adkins and Comrade Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

With the rest of the world, I was appalled when I heard about the abuses, conspiracy and obstruction in the Los Angeles and Denver Sheriff Departments. I was appalled, but not shocked. My friend, Keith “Malik” Washington had been telling me about similar abuses and obstruction in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

On May 14, 2015 the FBI announced that:

A federal grand jury yesterday returned a five-count indictment against Tanaka and Carey, who allegedly participated in a broad conspiracy to obstruct the investigation, a scheme that started when the sheriff’s department learned that an inmate at the Men’s Central Jail (MCJ) was an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Tanaka and Carey allegedly directed, oversaw and participated in a conspiracy that last year resulted in the conviction of seven other former LASD deputies. […]‘The allegations in the indictment include cover-ups, diversionary tactics, retribution and a culture generally reserved for Hollywood scripts,’ said Assistant Director in Charge Bowdich

On May 29, 2015 CBS Denver reported that Brent Miller was fired by the Denver Sheriff Department for not covering up a civil rights violation. CBS4 reported:

Personnel at Denver Health Medical Center felt the inmate had been subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment by being forced to walk nude through the hospital hallways so they filed a complaint with the Denver Sheriff Department. The complaint was assigned to Miller. On May 11, Miller and a second investigator traveled to Denver Health Medical Center to obtain a copy of hospital videotape showing Colbruno in the hospital.
When he returned to his office with the tape, Miller said he was approached by Captain Paul Ortega, who leads the Sheriff Department’s internal affairs bureau.
‘He asked me if I had uploaded this video yet and I told him I had not and told me,’good, don’t do that because they’re making that go away, it’s not going to be a case anymore.’

Last week Mr. Washington wrote me about what happened to Richard A. Dunsmore Jr. in Texas. The following is Mr. Washington’s firsthand account.


Los Angeles County Sheriffs and jail officials are certainly not the only criminal justice employees violating the civil and constitutional rights of prisoners in their care, they just had the “misfortune” of getting caught. Somehow the authorities in the State of Texas keep alluding the national media spotlight as they continue to blatantly violate the US constitutional rights of prisoners housed in facilities operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Let’s meet “Tap-Tap”

Richard A. Dunsmore Jr. aka “Tap-Tap” is a 55-year-old white male who happens to be a disabled US Army veteran currently incarcerated serving a 7 year sentence at the C.T. Terrell Unit located in Rosharon, Texas. Rosharon is a small Texan town, home of a couple Texas state prisons operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Rosharon, Texas is located in Brazoria County.

In prison terminology Mr. Dunsmore is known as a “writ writer.” Which means he utilizes his keen understanding of the law to hold TDCJ prison officials accountable when they violate prisoners civil or US constitutional rights. Prison officials make it a point to harass, abuse and retaliate against successful writ writers as is evident in the following chain of events.

Toward the end of April 2015, Mr. Dunsmore was notified by the clerk of court in Brazoria County that he had a court date: May 6, 2015 at approximately 1pm. This actually was exciting news for Mr. Dunsmore as the judge was prepared to decide to consolidate his lawsuit into a class action lawsuit.

The defendants in the case are Brad Livingston, the Executive Director of the TDCJ, William Stephens the Director of the Correctional Institution Division and Rissie Owens the Chief Commissioner of the ultra corrupt Parole Division.

Mr. Dunsmore has done an excellent job exposing high level corruption within TDCJ.

Mr. Dunsmore claims that TDCJ artificially inflates the actual need for drug and alcohol treatment for Texas prisoners in order to obtain large amounts of federal funding. However, not only is TDCJ bilking the Federal Government for millions, they keep prisoners locked up longer.

Mr. Dunsmore and many other elderly and disabled prisoners noticed that the parole board was continually denying their release citing they were not meeting requirements in their Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). Many of their ITP plans stated that they must attend an in-patient therapeutic substance abuse program prior to being granted parole. Many of these men, as Mr. Dunsmore puts it, “Haven’t smoked a ‘doobie’ in decades!” But what added insult to injury was the fact that many, if not all, the drug program units in TDCJ have no accommodations for disabled prisoners! So how are they supposed to make parole or obtain the treatment they allegedly need?

Nevertheless, this is one of the many schemes TDCJ uses to sabotage the freedom of prisoners – but it still gets worse!

On or around Friday, May 1st, 2015 prison guards at the C.T. Terrell unit where Mr. Dunsmore is housed, placed him in lock-up. He was not told why. Later, he was told that in light of his upcoming court date on May 6th, 2015 the prison administration decided it was in the interest of “security” to lock him up prior to his court date. At first Mr. Dunsmore, who was housed right next to me, was denied all property, including the crucial legal work for his case.

It really looked like a blatant act of retaliation, and it was. However, all came to light on the day of Mr. Dunsmore’s court proceeding. On the morning of Wednesday, May 6, 2015 Mr. Dunsmore alerted the TDCJ employees working in lock-up that he had a court appearance that afternoon. Nobody seemed enthused or interested at all.

At 12pm an African-American male Sergeant came, named Sergeant Amos. Sergeant Amos handled Mr. Dunsmore in an extremely rough manner, jerking and dragging him out of his cell. Remember, Richard Dunsmore is a disabled US Army veteran. He is blind in one eye and must use a crutch to walk, because of a leg injury he suffered in the army.

At approximately 5pm, Mr. Dunsmore returned from the Brazoria County Courthouse frustrated and depressed. The TDCJ employees got Mr. Dunsmore to court an hour and a half late. The judge was angry and reset the court appearance for July 2015 when the temperatures in this area regularly surpass 100F.

Do you see the blatant injustice in all of this? What collusion is happening in order to obstruct this disabled human beings path to the courthouse? How high up does this obstruction go?

US Senator John Cornyn, a Texas legislator, has been stumping for criminal justice reform within the confines of congress in Washington DC. What we, the people who are trapped in TDCJ prison facilities are saying is, “Get your own house in order Senator! Before you go preaching to your fellow US legislators – Texas has problems! – Fix ’em.”

I am not a disgruntled prisoner fabricating lies. I too am an incarcerated US Army veteran who is tired of being mistreated, degraded and abused by TDCJ prison officials. I humbly request any citizen who believes in the US constitution and who believes that those who served their country should be afforded those rights set forth in that constitution, to contact Brian D. Buehler United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and request the Department of Justice do a full and thorough investigation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Thank you – and please keep hope alive!


Brian D. Buehler United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division 601 D Street, N.W. Room 5421 Washington, DC 20004 202−353−1100 Fax: 202−514−4883 Email:


Serving the People and the Retaliation by the Oppressors!-Part II

(The Protracted Struggle is Real!) (Part One of this piece is here)

By Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington, Deputy Chairman, New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter)

United Panther Movement – Texas Region

“The Vanguard party must provide leadership for the people. It must teach the correct strategic methods of prolonged resistance through literature and activities. If the activities of the party are respected by the people, the people will follow the example. This is the primary job of the party…” – Dr. Huey P. Newton, Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party, an excerpt from: The Correct Handling of a Revolution.

Revolutionary greetings!

We have finally reached the point at which the oppressors who operate the Texas Department of Criminal Justice can no longer lie and misinform the public when we, the lumpen underclass prisoners, shed light on the ongoing acts of abuse and inhumanity perpetrated against us.

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